“How to create a donation page on Facebook?” – Do you want to raise funds online? Well, Facebook is one of the best options to do it effectively.

There are different options and ways to raise funds from Facebook. And creating a donation page is also one among them. You can create a donation page quickly on Facebook so that people can donate money.

In my current blog, I’m going to share in detail that how to create a donation page on Facebook.

How to Create a Donation Page on Facebook

How to Create a Donation Page on Facebook?

You can create a non-profit donation page and ask people to donate money on Facebook. For this, you should create a Facebook page and must verify it with Facebook by following all the guidelines. Then you can add the ‘Donate button on your page.

7 Easy Steps to Create a Donation Page on Facebook

Every online platform has some rules and guidelines if you are creating a donation page. So, now let’s see what are the steps you should follow to create a donation page on Facebook.

1. Create a Page on Facebook and Categorise it as a Nonprofit or Charity Organisation

The first step is that if you don’t have a page then create it. And while creating a page fill in all the details properly by giving a good name to your page.

You should categorize this page as a nonprofit organization or charity organization. There is a template on Facebook which you can use for a nonprofit page. That will be easy for you to set up your page.

2. Submit Your Page and Get Verified

After creating a page submit the page. Now the Facebook team will analyze your page and check all the details. Remember, your Facebook page should meet Facebook’s community standards.

Then only your page will get approval and get verified by Facebook. So, create a page that is good and effective without breaking any guidelines of Facebook.

3. Provide Bank Details to Facebook to Get Donations

The third step is important. You must add bank details and set a payment option on Facebook. This is really necessary.

So, give proper details and set up. So, that you can receive donations to your bank account in the upcoming days when people donate money.

4. Select Your Nonprofit or Charity Organisation Page on Facebook

By following the above three steps now your Facebook nonprofit page is ready. You have completed the basic steps. Now you can see your page and people can also see the page on Facebook.

So, in the fourth step, you should select the page. Some people have many Facebook pages. So, if you have more pages then choose this particular Facebook page through which you want to raise donations.

5. Now Submit The Page for Review

Now you have to submit the Facebook page for review. You can provide different valid documents so that Facebook should review your page.

You can provide an IRS determination letter. You can also provide other documents like business utility bills, a certificate of information or even you can submit a business license to get approval from Facebook.

6. Create Facebook Donation Account

After submitting all the documents it will take a couple of weeks to get approval. So, once you get approval now you should keep all the documents like IRS tax id, your own ID, Address proof of your organization etc.

You should create a Facebook Donation Account by using proper documents. So, that you can get donations on Facebook and then it should get transferred to your bank account from Facebook. So, keep all documents and information on hand.

7. Visit Your Facebook Page and Click on ‘Add Button’ on Your Page Header

You will find the ‘Add Button’ option on your Facebook page. Click on it and add the ‘donate’ button. And if you already added some other clickable button there, then you can edit and add this new ‘donate’ button.

Now people can see the option to donate on Facebook on your page. And you should sign up for the Facebook payments for this. Remember, this ‘donate’ option is only for nonprofit Facebook pages.

How to Add ‘Donate’ Button on Facebook Posts?

Let’s see how you can create a ‘Donate’ button on posts.

1. First create a post that you want to publish on Facebook.

2. Then choose the option ‘support charity’ from the action menu. Or you can choose feelings/activities. Then from the ‘activities’ option choose the nonprofit page that you want to support.

3. You have to search and select that charity or non-profit organization for which you want to raise money. If you do not see such an option then you are not eligible for that at this moment.

4. If you are eligible then choose the charities that you want to support and then publish your post. Now people can see your particular post on Facebook and they can donate.

Can Everyone Create a Donation Page on Facebook?

Yes, anyone can create a Facebook donation page but it includes some steps as I have mentioned above. And you should provide all the proof and documents to Facebook so that you get approval.

Only approval pages can add a ‘donate’ button and can collect money. So, in reality, only verified non-profit pages can raise funds or donations on Facebook.

Who Can Create and Donate to Charity Fundraisers on Facebook?

This option is available in some countries but in some other countries, this option is not available. So, you should know if in your country you can create and donate to charity fundraisers on Facebook or not.

And in some counties the options are limited. One can’t donate to all the charities. So, you should see if you are eligible for this or not. If you are, then feel free to help charities and non-profit organizations to create fundraisers and donate.

Now you know that how to create a donation page on Facebook and which documents are necessary for this. So, be ready with all the documents and create a donation page to help needy people. It needs love and compassion to do something like this.

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