Choose Funny Captions to Express Feelings about Your New House!

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Looking for funny new house captions for Instagram to flaunt your new home pictures?

In my current blog, I’ve come up with the most hilarious new home captions.

101 Funny New House Captions for Instagram

Let’s enjoy humorous new house captions-

1. After seeing a new house my spouse said, “Buy, Buy”; Now my bank balance says, “Bye, Bye”

2. New house is here; after breaking the bank balance of years!

3. New house keys; Debts increase!

4. After buying a luxurious house, now I’m accountable to my spouse

5. After buying an expensive house, I’m realizing the importance of an economic spouse!

6. New house is here; Now EMI is my biggest fear

7. My new house is oversized and that made my bank balance zero-sized!

8. House is new; Bucks in my wallet are few

9. Bank balance is extremely low after buying a new bungalow

10. My in-laws gifted me ‘a spouse’; Now I’m gifting my spouse a new house

11. New home is here; How will I repay the loan, I fear!

12. On a new house I’ve spent a lot of money because; anything for my Honey 😉

13. New house made me look like a hero; But my bank balance became zero!

14. New house is kingsize; Bank balance is zero-size!

15. New house is welcoming me; My bank balance is hurting me!

16. My new house is expensive; Home loan is massive

17. New house makes me look rich; Shuuhhhhh… Don’t tell anyone that my home loan is too much!

18. My new bungalow has got a glow by making my bank balance very low!

19. New house is eating my bank balance; Bank loan is not allowing me to dance

20. New Home day; But bank loan is shouting, “Re-pay!”

21. New house is extra large; Home loan demands extra charge!

22. New house is a boon; But bankers are asking to repay the home loan soon!

23. My new house is looking great but not my bank balance.

Funny New Home Captions

24. If at all God gives me a chance to reverse any one incident of my life, then I would like to reverse the purchase of my house that reduced my bank balance.

25. I’ve invested all my money to buy a big house but now I’ve asked money from my friend to buy moisturizer for this winter.

26. My pet is also angry with me after buying a big house for a high price as now I can not buy a chicken for my pet every day.

27. After buying my new house through a realtor now I know that why the realtors are very rich.

28. Now I’ve become more intelligent after buying a new house for a high price. I’ve learned from my mistake so I’m more intelligent at my new house.

29. I’m happy that I have a new house now but I’m sad because I don’t have a beautiful bank balance after paying for this house.

30. I’m having nightmares at my new house because my bank balance is almost zero after paying for my new home.

31. I want to play cricket with a realtor who sold me this house for a high price. Just waiting to hit the ball to break his leg while playing cricket.

32. I’m looking for someone who can say, “I’m ready to buy your house by paying you more than what you had paid.”

33. I told my partner to buy a new house and we could make love in our new house. But after buying a new house for a high price now we don’t have money to buy condoms.

34. I thought that this month I would watch Netflix at my new house but I don’t have money to pay my monthly Netflix bill after paying more for my new house.

35. I’m looking for someone who has done the same mistake as I’ve done by buying a new house by paying a high price. Come let’s meet over coffee sometimes and cry together.

36. “Let’s party at my new house”, unfortunately, I can’t say this as I’ve paid my bottom dollar to purchase my new house.

37. I bought a luxurious house 6 months ago by paying high. Now my house looks so big but my wallet and I have become thin.

38. My house maintenance charge is more than the house purchase charge.

39. I purchased the best house two months ago. And now I’m bankrupt.

40. I can never forget my realtor who sold me the house more than the market price.

41. My house surely looks great because I paid too much to buy it. But now can’t look great anymore because I don’t have money to do a makeover of myself.

42. I miss my bank balance after paying hugely for my new house.

43. My bank balance has become thin after buying a house. But I have become fat by overeating is stress and thinking, “Why I’ve bought this house?”

44. I want to forget my realtor who sold me this house for a way more high price but whenever I see my house I remember my realtor.

45. Today I’m compromising on buying my favourite cookies on Sundays because I don’t have money to buy them after buying a house.

46. I did not have any answer when my pet kitty asked me, “Mewww, why did you invest so much money to buy this new house?”

47. My furry friends are telling me that I did a big mistake by buying a house for a high price.

48. I don’t want to open the window of my new house because my realtor’s house is opposite of my house who sold this house for a high price to me.

New House Captions with Pun!

49. I thought I will enjoy my winter at my new house but I’m sweating due to stress as I paid more money to buy this house.

50. My furry friends are laughing at me and saying, “My small house is better than your new house even though you paid too much”.

51. My new home always welcomes me and reminds me that I was stupid to pay too much for it.

52. After buying a new house I’m realizing that it’s so expensive now to create memories in a new home. There is a big hole in my pocket now.

53. I’ve my own home now but I don’t have my own money now because I spent everything to buy this expensive house.

54. After realizing that I’ve spent more money to buy my new house now I’m thinking about renting out my new house.

55. I bought a new house and my friends asked me for a party. Now how can I tell them that I don’t have money for partying after paying for a house.

56. I’m not homeless as I have my new house but now I’m cashless because I invested all my money in buying a house.

57. After buying a new house with the help of a realtor now I’m thinking to hire a magician to reverse the house buying incident from my life. I wasted my money on a new house.

58. I had taken too many loans to buy a new house, now after a month, I’ve decided to sell my house and repay my debt.

59. I smile when someone says, “Your house is so awesome”. But I cry inside because I paid too much money to buy this house which I did not need.

60. I feel my furry friends are more intelligent than me when they say, “You have wasted your money to buy this new house”.

61. I told my husband to buy a new house. He bought a new expensive villa. I made a big mistake and my husband did a bigger mistake.

62. I bought an expensive new house. Now I don’t have a bank balance to buy chocolates.

63. I had tears of joy a month ago when I bought my new house. Now also I’ve tears but now I’m sad to know that my friend got the same type of house in this area at a very low price.

64. After spending too much money on a new house now I miss my Sunday parties, chocolates, and pizza because I can’t pay for them.

65. First I spent a lot of money to buy a new house and now I’m spending a lot of money on tissue papers because I cry by realizing my money mistake.

66. These days my friends are calling me again and again, is it their love? No, actually I took money from many friends to buy a new house now they want me to pay them back soon.

67. My realtor said that I would never get a better house than this. Now I’m crying after realizing that my bank balance has been transferred to my realtor’s account for this unworthy house.

68. The one who is going to buy my house more than the price that I paid then probably that person is going to a bigger mistake than me.

69. My friend used to tell me that I waste my money a lot but I did not believe her until I bought a new house for a high price. Now I ask my friend to pay for pizza as I don’t have money.

70. I become crazy when I saw my dream house and I bought it. Now I become crazier after seeing my bank balance.

71. I thought I would do crazy things at my new house but after buying the house I’m left with no money to do crazy things.

72. My sweet apartment is tasting bitter when I saw my bank balance after buying this house.

73. From the first day in this house I stayed happy until I saw the bank balance after buying the house.

74. I bought a house in the heart of the city by thinking that it’s good for me. But now when I see my bank balance my heartbeat changes its pattern in stress.

75. I had a dream to watch movies by arranging home theater at my dream house. Now I know that after buying a high-priced house I don’t have enough money for a home theater.

Hilarious Caption for a New House

76. I’ve opened the door of my new house happily at the same time I closed my bank account after paying too much for my house.

77. I was about to say, “Party at my new house”. But I did not say it because after buying a costly house my bank balance is not allowing me to do party.

78. I have my new home now but I don’t have my bank balance now.

79. My new house is smarter than my bank balance as I’ve paid higher for this house.

80. They say, “Home is where you spend your whole life”. But after spending a lot of money to buy my house now I say, “A home is a place where I spent my whole savings”.

81. I’ve more space in my new house I’ve less money in my bank account as I spent it on a new house.

82. I thought I would sleep happily at my new house but my bank balance is coming in between me and my sleep.

83. Now I’m feeling like doing two full-time jobs after buying a new house and spending more money.

84. It’s very difficult to see how a seller has grabbed all my bank balances after buying my dream house from him.

85. I used to believe all the realtors until my realtor sold me a house for a high price.

86. I’m looking for a God who can reverse some moments of my life. The first one is when I bought a new house for a higher price.

87. New house was my dream until I bought my new house. Now my dream is to get back my old house and also my old bank balance as it was before paying for my new house.

88. I don’t like my neighbors because they remind me of my big mistake and always say, “You have bought this new house for a high price”.

89. My new house laughs at me and says, “You have emptied your pocket to buy me”.

90. I asked my 5-year-old daughter, “Tell me 5 things that I need to improve in myself”. My daughter said, “Mamma, learn to manage your money. You have bought this new house for a high price”.

91. I used to kiss my wallet when I was at my old house. Now after buying a new house I don’t feel like kissing my wallet because I don’t have money in it. I paid everything to my realtor.

92. In my new house when I sleep I get only one dream, that is the dream of losing money. Ufff I already lost my money in buying this new expensive house.

93. Today my neighbor again said, “You have bought this house for a high price”. I replied, “This is the 29th time that you are saying this. Why don’t you record this line and send me over a Whats App. I can listen again and again”.

94. These days whenever I go out with friends and eat donuts I don’t say to my friends that we will split the bill because I have paid all my savings in buying a costly new house.

95. These days when I go to birthday parties, I don’t gift anything. I just go enjoy, have food and come back. I don’t have money to buy a gift after buying a new house a month ago.

96. Before buying a new house my life was king size in a single bedroom house. But now I’m living a small size life in a 3 bedroom house. I don’t have money to enjoy after paying for my new house.

97. I have bought a new house at the cost of my old bank balance.

98. When I was staying in my small house I used to miss my dream house. Now I’ve bought my new house but I miss my bank balance every day.

99. I can’t forget the day when I purchased my new house 2 months ago. On the same day, I paid a lot of money to my realtor. I miss my old bank balance.

100. I don’t remember when I smiled by looking at my bank balance last time. After buying a house I never smiled again at my bank balance.

101. Whenever I see my realtor I remember my old bank balance with more money.

I hope you enjoyed these funny new house captions for Instagram. And these captions are not only funny but have a strong message for those who want to buy new homes.

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