How do Fashion Bloggers Make Money on Instagram? 17 PROFITABLE IDEAS

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“How do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram?” – Are you thinking about fashion blogging and earning money? Well, one can make 6 figure income online by posting about style and fashion.

There are many fashion bloggers on Instagram who are already making money. The fashion industry is such a big industry that one can explore various income sources through it.

In this current blog, I’m going to explain how do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram.

How do Fashion Bloggers Make Money on Instagram?

How do Fashion Bloggers Make Money on Instagram?

Brands, companies, or organizations and even individuals looking for fashion bloggers to collaborate with them. In these ways, fashion bloggers make money on Instagram.

17 Ways How Fashion Bloggers are Making Money on Instagram

Let’s see all the practical ways through with fashion bloggers earning more money. When it comes to fashion bloggers on Instagram, I would like to categorize women’s fashion, men’s fashion and kid’s fashion.

Women’s Fashion Bloggers Earn Money on Instagram

There are a lot of women who are sharing their knowledge and tips about fashion on Instagram and also making money online.

1. Hair Style Blogging is a Part of the Fashion Industry to Make Money

When you take about women’s fashion hairstyle plays an important role. Kayley Melissa is a blogger and YouTuber who talk often about hairstyle. She already promoted a lot of hair-related products such as a hairbrush, shampoo, etc.

This is how hairstyle and hair care blogging helps one to explore different money-making ways by reaching out to various brands.


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2. Making money on Instagram by posting about Fashionable Nail colour and Nail art

Nail art and nail coloring is a beautiful niche, which one can blog about on Instagram. You will get so many brand names when it comes to nail paint and nail art tools. This ways fashion bloggers make a pitch and bag earning opportunities.

If you are interested in nail art then don’t miss the opportunity to become a fashion blogger on Instagram. You will enjoy this blogging niche and also earn money with some initial efforts.


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3. Fashion Bloggers Guide about Wedding Dresses and Earn Money on Instagram

This is such an amazing niche that fashion bloggers talk about. Everyone wants to look so beautiful on the wedding day. Nowadays there is a lot of fashion and trends in bridal dresses.

Fashion bloggers have collaborated with wedding planners, beauty consultants, event management companies and earn money by promoting them on Instagram.

4. Sharing about Women Jewelry and Earning on Instagram

If you are a woman and see Frank Everett’s Instagram page you will fall in love with those jewelry posts. Yes, he is the greatest influence on Instagram when it comes to jewelry.

Jewelry is a part of fashion blogs. One can really get more payment for a paid partnership with jewelry companies. So you can think about jewelry blogging.


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5. Fashion Bloggers Talk about Sandals and Shoes 

If you have not come across the Instagram page “Penny Pincher Fashion”, you have to glance at it once. Here they talk about women’s fashion. And this Instagram page is famous for posts like women’s shoes.

Many shoe brands and sandal-producing companies want to reach the maximum number of people to sell their products. So they make deals with Instagram fashion bloggers. In this way, women’s fashion bloggers can earn more money in this niche.


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6. Paid Partnership is a great way to Make Money on Instagram

Popular fashion bloggers like Olja Ryzevski earn money on Instagram by promoting handbags. There are many handbag producing companies that pay fashion bloggers to post about their product on Instagram.

Such paid partnerships are amazing opportunities to make money on Instagram like Olija Razevski. Brands are ready to pay influencers more money because they get more exposure and they also make more benefits from social media influencers.


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Men’s Fashion Bloggers on Instagram Earn Money

Even men’s fashion blogging on Instagram has awesome opportunities. Grooming and fashion are not only for women but equally important for women. So let’s see how men’s fashion bloggers make money.

7. Blogging about Men’s Trending Wrist Watches and Earning Money

A lot of Instagram pages are talking about hot topics of wristwatches. It’s so good to know about new, fashionable wristwatches. Well, wrist watches for men can be a great topic to cover as a blogger and fill your pockets with dollars.

There is an Instagram page named “A blog to watch”, if you love wristwatches then you will stay away from such an excellent blog. Well, some fashion bloggers have chosen this topic and making money through affiliate marketing and paid partnerships.


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8. Men’s Street Style is an Attractive Topic for Fashion Bloggers to Earn Money on Instagram

Street style means a unique style. It depends on an individual’s style and fashion. As youngsters want to explore more street styles there are many opportunities for street style bloggers on Instagram.

“Men with street style” is a popular Instagram page with 4 million followers. So fashion bloggers are choosing to post about particular styles and fashion. This helps them to target a particular audience and also such bloggers can crack great deals with luxury brands to make income.

9. Tailors are making money on Instagram

Tailors are the most important part of the fashion industry. And if a tailor is having an Instagram page as well then one can multiply the income.

Gennaro Annunziata has got the award as the best tailor under 35. On Instagram, he is having 53k followers. He has given his contact details on his page. This is how tailors are expanding their business and boosting money-making sources.


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10. Money Making Opportunities Knock the Door of Style Guides on Instagram

Andreas Weinas is a professional style guide and men’s wear consultant. Well, he is also a model. His Instagram page is flooded with amazing collections related to men’s fashion.

As a men’s wear consultant, one can reach out to more people on the Ingram and grow a business. This way one can make money. And no doubt brands approach such fashion bloggers to advertise their products.


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11.  Jose Zuniga is Making Money on Instagram by Promoting Men’s fashion products

When it comes to fashion, it is not only for women but also for men. Jose Zuniga is famous on YouTube and Instagram due to fashion-related tips.

On Instagram, he promotes men’s fashion products like sunglasses, shoes etc. Well, he was just 16 when he started his blog and he started to with the topic of why dressing well is important. Now he grabs all the opportunities as a fashion blogger and earns well.


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12. Fashion Bloggers are Making Money by Being Brand Ambassador

Javier Chacon Perez is having an Instagram page named “javi_thebarber”. He posts about men’s hairstyles. He also promotes many brands through his page and earns money.

Well, he is the brand ambassador of the brand Lakme and promotes Lakme hair care products. In all the Instagram posts he mentions this brand. This is how hairstyle and beard style fashion blogs have more opportunities to earn money online.

Kids’ Fashion Bloggers are Making it Big on Instagram

Fashion and style are not only for adults but also for cute and lovely kids. Let’s see how kids’ fashion bloggers are earning money on Instagram.

13. Mommy Bloggers Share Cute Pictures of Kids in Fashionable Clothes

Who else can know well about kids than moms. And when it comes to fashion moms take extra care of their kids. There are many moms who are kids’ fashion bloggers and earning money on Instagram.

You can check out ‘@kidsfashionblogger’ page on Instagram. She is a mom of two cute kids and shares their images. Such mommy bloggers make money by promoting kids’ wear. Kids’ wear is a sub-niche in fashion blogging that has money-making opportunities.


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14. Super Cute Little Models grab all the Attention and also Earning Opportunities on Instagram

Quenisha Qiana is 4 years old little girl. I loved her Instagram page. She is so cute and adorable. Her fashion and styles make anyone fall in love with her. As she is a little model she earns a good amount of money.

She has her e-commerce website as well which is managed by elders. On Instagram, she has mentioned the link of her website where one can buy kids’ outfits. In this way this little fashion blogger earning money. Well, I can say she is earning more than her pocket money.

15. Baby Products be a Great Source of Income when Fashion Bloggers Cover Kids Fashion

If one is talking about baby care, baby’s fashion on Instagram then one can promote baby products. There are many moms like Anite who is writing about baby blogs as she is having lovey babies.

Through her Instagram, she promotes the products like feeding bottles, toys etc. So moms with little babies have the opportunity to grow as a fashion blogger on Instagram.


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16. Mommy Bloggers are Sharing Posts of Kids Hairstyles and Natural Hair Care

Kids’ hair needs extra attention and care. Also, kids look super cute in different hairstyles especially female kids with long hair. So on Instagram, I’ve seen that mommy blogger posting about such things and also making money.

You will get an idea about this if you glance at the Instagram page ‘natural hair kids’. This page is having 119k followers and mom talks everything about kids’ hair care and fashionable hairstyles. This mommy fashion blogger earns from advertisements.


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17. Kids Party Dress Posts on Instagram Attract More Money-Making Opportunities

On special occasions like birthday parties, parents think a lot about trending styles and dresses for their kids. So fashion bloggers are there on Instagram who posts about kids’ party wear.

Here bloggers can collaborate with the birthday party event management companies to earn money. Also surely there are clothing brands to collaborate with and earn well.

How to start a fashion blog and Make Money on Instagram?

Choose either women’s fashion or men’s fashion or kids’ fashion as your niche. Then sign up and start a fashion blog on Instagram. Start to upload fashion-related posts on your Instagram page.

Fill in all contact details on your profile so that anyone can contact you to make deals with you. In this way brands, companies or organizations will contact for paid partnerships if they want to promote their products on your Instagram page.

How to Influence People on Instagram as a Fashion Blogger to Earn Online?

Earning money on Instagram as a fashion blogger needs consistency to influence people. Also a fashion blogger you have to be honest and recommend good products only to your followers. Build a strong connection with the audience and win their trust.

If you work well as a fashion blogger and genuinely advise people then more people will follow your Instagram blog. When there are more activity and audience on your Instagram page, brands and companies will be read to offer sponsorship.

How much money do fashion bloggers make on Instagram?

Initially, fashion bloggers make less money on Instagram if they have less audience engagement and fewer followers. If fashion bloggers have a more active audience then they can earn more money.

Post about Latest Styles and Trends to Earn Online

The more quickly fashion bloggers post about new and latest styles they get more benefits. Fashion is something that changes every week. So it is important to be more creative as a fashion blogger to increase the chances of earning.

Examples of Fashion Bloggers Who are Earning Income on Instagram

There are amazing fashion bloggers who have millions of followers on their Instagram page. Let’s see some examples of fashion bloggers here.

1. Chiara Ferragni is a fashion blogger on Instagram. The name of the page is – @chiaraferragni. She is having 22 plus million followers on her Instagram Page.

2. Camila Coelho is a fashion blogger on Instagram. The name of the page is – @camilacoelho. She is having 8 plus million followers on her Instagram Page.

3. Negin Mirsalehi is a fashion blogger on Instagram. The name of the page is – @negin_mirsalehi. Her fashion blog on Instagram has 6 million followers.

4. Aimee Song is a fashion blogger on Instagram. The name of the page is – @aimeesong. Her fashion blog on Instagram has 5.6 million followers. This page has brand partnerships to make money.

5. Julie Sarinana‘s is a fashion blogger, who is having 5.7 million followers on Instagram. Her Instagram page name is  – @sincerelyjules. As she has a more engaging audience she gets more sponsorship to earn money.

So here I’ve come up with detailed ideas that how do fashion bloggers make money on Instagram. Nowadays online opportunities to make money are increasing a lot. If you are thinking about fashion blogging then bag more opportunities.

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