Ankita Kamat’s Tips on Frugal Living- 27 EASY WAYS

Ankita Kamat

Ankita Kamat’s tips on frugal living to save more money. As I’ve chosen a frugal lifestyle, I’m getting a lot of benefits from it.

I’m in my 20s and because of frugal living, I’m able to have control over my spending habits. I feel that frugal living is the first step towards financial freedom. Frugality helps you to empower yourself financially.

In this current blog, I’m going to share frugal tips. You will be able to understand how to adapt frugal living in your life after knowing Ankita Kamat’s tips on frugal living.

Ankita Kamat's Tips on Frugal Living

Ankita Kamat’s Tips on Frugal Living

Frugal living is not just about saving money but it is about spending money wisely on the things that add value to your life. Some people may think that frugal living is just like being a monk by compromising a lot. But in reality, frugality is about being smart with your money.

27 EASY Frugal Living Tips from Ankita Kamat

Start implementing my practical frugal tips in your life. You don’t really need to be so hard on yourself to save more. Just implement some easy and effective Ankita Kamat’s tips on frugal living to manage your money well.

1. Start to use simple FREE apps to SAVE MONEY

Nowadays there are many apps that offer coupon codes, discounts and other offers to save money on shopping. You can explore such mobile apps to save money on shopping. Even I use the Cash Karo app to save money on my shopping.

So make sure you check out some money-saving apps and start to use them. Just by using any one app as per your need, you can reduce your shopping bill.

Ankita Kamat's Tips on Frugal Living

2. Create a Simple MONTHLY BUDGET

You don’t need to take a long paper and pen to make a complicated budget plan. But surely you should plan your budget to save money every month.

There are many simple apps that you can use to prepare a monthly budget in less than 10 minutes. Some apps are absolutely free. You even don’t need to pay anything to make use of budget apps. Remember a budget is a strong tool, where you distribute your money allocations smartly.

3. SELL OUT the things that you don’t use anymore

At the corner in your house, there may be an old guitar or there may be a bike that you don’t use anymore. So find out such things that you don’t use anymore and sell them out. This helps to save money.

Well, if you want to adapt to frugal living then this can be the first and simple action that you can implement quickly. Just find such things and sell them. There are even many websites online where you can sell out second-hand products and make money.

4. Figure out ways to earn EXTRA MONEY

Frugal living is all about being economical. Earning more is also a part of it. So start to earn extra money so that you can save extra money. When you earn more you can save a major portion of your income.

There are many passive income ideas to earn extra money. You should not miss such online money-making opportunities to boost your income.

5. Start to grow your money by INVESTING MONEY that you have saved

From the first month of my salary, I started to save money and invested. You should also explore investment options to grow your wealth.

In my 20s I’m exploring many investment options like mutual funds, share market. Such investment options are based on the concept of compound interest. So you should know the power of compound interest to make money from your money.

Ankita Kamat's Tips on Frugal Living

6. CANCEL all the unwanted subscriptions to SAVE EXTRA

I subscribed to the newspaper but after some months of subscription I was not reading that daily newspaper then I canceled the subscription. This helped me to avoid wasting money.

In the same way, you may be having such unwanted subscriptions as monthly magazines or any TV channel subscriptions that you don’t need. So cancel them immediately and save those dollars.

7. Adapt to DIY HACKS to control your CASH OUTFLOW

DIY hacks not only save your money but also make you independent. It may be fixing a wire at the house or creating handmade gifts. You will save extra bucks every time.

Well, if you hire professionals then they charge around $100 per hour to fix the wiring work or plumbing work. So learn such life skills to save more.

8. Have more fun during vacation without making a big hole in your POCKET

Vacation means it’s all about fun and also planning trips as well. But it does not mean that to have more fun you should spend more. You can follow frugal vacation tips to have fun by spending less.

You can also look for budget-friendly travel plans. This is how you can save money while planning trips during vacations.

9. Have Yummy Food at Home instead of Paying a Huge Restaurant BILLS

Ording fast food online and visiting restaurants are increasing day-by-day. One can easily order food. But this is not good for health as well as for one’s pocket.

I don’t say that you should not eat anything outside at all but you not do it often. Eating outside food once in a while is alright. But do not overindulge in eating outside food and spending more money on that.

10. Practice ‘NO SPENDING DAY’ at least one day per week

Challenge yourself to save extra. You can play it like a game. Decide any one day per week and make it a ‘no spending day’. By doing this you will be saving some extra money on a weekly basis.

I’ve seen that some people decide Sunday as ‘no spending day’. In this way, they do not spend money on that day and save money.

11. Make use of old things and REPURPOSE them

You can use old newspapers for crafts. Also, you can use your old pair of jeans to turn them into shorts by giving a new look. Do not waste any materials that you have. Wasting such things means wasting your money.

One can opt for frugal living tips from the people who survived the great depression era. They were making use of everything without wasting anything. They realized the value of every single drop and pinch.

12. Avoid impulse ONLINE PURCHASES that make your pocket empty

Online shopping has become a part of our life. I’m sure many of you have ordered something online at least once. Well, one should avoid impulse buying behavior while doing online shopping.

It’s so easy to scroll the online stores and order something quickly. At the same time, people many times order unnecessary things. You should have control over your purchases so that ultimately you have control over your spending.

13. Don’t buy COSTLY GADGETS just because your friends are buying them

Technology and new gadgets are something that youngsters, as well as adults, easily get attracted towards. But you do not need to have an iPhone’s new version just because your friends have bought it for them.

Spending money on gadgets like mobiles, laptops and video games will make your pockets empty. You need to understand that you don’t really need the branded products. And do not think that every time you have to buy new gadgets which are there in the market.

14. Start to EARN MONEY even if you are a STUDENT

Even if you are a student or teenager then also you should start to adapt to frugal living. The early you understand the importance of saving money it will be better for your financial growth.

Start to save some part of your pocket money. Along with that start to earn money. There are many passive income opportunities for students to make money along with their studies.

15. Avoid getting distracted by fancy, trending outfits that are EXPENSIVE

Fashion and trends change every week. If you buy any fancy and trending outfit today then after some days it will be outdated. So you have to be careful while buying expensive trending outfits.

In reality, trending outfits are costlier and also the duration of the trend lasts only for a few days. So you can flaunt your own styles when it comes to outfits. You can follow DIY hacks and make your outfit looks fancy. This will save more money.

16. Make use of a library to SAVE A TON of money on books

During my college days, I was making use of the library and also I was buying second-hand textbooks. This helped me to save money on books.

The library is a free source of knowledge where you can spend your time reading books. Also just paying a minimum fee and making a library card will help you to get books for home use.

17. Carpooling is an EASY WAY to SAVE MONEY while going out with friends

Sharing is caring. It’s good to hang out with friends. And while doing so if you follow a carpooling system and divide the money among all the friends then that will be easy for all of you.

It may be a one-day trip or you are going shopping with friends on weekends, you can opt for carpooling. This reduces the burden of expenses. This is how you and your friends will save money every time.

18. Seek for FREE ENTERTAINMENT options

Nowadays you will get thousands of entertainment options to enjoy and chill out. And some entertainment options are actually free of cost. So seek for such entertainment where you enjoy without paying money.

For example, you can visit art galleries that do not have entry fees. Some museums offer free visits on particular days. Visit community festivals. Even you can just visit the park. There are many free entertainment options like this that you can explore and save money on entertainment.

19. Riding a BICYCLE and WALKING more often is good for your POCKET also for health

I’ve seen that people even take loans just to buy a car or bike. I feel that one should always enjoy a debt-free living. I can say that not taking loans is also a part of frugal living. So do not fall for car loans or vehicle loans.

Instead, you can enjoy a jolly ride on a bicycle. Also, walk often instead of using any transportation whenever possible. This not only saves money but also good for health.

20. Grow healthy organic eatable plants at home and SAVE MONEY on VEGETABLES

I feel there can’t be any happy moments when you see the red tomatoes on the plants that you grow at your home. And not only tomatoes but there are a lot of veggies that you can grow at home easily without much maintenance and spending.

I’ve also some eatable plants at my home. So you can try growing your own kitchen garden at home and have healthy, fresh veggies for free of cost. You even don’t need much space to grow them. And by this, you can actually save money on veggies.

21. PAY all the BILLS on time to avoid paying an extra fine

It’s quite common that sometimes we forget to pay the bills on time. Even I forgot to pay the utility bill once on time and the next time the bill was with an extra-fine. But that was my first and the last time mistake like this. Now I make all the online payments on time.

So you should also avoid the delay in payment of bills. You can set reminders or even set an automatic bill payment system if possible to pay all your bills on time.

22. Stop COLLECTING things just because you like them

It may be a collection of shoes or bangles or hats or jackets, avoid collecting a lot of such things. I can understand that may like some particular things like hat or jackets or shoes but as you like them you can have only some extra pairs not more than that.

If you go on collecting and buying more things just because you like them then you are spending a lot of unnecessarily.

23. Look for THRIFT STORES while making your purchases

I looked for thrift stores to purchase second-hand books in my city. I’m sure you can also find many thrift stores in your city like book stores or even for clothes. Here you will get the things for a lesser price as they are secondhand products.

Even you can get some websites online where people sell out secondhand products like books and gadgets. You can actually get better deals and good products at less prices.

24. RIDE-SHARING will help you to save money while going to an office daily

You may have colleagues whose route is the same as yours while going to work or the office. In such a case, share the ride and divide the charges.

You can almost save half of the transportation cost per month if you share the ride with colleagues.

25. Always create a LIST while SHOPPING and stick to it to avoid spending extra

It’s common that people see a lot of stuff on the shelf at the stores they tempt people to make more purchases. Even if you don’t need them then also you feel like buying them. This is how you may end up paying extra shopping bills.

So always list the things that you actually need and then go shopping. Make a rule for yourself that you don’t buy anything extra that is not there on your list. This brings discipline while you do the shopping and ultimately you save money by being economical.

26. RETURN the things if you don’t really need them

You might have bought any new things that you usually don’t need, at that time it’s better to return and get a refund.

Also sometimes you may get defective items while online shopping at this time you should return the things within a specific period. Usually, it is 7 to 15 days. So if you return the product within that time you will get your returns. So don’t delay.

27. Always keep your guests’ list within a LIMIT while inviting on any occasions

Inviting friends and relatives on occasions like birthday parties, festivals and on any family function is a time to spend happy time with loved ones. But this does not mean that you have to invite everyone and celebrate everything in a grand way.

Prepare a budget and throw a party accordingly. Keep your guest list small and have a lot of fun. Many people just throw parties to show off the wealth, you do not fall for such things.

Frugal Lifestyle Helps You to Lead a Happy Life

Frugal people have less financial stress. They don’t choose to be in debt as they always live below their means. Frugal living is an art of living economically that leads to a happy living.

If you implement these Ankita Kamat’s tips on frugal living then you will start to save more as I save extra money. Just analyze the importance of frugality and have a good financial future.

Ankita Kamat

I'm Ankita Kamat, the creator of Frugal Beat, a blog dedicated to frugal living. Join me in exploring practical ways to save money, reduce waste and live a purposeful life. Let's embrace frugality as a lifestyle together.