Flaunt Your Happiness for Getting First Salary with Mind-Blowing Captions!

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Falling short of words to express your excitement about first salary? Looking for expressive and exciting first salary captions for Instagram?

In my current blog, I’ve come with the super cool first income quotes for you.

101 Best and Perfect First Salary Captions for Instagram

Let’s see how to express the feeling of getting the first salary through captions-

1. Rush of adrenaline; First salary is so fine

2. Received my first salary just now; I’m feeling WOWWW!

3. First salary gifts; Happiness uplift

4. Dear first salary, thank you for becoming my wallet’s glory!

5. First salary is the strongest root for my career route

6. First Salary = Life Balance + Bank Balance

7. Now I’ve bucks in my bag; First salary boosts my swag!

8. Happiness is at peak; It’s my first salary week!

9. Receiving first salary is a thrill; Now I can pay my own bills

10. First salary makes me smile; It’s a journey of miles

11. First salary day is grand; I can’t believe my income is in my hand

12. It’s not just the first salary; It’s my glory

13. First salary may be small but still enjoying in the mall

14. First salary is not just about wealth; it’s about confidence and career growth

15. First salary is happiness; Life feels fresh

16. “It’s my first salary”, I’m shouting loud; My parents are proud

17. First salary boosts my confidence; Journey of independence

18. With my first salary I fly high

19. Can’t stop smiling because it’s my first salary darling

20. First salary excitement; Friends, party and entertainment

21. It’s party time; Celebration of first salary is prime

22. My time has come; “Dear first salary, WELCOME”

23. Increase of adrenaline; First salary feels like goldmine!

24. I’m on high; With first salary I fly

25. First salary makes me feel proud; Today I’m on the ninth cloud

26. First salary feels fantastic; Today I’m energetic; Life is a magic

27. First salary gives me spark; I’ve achieved the benchmark

28. First salary brings satisfaction; It’s time for celebration

29. First salary makes my heart sing; I’m feeling like a king

30. First salary feels like spring and I’m blossoming

31. First salary brings tears of joy; Now I’m an independent boy

32. First salary is here; Happy for my exciting career

33. First salary is not just about money; It’s a beginning of a beautiful journey

34. First income thrill; Party and chill

35. First salary is low but still I glow!

36. With my first salary creating an unforgettable memory

37. First salary brings joy; Now I’m an independent guy

38. It’s my independence day; First salary is on the way

39. First salary brings charm; My wallet is feeling warm

40. First salary is a bliss; Dear wallet, take my kiss!

41. First salary excitement; Gift for parents

42. First salary celebration; Career exploration

43. First paycheck day; In happiness, I sing and sway!

First Salary Gift Captions

44. Gifting my parents with my first salary; This moment is glory

45. First salary excitement; Presents for my parents

46. First salary brings joy; I’m always mum-dad’s little boy

47. My first salary gifts that they hold; Today my parents are proud

48. First salary gifts with an intense emotion; It’s time for celebration

49. Parents are happy with my first salary gifts; Their blessings are my priceless return-gift

50. My first salary gift to my hero who support me when I was zero

51. First salary gift for my mummy; She is proud that I’m earning money

52. First salary gift for my lucky charm; Who has showered her love, care and warmth

53. First salary gift to my father; He is anchor

54. Pride in my parents’ eyes is loud with my first salary presents

55. First salary gifts are elegant; Parents are celebrating the moment

First Salary Feeling Quotes

56. First salary feeling is great; With my career choice I’m writing my fate

57. First salary feelings are beyond words; Today I’m the happiest person in the world

58. First salary made me speechless; Happiness is priceless

59. True confession; First salary feels like heaven!

60. First salary feeling; My heart is dancing

First Salary Status

61. First salary in my hand, celebration is grand!

62. Ninth cloud; First salary makes me proud

63. First salary makes me feel like a king; Today I sing and swing!

64. Received my first salary in my account; Feeling great and independent

65. Waiting for first salary to create amazing memory

66. The second best thing is receiving a degree certificate after graduation. Well, the first best thing is receiving the first salary.

67. The first salary is not just about bank balance but it balances life.

68. I will not through a party for my friends with my first salary but I will with my second salary. My first salary deserves to be there in my mom’s pocket.

69. My first salary is not just money but it’s freedom as well as a responsibility.

70. My first salary is the first step towards my dream.

71. Today is the day when my ‘pocket money’ is going to replace with my ‘first salary’.

72. the First salary is the outcome of the blood and sweat that I put in my work for a month.

73. The happiness is seeing that my mum is happier than me when I received my first salary.

74. The first salary is a ray of hope to make life better and comfortable.

75. Freedom and peace are the bonus that I have got along with my first salary.

76. If you spend your first salary you get pleasure, if you invest your first salary you get a compounded pleasure.

77. There is no substitute for the feeling that one feels when one receives the first salary.

78. Finally, the day has arrived when I can say, “I have got my first salary”.


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First Salary Funny Captions for IG

Let’s see some humour in the first salary-

79. My first salary is low; My wallet does not have glow

80. First salary is cool; Ice-cream party with a fool

81. Don’t ask me first salary party; I can give you only a cup of tea

82. Postponing my first salary party because old debts are troubling my booty!

83. First salary is low so my party is slow!

84. First salary made my wallet fat which was flat!

85. Creditors are waiting for my first salary

86. Giving first salary treat is tough because my money is not enough

87. My first salary sucks; I’ve got only a few bucks

88. I spend some part of my first salary to have pizza. Then with the remaining part again I buy pizza.

89. My pocket is filled with my first salary. Please don’t read this caption if you are a thief.

90. I bought a ring from my first salary and wore it because I love myself.

91. While receiving my first salary my boss pretended like he is paying me too much. Then what? From the next month I started to pretend that I do so much work.

92. The first salary brings happiness and the last salary during retirement brings tears.

93. When I received my first salary, I checked my bank balance 10 times just to confirm that I really got it.

94. I can never forget my first salary because I did not receive it yet after working for 45 days.

95. My first salary lasted for 2 days and then I asked for money from my friend.

96. The first salary makes you happy only when it is more than pocket money.

97. With my first salary I paid the canteen bill where I used to eat during my college days.

98. Now after spending all my first salary, I realized that I have to wait for my second salary.

99. Today is my first working day and I’m waiting for my first salary.

100. The first salary looks like the first salary only if it is more than the pocket money. Thank God, my first salary is one cent more than my pocket money.

101. I told my first paycheck that I want to buy an expensive house. My paycheck laughed at me.


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These are all my favourite first salary captions for Instagram. I hope you too enjoyed reading these inspiring and funny captions.

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