“Are Facebook birthday fundraisers legal?” – Have you ever thought of raising funds for a good cause on your birthday? Well, Facebook is a good option here.

Nowadays running a fundraising campaign online is an easy and quick way to drive funds. And there is an option on Facebook to raise funds on your birthday.

But if the question ‘are Facebook birthday fundraisers legal?” has popped up in your head then I’m here you give every detail about this in my current blog.

Are Facebook Birthday Fundraisers Legal

Are Facebook Birthday Fundraisers Legal?

Yes, Facebook Birthday Fundraisers are legal. Facebook has created this option very systematically which is legal. So, one can support a cause and raise funds on one’s own birthday through Facebook.

How to Fundraise Legally on Facebook on Birthday?

2 weeks before your birthday you see a notification on Facebook to create a fundraising campaign for good causes. Well, this fundraising to support any particular cause is already registered on Facebook as a charitable trust in the US.

When you start to create a fundraising campaign on your birthday you will find a list of charities in the US. You have to choose one from the list. Then decide the target amount that you want to raise.

For example, you can choose “American Cancer Society”. Then when you raise funds the money will be getting donated to this particular charity trust. Like this, you can help sick people, poor people etc through this.

Who Can Choose to Become a Part of Facebook Birthday Fundraisers?

Anyone can become a part of Facebook Birthday Fundraisers if one is living in the USA. And it’s legal. You will get a notification in your feed weeks before your birthday for this and you can start the fundraising campaign at that time.

Is It Legal to Create a Fundraiser on Facebook on Birthday?

Yes, it is legal. And here are the steps that you should follow to create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook legally without any difficulty.

1. When you start to find the notification on Facebook before a couple of weeks on your birthday click there. Then select the cause.

That means you should select the charity or non-profit organizations from the list includes 7,50,000 charities you can choose from there.

2. Then enter the amount that you want to raise from this particular campaign on Facebook. And people who are on Facebook can donate or contribute to your campaign.

Along with this, you should fill in the ending date. You can write the date and month according to your choice. So, till that date, your Facebook fundraising campaign will be active.

3. Third step is really important. Here you should give a catchy and impactful title for the campaign. Your title or heading should be very catchy and convincing. So, that people should donate.

Also, write a description. Write the exact cause for which you are raising funds. Write everything in detail so that people should support your campaign.

4. Now you should add a cover photo to this fundraising campaign. Well, a picture is worth 1000 words. So, make sure you choose the right image.

The cover photo should be completely related to the camping. It must be appropriate.

5. Your fundraiser will be ready and now you can invite people to donate money. You can invite all your friends on Facebook and support the cause.

Do not hesitate to invite friends because you are doing a good job. You are supporting an organization by raising funds. So, invite more people so that people must know about your fundraising campaign.

So, follow these steps and make your birthday more meaningful by raising funds for needy people through non-profit organizations.

How and Why are the Facebook Birthday Fundraisers Considered Legal?

The Facebook birthday fundraisers are meant to help non-profit organizations. While starting the campaign when your birthday is around you will be asked to choose a non-profit organization from the list.

So, this is a legal way and you are helping and supporting the good thing in society by running such fundraising campaigns. So, this is considered legal. You can do this without worrying.

The Best Examples of Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Sam Smith raised over $50,000 for War Child. This is the organization that helps children and empowers young kids and youngsters who get affected by war.

So, Sam Smith created the Facebook Birthday Fundraiser during his birthday and contributed to society in a good way.

Like this, there are so many examples that you can find where people made their birthdays more special by donating money and creating fundraising campaigns on Facebook.

Are Facebook Birthday Fundraisers available in all the Countries?

This is mainly available in the US and also in the UK. And some other country people also can create Facebook birthday fundraisers. But this is not available in some countries.

So, you have to check if the Facebook birthday fundraiser option is available for you or not. If it is available then you can legally raise funds and donate them to any non-profit organization.

And when you check the availability, in some countries you will find only a few non-profit organizations listed on Facebook. So, you should choose only from that list. You may not get a variety of causes that you want to support on your birthday.

Donate Funds through Facebook Legally and Help People on Your Birthday

If you make use of the Facebook birthday fundraiser to raise funds and donate, you bring a smile to people’s life. So, without paying any fees or charges you can take initiative online and raise funds.

Helping hands are always better so if at all you want to make your birthday extra special then this is one of the best ways. And by looking at you many more people will also get inspired by you on Facebook and they may also raise funds on their birthdays.

Now you don’t need to think about the question, “Are Facebook Birthday Fundraisers Legal?” because they are legal. You can easily create campaigns and start raising funds to donate.

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