First salary captions for Instagram that inspire you a lot. Well, everyone remembers their first income and it’s very special.

These days Instagram is the best way to express happiness when one receives the first salary. So, let’s see some amazing captions.

First Salary Captions for Instagram

89 First Salary Captions for Instagram That Inspire You

Let’s see how to express the feeling of getting the first salary through captions.

1. My richness is the result of the first income that I invested and it compounded for years.

2. With my first salary I did not buy branded clothes or expensive shoes. This is the reason that today I’ve my own company, where I invested money to build it.

3. My first salary pushed me into my comfort zone. So, I quit my job to take risks in life because I know that growth exists outside the comfort zone.

4. The second best thing is receiving a degree certificate after graduation. Well, the first best thing is receiving the first salary.

5. Happiness doubles when you get your first salary that too for doing work that you really love to do.

6. The first salary is not just about bank balance but it balances life.

7. Your first salary is your teacher that teaches you about money management.

8. It is so important that what you do with your first salary because you will repeat it with your second salary also. It’s all about money habits.

9. Manage your first salary so well that you avoid living on your paycheck to paycheck.

10. Understand the hidden power of your first salary. Invest smarty to earn passive money.

11. The first salary is the seed that grows your money if you invest well.

12. It’s a different level of thrill to travel with the money that you earn from your first salary.

13. My first salary was the best finance management teacher that I ever had.

14. My first salary is not just the result of working 30 days but it’s a result of my 23 years of hard work that is hidden for all of you.

15. With my first salary I would like to gift a pack of moisturizers to my mother. She worked throughout her life to educate me.

16. I will not through a party for my friends with my first salary but I will with my second salary. My first salary deserves to be there in my mom’s pocket.

17. My first salary is not just a result of working 30 days but it’s a result of my parent’s hard work who educated me and made me independent in all ways.

18. Finally, the day has arrived when I can say, “I have got my first salary”.

19. the First salary is the outcome of the blood and sweat that I put in my work for a month.

20. The happiness is seeing that my mum is happier than me when I received my first salary.

21. There is no substitute for the feeling that one feels when one receives the first salary.

22. My first salary is not just money but it’s freedom as well as a responsibility.

23. My first salary is the first step towards my dream.

24. My first salary has its own short story. It’s a story of 23 years, it’s a struggle of 23 years of education and hard work. It’s a short story of a command man.

25. The first salary is a ray of hope to make life better and comfortable.

26. With my first salary, I take a pledge that even a month I donate some cents to the needy people.

27. I worked 9 hours every day for a month to get my first salary. No, that’s not true. I actually worked for 23 years of my life to get my first salary.

28. I can smell the honesty of work and effort in my first salary. For me, just earning is not important but I prefer to put my heart and soul into my work.

29. Today is the day when my ‘pocket money’ is going to replace with my ‘first salary’.

30. I’m feeling more confident and responsible after getting my first salary.

31. My pocket is filled with my first salary and my mind is filled with peace now. I know money can’t buy happiness but it contributes a lot to peace of mind.

32. With my first paycheck I received confidence and freedom in addition to that.

33. I used to think what’s there in the first salary, why do people feel happy about it? Well, today I know the answer because I’ve received my first salary.

34. The first salary is the foundation of financial management in my life.

35. My first paycheck laughed at me when I said, “I’ll buy a bike”. Now I said the same thing to my 8th paycheck and I got a reply, “Well, done.”

36. Happiness is overloaded in my pocket today as I’ve got my first salary by doing the work that I love the most.

37. Freedom and peace are the bonus that I have got along with my first salary.

38. I worked with happiness and then I received my first salary with happiness.

39. I have enjoyed my 9-5 job as exactly as now I’m enjoying my first paycheck.

40. I celebrate all 30 days rather than just celebrating my first salary.

41. With my first salary I’m ready to start my side business.

42. If I would have done a party with my first salary today I could not have my own business. I earned a salary, I saved, I invested in my business.

43. The best decision that I’ve made in my 20s is to invest money from my first salary itself. Inculcating an investing habit is my best decision ever.

44. I dared to invest money when I received my first salary. Now I don’t live paycheck by paycheck.

45. I’ve got rejected hundreds of times when I applied for jobs because I was a fresher. But today I feel happy when I see the smile of freshers at of office when they receive the first salary.

46. I understand the value of hunger. Today I’m going to feed at least one person on the street who is hungry. I’ve got my first salary.

47. If you spend your first salary you get pleasure, if you invest your first salary you get a compounded pleasure.

48. When I received the first salary I had 2 choices – Invest or Spend. After 15 years I’m thanking myself that balancing both, spending and investing.

49. The day when you get your first salary is the day you get so many money investing options with your own earned income.

50. My friends laughed at me when I spend and invested my first salary mindfully. Today I’m getting the highest returns on my invested money.

51. With my first salary I decided to follow a minimalistic lifestyle.

52. I can not forget the proud faces of my parents when I got my first salary.

53. Every time when I receive my paycheck always I feel like it’s my first salary because there is no reason that I don’t cherish my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on salary.

54. At the age of 16, I received my first income through freelance work as I used to do a side hustle along with my studies. Today in my 20s, I give salaries to people at my company.

55. The first salary is the result of skills that I acquired in the last five years.

56. At the age of 14 I sold lemonade and earned my first income.

57. With my first salary I took a pledge that I won’t waste my money.

58. I started to follow a minimalistic lifestyle with my first salary. This is helping me to live a clutter-free life.

59. The work may be different, the numbers may be different but the feeling of receiving the first salary is the same that everyone feels.

60. The first salary does not bring just money but also brings happiness, confidence and freedom to you.

61. Even if you earn very few bucks as your first salary then also it will be your strong foundation for your life and career.

62. If you want to earn a passive income equal to your salary then you must start investing your money as soon as you get your first salary.

63. Be happy when you get your first salary but never get satisfied because your aim should be financial freedom rather than just financial independence.

64. The first salary brings financial independence but to get the financial freedom you should start investing your money.

65. Job satisfaction is greater than the first salary.

66. The first salary increases your happiness if you save some part of your income.

67. The first salary has the power to change your life completely if you save and invest your money.

68. I waited for 20 years of my existence to get my first salary.

69. Your first salary not only pays your bills but also increases your confidence.

70. I framed my first paycheck’s image so that I always remember my struggles of earning my first salary.

71. My life got a new direction when I earned my first salary.

72. The best thing to do with the first salary is ‘budgeting’.

73. My friends laughed at my first salary because that was the too low amount. But now I give jobs to people and have given first salaries to many people at my company.

74. The first salary is your first practical financial management exam, you better get good scores on this exam.

75. I can never forget the gift that my sister gave me with her first salary as I always encouraged her to be financially independent.

First Income Funny Captions for IG

Let’s see some humour in the first salary.

76. I spend some part of my first salary to have pizza. Then with the remaining part again I buy pizza.

77. My pocket is filled with my first salary. please don’t read this caption if you are a thief.

78. I bought a ring from my first salary and wore it because I love myself.

79. While receiving my first salary my boss pretended like he is paying me too much. Then what? from the next month I started to pretend that I do so much work.

80. The first salary brings happiness and the last salary during retirement brings tears.

81. When I received my first salary, I checked my bank balance 10 times just to confirm that I really got it.

82. I can never forget my first salary because I did not receive it yet after working for 45 days.

83. My first salary lasted for 2 days and then I asked for money from my friend.

84. The first salary makes you happy only when if it is more than pocket money.

85. With my first salary I paid the canteen bill where I used to eat during my college days.

86. Now after spending all my first salary, I realized that I have to wait for my second salary.

87. Today is my first working day and I’m waiting for my first salary.

88. The first salary looks like the first salary only if it is more than the pocket money. Thank God, my first salary is one cent more than my pocket money.

89. I told my paycheck that I want to buy an expensive house. My paycheck laughed at me.

These are all my favourite first salary captions for Instagram. I hope you too enjoyed reading these inspiring and funny captions.

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