25 Easy Frugal Living Tips for Quality Lifestyle That Impacted My Life

Ankita Kamat

Easy frugal living tips for a quality lifestyle are something that I’m implementing in my own life. If I can improve my life by being frugal, so you can.

Frugal living boosts the quality of your life. Frugality does not mean being a miser. Frugality is all about using your money and resources smartly.

In my current blog, I’m going to share some effective and easy frugal living tips for a quality lifestyle.

Easy Frugal Living Tips for Quality Lifestyle

25 Easy Frugal Living Tips for Quality Lifestyle

I’m in my 20s and I’ve been following frugal tips. These frugal tips are helping me to save extra money.

My 25 Easy Frugal Living Tips that Made My Life Better

Even if you try some of these frugal living tips then you will see amazing results in your life, as I’m seeing. You will be able to lead a happy life without depriving yourself.

1. While ONLINE SHOPPING add the item in the cart first before buying

Nowadays shopping is easier than ever before. One can just grab the smartphone and order things online. But if you add the things to a cart without buying them immediately will help you save more money.

It gives you time to think if you need that thing really or it’s just an impulse buying behavior. So take time to think before buying anything.

2. Prepare a Kickass MONTHLY BUDGET Easily and Follow throughout the Month

It’s always better to know where you will be spending money rather than regretting spending on unnecessary things. Budgeting is the key and important part of a frugal lifestyle.

I’ve created an easy Frugal Beat Budget Planner. You can use this free budget planner to prepare a budget quickly and easily. This saves your time as well as money.

3. Learn New Skills for FREE that Intensify your Life

Learning various skillsets is adding value to my life and career. These days I’ve learned skills that are increasing my income. You can also learn various skills like me and that too for free.

You can follow YouTube channels to uplift skills. Also, there are platforms like Udemy and even Harvard University that provide many free online courses. This is an opportunity to learn more without paying any amount.

4. Grow Fresh Edible Plants at Home without any Expensive Tools

I’m somebody who has many edible plants at home. So I not only save money on green groceries but also get fresh veggies from the kitchen garden.

I don’t even need more space to grow such plants. You can also use small pots to grow some edible plants and save money.

5. Save a Ton on Monthly Grocery Shopping by Making Informed Choice

I always prepare a monthly grocery shopping list instead of a weekly one. And there are 20 plus frugal ways that are helping me and my family to save money on groceries.

Grocery shopping is one of the most important tasks that everyone needs to follow. With a little more attention you can bag quality groceries without spending extra money.

6. Save money and your skin by avoiding commercially made toxic products

You can make your own face mask and beauty products at home. You can use easily available things natural things. Be more frugal instead of plunking down your money on beauty products.

This saves your skin as well as your money.

7. Reduce the Cost of Travelling up to 50% by Travelling with Friends rather than Solo Trips

Solo traveling has more benefits but it actually costs more when compared with traveling in groups. Make an informed choice when you plan for a trip to save money by adapting to frugal ways.

You can save money on transportation, food, accommodation if you travel with friends and family. And if you plan a solo trip then you alone have to bear more expense.

8. Buy Branded Products at Lower Price During Clearance Sales

If you want to buy branded products you can look for clearance sales. I’ve seen that during clearance sales at stores they even offer discounts up to 90%.

Buying products during such sales will be a great deal for you. You will get qualitative products at a really low price.

9. Look for COUPON CODES Online to Save Money

You can keep a tab on some Instagram pages that come up with coupon codes. Also, there are celebrities or brand ambassadors on social media so follow up with such pages to get great deals.

Also, there are apps that will help you to save money on shopping. Make use of such apps.

10. Explore Side Income Opportunities to EARN More and Save More

I’ve been exploring many passive income ideas in my 20s to earn from different sources. If I can then you can also explore more ideas to boost your income.

I believe that earning more is also a part of frugal living. Earning more will help you to save more.

11. Sell out the things at a Good Price that you don’t use anymore

I’ve sold out the old textbooks that I don’t use anymore and have made some money out of them. I’m sure if on the weekend you observe your room or cupboard you will find so many things that you don’t need anymore.

So sell out such things and in return, you can buy needy things or make money. You will find many online websites as well to sell second-hand and used products.

12. Look for THRIFT STORES in your city to Bag Great Deals

Finding thrift stores on Google Maps is quite easy. You always get cheap yet good-quality second-hand products at thrift stores.

If you truly want to enhance the quality of your life by being frugal don’t forget thrift stores.

13. Rent Out Space or Room if you have Extra at Your House

Frugality is all about making the best use of all the resources that you have. If you have an extra room at your house then you can rent it out and earn money.

You can also register on websites like Airbnb where you get people who look for a room. This way you will be making the use of resources properly and also you earn from it.

14. Rent out your bike or car on weekends and earn

Renting out your bike or car will generate passive income for you. On weekends when you don’t use your vehicle you can rent it.

If you search on Google, you can find bike rental service companies. There you can register and rent out to earn money.

15. Have More Fun During Vacation by Spending Less

You can spice up your vacation plans with budget-friendly plans. In reality, you can enjoy vacations even by spending less.

Frugal vacation tips will help you to plan your vacation within your budget.

16. Look for Stores that Offer DISCOUNTS for Loyal Customers

Some local stores provide points for loyal customers and offer coupons. You can find such stores to save money on shopping.

And I advise, do not change the stores frequently. You should be a loyal customer to get such monetary benefits.

17. Pay Attention to Your Health so that You don’t Need to Pay Medical Bills

It is often seen that some people avoid healthy habits. But this costs too much in the upcoming years. Protect your health as that is the greatest wealth.

Pay attention to healthy habits so that you don’t need to pay off huge medical bills. Also, make sure that you learn more about health insurance policies. All this will help you to save money.

18. Don’t Get Trapped into Debts

I’m living a debt-free and peaceful life with satisfaction. I value what I have and I never think about debts. All thanks to the frugal lifestyle that is making my life easy by staying me away from the debt trap.

You too don’t need to spend money by getting trapped into debt. And if at all you have debts, prepare a kickass strategy to pay off debt quickly. Debt-free life enhances the quality of life.

19. Encourage your Family Members to be More Frugal

It may be your spouse, parents or kids, encourage them to adapt to frugality. If your kids save money by being thrifty, appreciate them.

Also, you set an example for family members by improvising your own frugal lifestyle. This is how people around you get inspired to be frugal.

20. CANCEL all the Unwanted Subscriptions to SAVE EXTRA

I subscribed to the newspaper but after some months of subscription I was not reading that daily newspaper then I canceled the subscription. This helped me to avoid wasting money.

In the same way, you may be having such unwanted subscriptions as monthly magazines or any TV channel subscriptions that you don’t need. So cancel them immediately and save those dollars.

21. Adapt to DIY HACKS to Make Your Pockets Happy

DIY hacks not only save your money but also make you independent. It may be fixing a wire at the house or creating handmade gifts. You will save extra bucks every time.

Well, if you hire professionals then they charge around $100 per hour to fix the wiring work or plumbing work. So learn such life skills to save more.

22. Practice ‘NO SPENDING DAY’ at least one day per week

Challenge yourself to save extra. You can play it like a game. Decide any one day per week and make it a ‘no spending day’. By doing this you will be saving some extra money on a weekly basis.

I’ve seen that some people decide Sunday as ‘no spending day’. In this way, they do not spend money on that day and save money.

23. Make use of old things and REPURPOSE them

You can use old newspapers for crafts. Also, you can use your old pair of jeans to turn them into shorts by giving a new look. Do not waste any materials that you have. Wasting such things means wasting your money.

One can opt for frugal living tips from the people who survived the great depression era. They were making use of everything without wasting anything. They realized the value of every single drop and pinch.

24. Riding a BICYCLE and WALKING more often is good for your POCKET also for your health

I’ve seen that people even take loans just to buy a car or bike. I can say that not taking loans is also a part of frugal living. So do not fall for car loans or vehicle loans.

Instead, you can enjoy a jolly ride on a bicycle. Also, walk often instead of using any transportation whenever possible. This not only saves money but also good for health.

25. Read money-related books that support you to be MORE FRUGAL

There are many popular books that help you to understand the importance of saving money. If you follow such books that will help you to asap to thrifty living.

The more you read, your financial literacy will improve. By this, you will be managing your money wisely and be more frugal.

Daily Frugal Living Habits Made My Life Better

I’ve been practicing frugal living since my teenage. Frugal habits helped me to pursue my dream career without investing too much money.

I’ve learned to spend money on only those things that add value to my life. Frugality balances my spending and earning.

Make sure that you too follow daily frugal habits. It may be having home-cooked meals or using public transportation. You will see amazing results if you stick to your thrifty habits.

Extreme Frugal Living Tips for Qualitative Life

When it comes to frugality I don’t usually choose extreme frugal living tips. I don’t make my life and financial health complicated by following extreme tips.

And if you are a beginner then I advise you, initially implement easy and simple frugal living tips. If you suddenly try to implement extreme frugality you will get demotivated soon. So baby steps encourage you to save more money.

As I’ve shared easy frugal living tips for a quality lifestyle, these are doable and practical. Start your frugal lifestyle journey from today itself. Remember, already many people learning about frugality and experiencing the benefits.

Ankita Kamat

I'm Ankita Kamat, the creator of Frugal Beat, a blog dedicated to frugal living. Join me in exploring practical ways to save money, reduce waste and live a purposeful life. Let's embrace frugality as a lifestyle together.