Look into the Main Considerable Differences Between Charity and Fundraising

Ankita Kamat

Wondering what is the difference between fundraising and charity? Want to understand deeply about fundraising vs charity?

In my current blog, I’m going to explain in detail about all the key differences between charity and fundraising by comparing all the important aspects. This will help you to gain more clarity about these two terms.


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Fundraising VS Charity: 9 Significant Differences that You Should Know

Let’s dig deeper into important comparison points to differentiate between charity and fundraising-


Charity is Done without any Expectations but While Giving Funds People may Expect Something in Return

People give money to help somebody without any expectations. This is known as charity.

But in the case of fundraising ‘givers’ may expect something in return sometime. For example, if a writer is raising funds for his new project then a ‘giver’ can expect a free copy of the book from that writer.


Charity Can be a Voluntary Action Any Time But Giving Funds Depends on Specific Time Period

Charity can be a voluntary action where people themselves decide to give charity at any time. Donors can come forward and can visit the NGO or organizations to give charity voluntarily.

In the case of fundraising, fundraisers spread the word to people so that people can donate money. People will not come forward voluntarily unless they know about the particular reason for fundraising.


Charity Can be Done in Any Form Including Money but Fundraising Includes Only Money

When you plan for fundraising you raise funds, that is money. And the word fundraising itself says that driving funds.

But charity can be done in various forms including money. The people who want to give charity then can give money, clothes, books etc.


Fundraising can Be Done by Implementing so Many Ways

One can raise funds by implementing and trying different ways. For example, one can sell flowers to raise funds, the walkathon is another way to raise funds. One can arrange a tournament to raise funds.

So, in short, I can say that one can sell or provide services to raise funds. But we can’t say this charity because here donors receive some services or goods in return. Charity is purely an act of giving.


Fundraisers Try to Reach Out People to Collect Money and During Charity ‘Givers’ Reach Out to Individuals

Fundraisers make the first move. They try to reach out to people individually or they create a campaign.

Whereas donors make the first move when it comes to charity. Donors try to reach out to individuals or organizations to provide charity. For example, during a festival, some people distribute food and clothes to poor people. 


Fundraising can be Based on ‘Ideas’ and Charity Requires a Strong Reason

Fundraising is a process where a person or organization collects money with a particular motive. This can be done by anyone who has any ideas like business ideas, projects, etc.

When it comes to charity, the reason and purpose is strong like helping a needy person.


Fundraising can Be Done Even for Businesses but Charity is Not a Deal it’s a Feel

Raising funds for business is also common these days. But this is not a charity..

In this case a ‘giver’ who gives money to start a business it’s like an investment and not a charity. Also, when you raise funds for a business, people expect returns or profits.


Fundraising Sometimes Depends on a Fixed Amount But in Charity Usually One Can Donate with One’s Wish

In some cases, fundraising depends on a fixed amount. People should give a fixed amount of money to fundraisers. For example, if a fundraiser is selling a t-shirt to raise funds then people should buy the t-shirt by giving a fixed amount. 

Usually, there is no such fixed amount decided in charity. Donors can give charity as per their own wish and capacity.


Charity is Done to Help the Needy people but Fundraising May not Be for a Needy Person

Charity is done mostly to support genuine reasons. One does charity to help needy people. For example, charity is done to provide books to poor kids. Charity is done to give healthy food to poor kids.

But fundraising can be done for various reasons other than helping people. For example, one can raise funds for business.

I hope now you have gained complete clarity about fundraising vs charity. Let me know if you have observed any other differences between these 2 terms.

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