Most Preferable Budget-Friendly Breakfast for You with High Protein and Fibre!

Ankita Kamat

Wondering how to find the cheapest high fibre and protein breakfast ideas? All thanks to budget-friendly ingredients which have high protein and fibre to make healthy breakfast on budget.

In my current blog, I’m going to share varieties of tasty low-budget protein fibre breakfast dishes that you can cook at your convenience.


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Explore these cheap protein rich and high fibre breakfast-


Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and Banana is High Protein Fibre Rich Breakfast on Budget

To prepare a budget-friendly and healthy breakfast, cook oats and top with a tablespoon of peanut butter and sliced banana. 

Oatmeal is cheap and high in fiber. Peanut butter is a good source of protein and fibre.


Delicious and Cheap Egg Oatmeal Omelet is High in Protein, Fibre 

Mix half cup of oats flour, 2 tablespoon milk, ground pepper and salt as per need. Beat 4 eggs in the mixture and chopped onion, chopped green chili. Make omelets.

This is a budget-friendly breakfast with high protein and fibre. Eggs contain protein and oats have fibre.

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Apple Quinoa is the Best Low-Cost Breakfast with Protein and Fibre

Cook bite-sized apple pieces along with quinoa in boiling water and stir in cinnamon. Then serve a budget-friendly tasty dish by sprinkling some ground cinnamon and a few drops of honey.

Quinoa is a budget-friendly ingredient which is rich in protein and fibre. Apples also contain fibre.


Low-Cost Fruit Egg Muffins for Breakfast to Have More Protein and Fibre through Food

Mash the bananas. Add eggs and whisk properly. Add 2-3 berries (blue or blackberries) in a mini muffin tray in each hole and pour the egg-banana mixture, bake.

Eggs provide protein. Whereas, berries contain fibre. Enjoy budget-friendly fruit egg muffins.


Greek Yogurt with Berries and Peanuts is an Excellent Protein and Fibre Rich Breakfast on Budget

Greek yogurt contains high protein levels and you will get it on your budget. So, use greek yogurt and top it with berries like strawberries or blueberries which contain more fibre.

You can add some peanuts for extra protein and crunch. You will enjoy this creamy budget-friendly breakfast. 


Cheap Egg and Spinach Wrap is a Healthy Breakfast

Egg and spinach are the cheapest ingredients with high protein and fibre. 

Make egg scramble with spinach and use budget-friendly whole-grain tortillas to prepare wraps. Eggs are a great source of protein. Whereas, spinach is high in fiber.


Chia Seed Pudding is Perfect Budget-Friendly  Breakfast to Get Fibre and Protein in Your Diet

Chia seeds are an easily available budget-friendly ingredient which is a rich source of both protein and fibre. 

Mix chia seeds with milk and let it sit overnight or 5-6 hours. Then top with some of your favrourite fruits and nuts. Enjoy tasty, cost-effective pudding for breakfast. 


Cheapest Mashed Avocado Toast with Egg for Tasty Breakfast Full with Fibre and Protein

Make toasts of budget-friendly slices of bread. Spread mashed avocado on toasts and keep scrambled egg or round slices of boiled eggs on the toasts.

Egg contains proteins and avocado is a good source of fibre. So, enjoy this tasty and cheap breakfast without compromising on health.


Budget-Friendly Quinoa Egg Scramble for Early Meals is a Great Source of Fibre with Protein

Beat 2 eggs in a separate bowl with some milk, add salt and ground pepper to taste. Whisk well. Fry 1 teaspoon minced garlic in a tablespoon of oil. Pour spinach and cook. Add egg mixture and lastly add cooked quinoa, mix well. 

With this breakfast you will get protein from eggs and milk. Whereas, ingredients like quinoa and spinach contain more fibre.


Cheap 2-Ingredient Cookies of Peanut Butter and Banana Contain More Protein and Fibre

Mash 1 ripe banana and stir it by adding half cup of peanut butter. You can prepare 10 cookies with this dough. Bake the budget-friendly cookies to eat for breakfast. 

These cookies are a good choice for you as peanut butter is rich in protein as well as fibre and banana contains fibre.


Inexpensive Baby Spinach Omelet for Morning Food which is Rich in Protein, Fibre

Mix chopped spinach, coriander leaves, salt and 1 chopped chili. Break 2 eggs in the mixture and mix well. Spread it on a pan and fry the omelet. Cheap and easy baby spinach omelet is ready to serve.

Spinach includes fribre and eggs contain high protein. The combination of egg and spinach omelet is tasty as well as budget-friendly to cook.


Chocolate-Banana Smoothie Bowls for Breakfast on Your Budget for Healthy Diet

Blend milk, bananas, peanut butter by adding 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder. Your cheapest breakfast smoothie is ready to serve which is rich in fibre and protein.

Milk and peanut butter is a great source of protein. Banana and cocoa powder are good sources of fibre. So, this is a perfect breakfast for you on your budget.


Cheapest 2 Ingredient Banana Egg Pancake for Morning Meals that Have High Protein and Fibre

One banana and 2 eggs are enough to make the cheapest pancake per serving. Banana is a good source of fibre and other nutrients. Eggs are rich in protein.

Mash a banana properly. Whisk eggs and add to banana paste. Add half teaspoon of coconut oil or butter and fry it. Delicious and budget-friendly egg banana pancake is ready to eat for breakfast.


Budget-Friendly Boiled Egg Avocado Breakfast Bowl is a Good Source of Fibre and Protein

Add Chopped avocado avocado to a bowl. Make 4 pieces of each boiled egg and add it to the bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of finely chopped red onion, salt and ground pepper to taste.

This budget-friendly breakfast bowl is rich in protein and fibre as this includes avocado and egg.


Overnight Quinoa with Strawberry is a Perfect Budget-Friendly Dish for You with High Protein and Fibre

Quinoa contains high protein and fibre. Strawberries are also cheap and a good source of fibre.

Just pour the overnight quinoa, coconut milk and a few chopped strawberries in a jar. Delicious and cheapest breakfast is ready to enjoy with your loved ones.


Cost-Effective Banana Raw Egg Smoothie includes Protein and Fibre Rich Cheap Ingredients

Blend banana, egg, milk, one teaspoon vanilla extract and sugar for taste. Sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon and enjoy a budget-friendly egg smoothie for breakfast.

Banana includes fibre, whereas milk and egg are rich in protein. You can quickly make this healthy budget-friendly smoothie for breakfast.


Cheap Boiled Egg Smoothie with Carrot and Tomato for Morning Meals

Blend boiled egg, chopped carrot and tomatoes by adding salt and ice cubes. Chilled carrot tomato egg smoothie is ready to serve for breakfast.

Carrot and tomatoes are a good source of fibre and eggs contain protein. So, this is a perfect smoothie for you for breakfast.


Cheap Chocolate-Peanut Butter Protein Shake with Fibre Rich Ingredient

Blend dark chocolate, milk, peanut butter and greek yogurt. This protein shake is easy and budget-friendly to make at breakfast which contains fibre and protein. You can add dates for sweetness.

Milk and greek yogurt have high protein. Whereas, dark chocolate is a good source of fibre. Peanut butter in this milkshake is a good source of both fibre and protein.


Low-Priced Strawberry Yogurt Parfait with Crispy Quinoa for Healthy Breakfast

Use cooked quinoa and roast in the oil till it gets crispy. Take a jar, put strawberry yogurt and layer it with crispy quinoa. Use fresh chopped strawberries and seasonal fruits for toppings. 

Enjoy cheap and creamy parfait which is rich in fibre and protein. Strawberry yogurt and quinoa both are great sources of both protein and fibre.

I hope you are going to try these budget friendly high-protein high-fibre breakfast. Feel free to share your experience once about cooking healthy breakfast on your budget.

Ankita Kamat

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