Apps for monthly budget that will make your pocket happy and relax your mind. Now within a few seconds, you can create an effective budget and track your cash flow.

Some people think that creating a budget is like rocket science. But trust me, it’s not that much difficult. And nowadays you can easily install apps for a monthly budget just in a few clicks.

I was also thinking that budgeting may sound boring and difficult. But with a proper plan, I used to save 70% of my monthly income. So you also start your financial journey with a kickass strategy.

Apps for Monthly Budget

22 BEST and FREE Apps for Monthly Budget

I’ve come across these 19 effective and popular apps for a monthly budget. Many people are using these apps and they are getting a lot more benefits. Budgeting is the key to save a ton of money every month.

Budgeting and tracking expenses helped me to save 70% of my monthly income.

1. Wallet

You can download this app for free. And enjoy all the features like reports, budgeting, tracking expenses etc. This app is simple to understand.

This app is made by Budget Bakers. 5 million people have downloaded this app and using this to make their monthly budget extraordinary.

Apps for Monthly Budget

2. Fudget

This app is again an effective budget planning app. It is a free app with many good features. Just in one tap, you can add your list to prepare a budget.

No matter what is your currency symbol, you can choose your currency symbol in this app. As this is a universal app you can install it to your device from any corner of this globe. Make sure you are planning a beautiful future by saving more money through a realistic budget.

Apps for Monthly Budget

3. Dollar Bird

Here in this app, you will get calendar-based personal finance management designs. So that will be very easy for you to prepare your monthly budget. There are so many passive income ideas to earn money nowadays. But earning goals and saving goals should go simultaneously.

I say this is so cool app. You can quickly keep records of your daily spending with this app. You can use the basic plan of this app for free. But if you want to switch to a paid version to use more features that will cost you $3.3 per month.

Best Budget Apps

4. Pocket Smith

By using Pocket Smith, you can prepare 12 budgets for free. This is the basic plan of the Pocket Smith app. So don’t miss such a simple app to make a monthly budget.

You can manage multiple income streams and also loans like paying off student loans along with other expenses at a single place with this app.

Budget Apps

5. Monefy

Monefy will help you to track all the expenses easily. So whenever you pay bills or do shopping then this app will track your all records and shows you the remaining balance. Well, this is one of my favorite budget apps. And this is a universal app, you can set the currency as you want.

You can get many features in the app for free. So by tracking your expenses you can manage your budget well. So such an app is a must for you to track everyday transactions like paying for a taxi or paying your phone bills.

Apps for monthly Budget

6. Expensify

This app helps you to store all the receipts in one place. So you don’t need to worry about losing your receipts or forgetting about the transactions. The feature of this app allows you to click the picture of the receipts and add them there. And you can also scan the receipts. So that it will be easy for you to store the soft copies of receipts.

This app is also totally free. But if you ask my reviews about this app then I would say- it’s the simplest app. If you want the limited features just for tracking your expenses and handle your budget then go for this app.

Easy to Use Budget Apps

7. Trim

Setting saving goals like $100 per month is easy, but you need a practical strategy to achieve it.  So Trim is a budgeting website that works like your automated financial assistant. Yes, it has some unique features. And you can sign up for this app for free.

This website does work like scanning your payments and canceling unwanted subscriptions. It also sends you personalized reminders and spending alerts for free. But if you want extra features then you can use its paid features.

Apps for Monthly Budget

8. Wally

Through the Wally app, you can set your financial goals and achieve them. Make you of this free budgeting app that keeps your cash flow records.

The rating of this app is also good. Out of 5 start ratings globally it has got 4.2 ratings. So check out this budget app.

Best Budgeting Apps

9. SplitWise

You don’t need to bear all the expenses on your shoulder alone. So use this SplitWise app and share all the expenses with your spouse, family, and friends. Frugal people always follow smart saving hacks.

Sharing expenses is also a part of the budget. At the end of the month, you won’t feel broke if you share all the expenses equally from the beginning of the month.

Easy Budgeting Apps for Beginners

10. Personal Capital

This app is very useful and popular. Around 2.4 million people already using this app and getting a lot of benefits. This is a free app for a monthly budget. You don’t need to pay any fees for signing up.

But this app also includes some advanced features and if you want to use those features then you have to pay some subscription charges for that.

Apps for Monthly Budget

11. Mint

It may be spending on fuel or shopping you can track all your records in the Mint app. And you can create a practical and effective budget that you can actually stick to. Also, you can create investment plans with this app.

This is the US-based app. This budget app is also free. And you can see all your financial records in one place easily if you follow this app.

Budgeting Apps for Monthly Budget

12. Albert

Albert app is totally free app. So there is no reason to avoid such a super useful app if you are looking for free apps to save money.

If you face daily financial challenges and want to cut down your costs then look for this app and save extra dollars every day. And if you try to overspend your money then Albert app will alert you. So treat “Albert” as your best friend and count on it.

Which are the best apps for monthly budget

13. YNAB- You Need A Budget

“You Need A Budget”, is an award-winning software. You can gain total control over your money if you make use of this. Many people are already using this for their financial plans. This app helps to save more money and also one can easily get out of debts quickly if you plan your cash flow with this app.

Initially, you can use this app for 34 days without any fees. But if you want to continue with their services then you can check to pay some charges. I say grab this opportunity and get 34 days’ benefits.

Free Apps to Prepare a Budget

14. Clarity Money

This is another app that helps you prepare a good budget. Use this app for free and learn to be smart with your money.

The most useful feature about this app is that it highlights those expenses that you may not aware of before. So immediately you can cut off such extra expenses and make your pockets happy.

Monthly Budget Planner Apps

15. Good Budget

“Good budget” is also a smart choice of an app if you want to make a good budget that gives you effective results at the end of every month. Well, you can download this app on an android phone or iPhone.

You can sign up for this app without any subscription. There are 2 plans in this app, one is completely free. And another plan asks you to pay $7 per month. I say- use this app for free. If you feel like you need a paid version then you can upgrade any time.

Easy to Use Budget Apps

16. Pocket Guard

The pocket guard is another app that helps you to create a simple budget. This is simple and easy to use the app to make a monthly budget.

Here you can make categories for spending like- food, groceries, bills etc. That will help you to be aware of your cash flow.

How to Prepare Monthly Budget through Apps

17. Financial Calculators

This is an amazing app. You can calculate your all money-related things in one place and easily manage your money.

In this app, you will get more calculators like loan calculator, credit card payoff calculator, stock calculator and much more. Yes, you will get 15+ calculators in one place that makes your money management very easy and effective.

Budget Apps for Android

18. Simple

The name of the app itself describes it’s featured here. Well, this app helps you to keep track of your money at a glance.

There are some fun and interesting features in this budget app. You can add your favorite pictures beside the transactions. And also you can activate “round up” to automatically save the extra figures without any efforts. So make budgeting in a fun way.

Beginners Budgeting Apps

19. Every Dollar

By using the Every Dollar app you can prepare your budget in less than 10 minutes. You can track all your cash inflow and cash outflow easily.

This app is free to sign up. If you want to enjoy its premium features then you can upgrade to Every Dollar Plus.

Apps for Monthly Budget

20. Count About

The unique feature of the ‘Count About’ is that you can easily connect Mint and Quicken with this app. And you can easily maintain your finances with Count About.

You can use this app free for 15 days. Then you can choose a basic plan that costs you less than a dollar per month. So make use of the best apps that help you to make smart moves with your money.Simple Mobile Apps for Budget

21. Acorns

“Acorns” is not like the other budget apps. But this app is useful to invest your spare change every time. And already more than 7 million people are using this app.

The monthly charge is just $1 or $3 if you want to sign up for this app. But I say you can easily recover that $1 or $3. Also, this app helps to plan your retirement budget. So make smart moves with this cool app.

Apps for Monthly Budget

22. Money Patrol

Money Patrol is the paid app that helps you to manage your money smoothly. In the beginning, you can get a free trial of this app for 15 days.

Then if you like the features you can opt for a paid version of this budget making app. That will cost you around $5 per month after the free trial.

Apps for Monthly Budget

Easy to Use Budget App

The main motive of using a budget app should be easy to use which makes you feel less stressed about financial planning. So you should decide which budget app is making you feel comfortable and easy to use.

You don’t need to buy any paid version of the app just by looking at the features. I say- first, make use of free budget apps or make you of free tails of paid versions. Then if you feel you are getting comfortable with that app, continue with that app.

Make sure you fall in love with budgeting and finance planning. When you use simple budget apps and save a lot of money at the end of the month, you start to enjoy the process of budgeting. So choose easy to use budget app for you.

Benefits of Budgeting Apps

Monthly budgeting is very important for your financial health. But budgeting seems very bearing and difficult if you practice the old traditional methods. And you may mess up your budget when you add more lists to your budget.

But all thanks to technology and budgeting apps that make our life easier. Budgeting apps help you to keep your budget simple and effective. You can easily track all your transactions in one place.

Also, you will get alerts and notifications from some budget apps if you try to spend more money. So these alerts will help you to stick to your monthly budget. And you will feel stress-free when it comes to a monthly budget. So when you can get such huge benefits then there is no reason for not using such budgeting apps.

Apps for monthly budget plays an important role, who really wants to boost financial growth. So today only install the best app in your device and start to prepare a kickass strategy to save extra money every month. Also, let me know in the comment section which app you liked the most in the above list.

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