Being a Frugal Minimalist | 19 SUPER EASY WAYS

Ankita Kamat

Being a frugal minimalist is about living your life to the fullest without wasting your money. This is all about adapting to a new lifestyle that empowers you.

I’m in my 20s and I can say that I’m a frugal minimalist. I’m following a frugal lifestyle and adapting to minimal living. This lifestyle is helping me to be mindful of my finances and to be resourceful.

In this current blog, I’m going to explain the essence of frugal minimalist’s lifestyle.

Being a Frugal Minimalist

Being a Frugal Minimalist Enhances the Quality of Your Life

At different points of life if you go on adapting to frugality and minimalism you will lead a satisfying life. Frugal living and minimalism are really powerful lifestyles that create financial magic in life.

This lifestyle helps you to create a filter in your life. That means you will start to enjoy a clutter-free life by having limited things that are actually necessary for you and which add value to your life.

Who is a Frugal Minimalist?

One who combines the frugal living and minimal living is a frugal minimalist. This is a perfect combination of two lifestyles.

Frugal living focuses on spending less and minimalism focuses on buying less thing that actually adds value to life. There are quite differences in frugality and minimalism, but both are alike.

What it feels like to be a Frugal Minimalist?

I’m walking on the path of frugality for a long time. I also apply the concept of minimalism at different points of my life.

So with my experience, I can say- being a frugal minimalist feels like getting better with every financial decision in life. Also, it feels like moving from cluttered life to clutter-free life, which boosts peace and happiness in life.

Being a Frugal Minimalist

19 Effective Ways to be a Frugal Minimalist

Being a frugal minimalist is a life long journey that enhances the quality of life. So start to take some baby steps to make your life better.

1. Get FREE ONLINE COURSES to Learn New Things

Upskill yourself by learning new things without any investment of money. There are many online courses where you can learn many useful courses for free.

When you learn new things you empower yourself. You will reach a better position in life and career. Also, some online courses will help you grow financially.

2. Follow Impactful Health Tips at Home to Avoid PAYING HOSPITAL BILLS

Well, health is the greatest wealth. In the olden days, people used to take care of their health at home. They were following holistic home remedies whenever necessary.

So you can also follow daily exercise, yoga, cardio or even dancing at home. Also, try mediation for mindful living. You don’t need to pay money at the gym to be healthy. Follow a disciplined lifestyle at home that helps you to stay healthy.

3. Cheers at home by preparing homemade wine or beer WITHOUT a big INVESTMENT

It may be your birthday celebration or weekend parties with friends, you can be more frugal. You can prepare tasty wine or beer at home instead of spending a lot of money on buying them.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube, where you can learn how to make homemade wine and beer. You need to implement such frugal tips to enjoy life. Here you can have fun but also you will be saving money.

4. Know the value of a drop and a pinch, DON’T WASTE anything

During the great depression time, people were not even wasting a single drop. They were using even the feathers of a chicken to make something like rugs. And they were not throwing bones of meat. They were making soup of it.

This was all about economic living. I feel that now also youngsters should learn to live economically like the people used to live during those days. So try not to waste anything from now onwards.

5. Make habit of following SMART SHOPPING HACKS

Frugal people always either spend less or buy things when the prices are low. So cracking the good deals is also like a skill of frugal people.

So make sure you steal some smart shopping hacks from frugal people to save money. There are many ways to save more on every online as well as offline shopping.

6. Prepare a simple monthly budget quickly just by spending 10 minutes

Preparing a monthly budget is like knowing in advance about your expenses. So allocate each dollar properly. Do not spend unnecessarily if your budget does not allow you.

Many people think that preparing a budget is difficult. But there are a lot of free budget apps, which you can use and prepare a simple monthly budget in less than 10 minutes. By this, you can save some part of your income.

7. Learn DIY hacks to Save More Money

If you are thinking to be a frugal minimalist, learn DIY (do-it-yourself) hacks. This will not only help you to save money but also make you feel more independent in your life.

Let’s say you have learned to fix the wiring or plumbing work then you can fix the things at your house whenever necessary. In fact, in expensive countries like Canada or the USA, you have to pay more than $100 for such work if you hire anyone.

8. Have yummy and healthy food at home instead of spending a lot on eating junk food

Home-cooked meals are always food for your health as well as for your pocket. So don’t make a big hole in your pocket by spending a lot of money on eating outside food or junk food.

Recently I’ve come to know that according to some stats and survey an average teenager spends $80 per month on eating outside food. You can imagine, this spending is only on eating outside food. And if teenagers inculcate this wrong eating habit then that will be difficult to stop this in the future days.

9. Take a walk or jolly ride on a bicycle instead of plunking down your money on fuel

Nowadays riding a fancy vehicle is trending. But if you calculate your expenses you will realize that you are spending money on fuel, servicing of a vehicle, insurance etc.

I feel that as people used to walk more and were riding a bicycle in the past, now again you should adopt this simple living. This saves money and also saves the environment from pollution.

10. Save More on Entertainment by Enjoying FREE ENTERTAINMENT

Frugal minimalist’s life is not bearing but they know where they should spend their money. So you can also choose free entertainment instead of wasting big bucks on entertainment.

You can explore YouTube for free entertainment. Play indoor or outdoor games without spending much. Nowadays you can even get free online games. So seek for such free entertainment.

11. Don’t compromise on the quality of your purchase by picking up low price cheap quality products

Being a frugal minimalist does not mean living cheap. It’s all about exploring the best quality of life without spending big bucks. So you don’t need to buy low-quality products that will not last long.

This is not the best option to save money. Imagine you buy any cheap gadget and again and again, you are paying for the repair. This will be actually costly for you. So do one-time investment and buy which last longer.

12. Save money on Netflix by POOLING MONEY with friends

If you want to enjoy Netflix then you can opt for a single subscription to save money. Netflix premium plan offers you to add a total of 4 members at a single subscription.

So you and your other three friends can join one Netflix subscription by pooling money. This is the best way to save money.

13. Be GRATEFUL for what you have instead of collecting a lot of things

Frugal minimalist’s great quality is that they show gratitude for everything that they have in their life. So you should also be grateful for what you have.

Do not collect unnecessary things like too many pairs of clothing, too many shoes or multiples of everything. In reality, you don’t need them. So stop collecting things.

14. Live More with LESS

Minimalism itself means a minimum. So frugal minimalist means learning the art of living more with less. When you visit any minimalist’s house you will find a clutter-free room and humble house.

So take some simple steps to analyze what is necessary for you. Ask yourself everytime-how can you make your life better by having fewer things.

15. Enjoy and Respect Natural Resources that Nature is Giving for FREE

When it comes to being a frugal minimalist, it does not depend only on money. In fact, it also depends on exploring natural resources without harming them or wasting it.

It may be water or it may be the whole planet, you should not harm it in any way. Use natural resources without wasting them, without overusing them. Respect every essential that nature is giving us for free.

16. Know How to Eliminate Unnecessary Things from your Life

When you see a cupboard of frugal minimalist you really feel good. You don’t get any unused or unnecessary things there.

So if you are choosing to be a frugal minimalist then lear to eliminate unwanted things. Sell out all the clutter from your house and cupboard. Even if you have unnecessary kitchen tools in the kitchen then sell them out.

17. Explore more PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS to earn more

It is simple funda that if you earn more then you can save more. But you can do only one full-time job in your life. You don’t get time to do so many jobs to ear more.

So passive income ideas are the best options to earn more. Along with your current job or even if you are a student then also you can explore passive income streams to earn more. So fill your pocket with passive income.

18. INVEST in Yourself to Improve your Skills

Some people think that being a frugal minimalist means being a miser. But it’s not true. As a frugal minimalist, you will be spending money only where it is necessary and worthy.

So make sure you spend some money on worthy things like improving your skills or learning something good that will be useful for your career. So if you invest in good things then in the long run you will get benefits. For example, if you invest in a good educational course then that will be useful to get a high paying job.

19. Feel the beauty of SIMPLE LIVING

Simple living actually makes you very peaceful. So experience the beauty of simple living by avoiding spending money on temporary pleasures.

So do not overindulge in spending money on addictions like alcohol or smoking or any other bad habits. Simplify every area of your life.

Frugality and Minimalism is a Perfect Combination to Grow Financially

Frugal living helps you to save more money. As the concept of frugality is based on saving money and living well by being more resourceful.

Whereas, minimalism is all about eliminating unnecessary wants and desires in life. But this does not mean leading a boring life. But this is all about prioritizing the things that really make your life better by adding value. So many people think that frugality matches with minimalism.

So I personally feel that frugal living and minimal living is a perfect combination. You can actually boost your financial health by being a frugal minimalist. And also this lifestyle makes you analyze the importance of money as well as other resources.

Frugal Minimalist = Happy Life

When you be a frugal minimalist, you live your life intentionally. You always do formal choices in life. This leads to a happy life. And in reality, frugal minimalists will not face any serious financial stress in life. This is an advantage of frugal minimalist.

So make sure, you too inculcate frugal living in your life and also choose to be a minimal. You will get benefitted from this lifestyle.

Start to take some simple steps today, you will surely enjoy the journey of being a frugal minimalist. You will get better at handling your money day-by-day.

Ankita Kamat

I'm Ankita Kamat, the creator of Frugal Beat, a blog dedicated to frugal living. Join me in exploring practical ways to save money, reduce waste and live a purposeful life. Let's embrace frugality as a lifestyle together.