Super Useful Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

Ankita Kamat

Frugal living tips for saving money will boost your financial growth. As somebody who is experimenting with new frugal tips, I’m seeing the changes in my life.

Frugal living is all about being more resourceful and living life to the fullest without spending big bucks. In my early 20s, I’ve left my regular paying job and now pursuing my dream career. Frugal living helping me to live my dream in reality.

Being frugal does not mean living your life by depriving yourself. In fact, thrifty living is teaching me to fulfil all my goals by saving money. So in my current blog, I’m going to share frugal living tips for saving money.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

35 SUPER USEFUL Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

Frugal people lead a happier life than their peers, who spend more money. Even I’m experiencing a lot of positive changes in my life as I’m adapting to frugal living.

Let me pitch some effective frugal living tips for saving money here-

1. Choose to earn money early in life and prioritize being independent 

There are many options to make money. Even if you are a student then also you can make money online. So try to be financially independent as soon as possible.

Nowadays you can check out some genuine websites which offer part-time jobs. Also, you can choose internships to make money.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

2. Know-how to be healthy and fit at home with minimum money

Cancel your gym membership if you are not going there regularly. And use simple tools like skipping rope, acupuncture kit, and do cardio or yoga. You don’t need to spend more money on costly equipment to be healthy.

Even there are some specific TV channels for fitness tips. You can watch such TV channels to learn exercise.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

3. Follow Life Hacks, fix things at home and save a ton of money

Life hacks are smart tricks whereby you find solutions to things at home yourself, fix them and save money. This is in contrast to asking a professional to help you and pay him due fee.

If you’re new to this, take the help of free tutorials from YouTube. Watch such videos and try to fix things or prepare things yourself at home instead of investing money on the new products or services.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

4. Know where you can buy the best second-hand products

Instead of spending money on new products. Look for second-hand products. Nowadays you can also get online websites where you will get good second-hand products.

There are so many people who have listed their products online. So choose such second-hand products at a reasonable price.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

5. STOP aping frivolously spending habits of your peers

Peer pressure is also one of the important factors that push to spend more money. Remember, already there are people who are younger to you have started to be frugal. They are the people who will be happy frugal adults.

So make sure you don’t be left behind. Start to be frugal. Don’t buy unnecessary things due to peer pressure.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

6. Have Multiple Sources of Passive Income

Passive income streams are the best sources of income. You can easily have multiple sources of passive income streams. This will help you to earn more money thereby you can save more money.

Even I’m exploring many amazing passive income ideas in my 20s.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

7. Pool money with friends and save on your monthly Netflix subscription

Pool money monthly on your Netflix subscription. By doing this, watching movies and your favorite shows will be cost-effective because this money can be divided equally among friends.

The premium plan subscription charge is 799 INR per month. And total four members can join with a single subscription.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

8. Avail amazing free courses online and earn new skill sets

Millennials and Gen Z are lucky that we have access to the internet to learn new things. There are many free courses online like digital marketing, English speaking, art and craft etc. So use all such opportunities freely.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

9. Avoid eating outside, save up to $1040 annually and take a cruise trip instead

Eating outside food frequently is not good for your health as well as for your pocket. So munch food at home. Even more teenagers around the world are saving money on food and investing their money to have a bright future.

So make sure you too follow frugal tips to save money on food. And you can use that money on other good things to explore your life wisely.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

10. Check out restaurants that offer free treats on your birthday

Some restaurants give free treat on birthdays. But for this, you should register your name. So check out such restaurants in your city. And enjoy yummy food on your birthday.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

11. Read books for free and listen to audio books without any charges

Save money on books. If you are like reading books then first you can make the best use of a library in your city. And you can also pick up ebooks or audiobooks online at a reasonable price.

And on YouTube, there are many good channels which give brief summary of popular books. So check out such free YouTube videos.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

12. Avoid spending money on the things that harm your brain cells

Some addictions are not only bad for your pocket but that harm your health as well. So stay away from addictions like alcohol, smoking or drugs. I feel that youngsters should inculcate frugal habits instead of bad habits.

Do not pick such habits which will not help you. Be more productive and inculcate good frugal habits.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

13. Asking four questions will help you to SAVE MORE

Whenever you feel like buying something always analyze whether it is ‘need’ or ‘greed’. Ask yourself these questions- Do I really need it? Is this worth buying? Can I get an alternative product? Can’t I work without this product?

And also observe your buying behavior. If you have impulse buying behavior try to change it from now.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

14. Save around 50% money on greengrocer by planting your own kitchen garden

You can easily grow some green-grocers at home. Even I’ve some green table plants at my home which are helping me to save money.

At my home, I’ve plants like Malabar spinach, curry leaves etc. So I can use these fresh greengrocers without paying any money.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

15. Learn to say ‘NO’ to all unnecessary spending

Yes, You should learn to say ‘no’ to your friends politely. You don’t need to celebrate every small occasion with your friends by spending a lot of money.

And try to avoid going out frequently with your friends like- Shopping, movie, expensive trips. In your 20s set realistic saving goals.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

16. Declutter your room and make money by selling out things that you don’t use

You don’t need to clutter your cupboard with the things that you don’t use anymore. Sell out such things and make some money out of those things.

You can also rent out things which you use rarely. In this way, you can be more frugal and save money.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

17. Save money and your skin by avoiding commercially made toxic products

You can make your own face mask and beauty products at home. You can use easily available things like gram flour, aloe vera and much more. So be more frugal instead of plunking down your money on beauty products.

So as a youngster implement frugal ways to look good.

Super Useful Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

18. Booking vacations in advance can help you save frugally

Vacations are meant for enjoyment and relaxation. But this does not mean that you should spend more money and have fun. Implement effective frugal tips to have more fun without wasting more money.

So book your room, ticket and save money. Now online services made our life so easy. So grab your phone and book vacations to avoid spending extra at the last minute booking.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

19. Go all DIY for clothes instead of shopping all the time

Did you know that the world’s most famous fashion designers have the knack for DIY (do-it-yourself) when it comes to experimenting with new outfits and trends ? So why not try the same at home ? 

Convert a pair of lousy jeans into punk shorts or convert a hoodie into a short skirt and flaunt it all over.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

20. Read money-related books that support you to be more frugal

There are many popular books that help you to understand the importance of saving money. If you follow such books that will help you to adapt to thrifty living.

The more you read, your financial literacy will improve. By this, you will be managing your money wisely and be more frugal.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

21. Learn new things on YouTube without paying any extra fees

YouTube is such an amazing free platform where you can enjoy watching free videos. There are many categories on YouTube like education, entertainment, how-to, motivation etc.

So watch such free videos that will help you to upskill.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

22. Use public transport and end up being a Budget Commuter

Instead of spending money on fuel and a vehicle you can use public transportation. Also, you can opt for carpooling to save money on transportation.

If you have your own vehicle then you will bear extra expenses as repair, servicing, insurance. So you can save all these extra expenses by using public transportation.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

23. Save money on spa services by pampering yourself at home

Nowadays you can get the best quality of manicure and pedicure kit at a reasonable price. So you don’t need to visit a spa or beauty parlours for this by spending more money. These frugal tips will especially benefit women.

You can easily save money on spa bills. If you follow these frugal tips.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

24. Make grocery or storage bags from old jeans and save that extra money

You don’t need to throw your old jeans. You can learn DIY on YouTube and make jeans bags. This is a very simple DIY idea to be more resourceful.

In this way, you don’t need to buy new storage bags. This is all about being frugal without being cheap.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

25. Choose handmade gift Ideas during festivals to SAVE MONEY

Handmade gifts have their own charm. And this creates a special and strong bonding between friends and relatives. So prepare handmade gifts at home which costs you lesser than buying gifts.

There are many handmade gift ideas like- greeting cards, photo frames, painting etc.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

26. Think of repairing the things instead of replacing with a new thing

You should repair the things instead of replacing them with a new one. You can save more than 50% money if you follow this tip.

When you can repair the products then why should you waste money on replacing with a new one.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

27. Try to have a minimum number of pets at home and save on maintenance expenses

Pets are loveable. And they need total care and attention as a family member. But if you bring more pets to your home then your expenses will also increase.

It is good to love and care for pets. But you should also think about the expenses also. If you have more than one pet then your expenses will be more.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

28. Stop impressing your friends with costly gifts

You don’t need to spend a lot on money on gifts to impress anyone. The real friendship and a true relationship do not require all this.

So choose your friends wisely and be sensible. Don’t empty your pocket to fit in your friend circle.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

29. If you are on social media, create an interest group and earn

Millennials have so many exciting money-making opportunities online. So make use of social media and start to earn money. Instead of wasting time, you can create an interest group and make money.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

30. Look for alternative products before buying costly products

You can easily save 30-50% of the money if you look for alternative products. Once I was planning to buy a whiteboard for me. Then I looked for an alternative product and found a whiteboard sticker.

So I saved around 70% of the money on this deal. So make sure you look for other options also before paying for products.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

31. Decor your house by using the best out of waste crafts

On the YouTube, there are so many videos that teach to use waste things to create something useful. Learn such hacks for free on YouTube to make the best out of waste.

I’ve prepared crafts with old invitation cards, woolen etc. These type of crafts enhances the beauty of your room or house without paying any extra money.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

32. Follow the realistic ways to save money at a restaurant

Avoid ordering soft drinks every time when you visit a restaurant or hotel. You can just consume water. This simple frugal step will help you to save money.

And if you are a student then some restaurants will give you discounts. So don’t forget to have your student ID with you.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

33. Follow frugal grocery shopping tips to save more money every month

If you give a little bit of attention while grocery shopping then you can save a lot of money. I have shared effective tips to save money on groceries in my other blog post, you can check it out.

Once you start to follow frugal tips on groceries at the end of the month you will have extra savings with you.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

34. Pick up your product without spending extra money on it

Pick your goods instead of opting for door delivery services. You need to pay extra bucks for such door delivery services. So cut off such extra expenses.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

35. Use reusable products instead of investing money on one-time usage products

Reusable products may seem to be costlier than ‘use & throw’ products. But this is a one-time investment. You will be saving more money in the long run through reusable products.

For example, Instead of using one-time water bottles use a reusable ones. And always have a filled water bottle with you while going out. Avoid buying water bottles. This simple act is an effective part of frugality.

Frugal Living Tips for Saving Money

Be frugal today to lead a happier life

If you handle peer pressure and act sensibly you can save more money. You will be leading a happier life in the future days than your peers who are spending more today. Even if you start to follow some of these frugal living tips for saving money then you will reach a better financial place soon.

According to researchers Leah Solomon and Jayson Halladay nowadays mobile devices help to save money. So as a youngster you can even use your mobile device to track your savings. This will help you to save more money.

These frugal living tips for saving money have the power to change your future. So start to implement these tips from today itself. In the near future, you will be having more savings than your peers.

Ankita Kamat

I'm Ankita Kamat, the creator of Frugal Beat, a blog dedicated to frugal living. Join me in exploring practical ways to save money, reduce waste and live a purposeful life. Let's embrace frugality as a lifestyle together.