“How to create a giving Tuesday campaign on Facebook?” – Are you looking for simple steps? Well, nowadays you can create such a campaign within 5 minutes.

Giving Tuesday is considered a day of global giving where anyone can help others by donating something. If you want to create an effective online campaign for this you can do it with the Facebook fundraiser.

In my current blog, I would like to explain in detail that how to create a giving Tuesday campaign on Facebook.

How to Create a Giving Tuesday Campaign on Facebook

How to Create a Giving Tuesday Campaign on Facebook?

If at all you have your own non-profit donation page on Facebook then you can raise funds from there as Giving Tuesday. But you can directly create and publish a Giving Tuesday Campaign even if you don’t have any page. And it’s very easy to do so.

7 Steps to Create a Giving  Tuesday Campaign on Facebook in 5 Minutes

If you want to publish a Giving Tuesday Campaign on Facebook quickly then follow these steps and create a campaign.

1. Log In and Visit the Home Page of a Facebook

I’m assuming that you have your Facebook account. So, you can just log in and visit the home page. If you use a desktop version then it will be good. But you can use the mobile version also but it may be a little different.

So, now on the home page of Facebook, you will find an option ‘Fundraiser’. From this icon, you can create a giving Tuesday campaign as well.

2. Click on the ‘Fundraiser’ option

When you click on the fundraiser option you will find many other campaigns where you can donate money. But you want to create your own campaign so click on create option.

Then there will be a pop-up menu. You have to choose ‘non-profit’ from the option and proceed.

3. Select the charity or a cause for which you want to raise from Facebook

Now you will find the list of non-profit organizations or charities. You can also search in the search box there to find a particular cause or charity that you want to support by creating a giving Tuesday campaign.

Well, the list includes 7,50,000 charities you can choose from there. That means, all the 7,50,000 charities based out of the US are listed here.

4. Decide the particular amount that you wish to raise as a GIVING TUESDAY and fill the online form

Then enter the amount that you want to raise from this particular campaign on Facebook. And people who are on Facebook can donate or contribute to your Giving Tuesday campaign.

Along with this, you should fill in the ending date. You can write the date and month according to your choice. So, till that date, your Facebook fundraising campaign will be active. If you want it to be active only on Tuesday then you can select the particular day.

5. Write an Attractive, Catchy, and Appropriate Title for Your GIVING TUESDAY Campaign 

The next step is really important. Here you should give a catchy and impactful title for the campaign. Your title or heading should be very catchy and convincing. So, that people should donate to the Giving Tuesday Campaign.

Also, write a description. Write the exact cause for which you are raising funds. Write everything in detail so that people should support your campaign. You can also use the words like – ‘Giving Tuesday’ in your title.

6. Add the Right Kind of Cover Photo for a Giving Tuesday Campaign

Now you should add a cover photo to this fundraising campaign. Well, a picture is worth 1000 words. So, make sure you choose the right image.

The cover photo should be completely related to the camping. It must be appropriate.

7. Invite Your Friends to Contribute some Money to Your Campaign on Facebook

Your fundraiser will be ready and now you can invite people to donate money. You can invite all your friends on Facebook and support the cause.

Do not hesitate to invite friends because you are doing a good job. You are supporting an organization by raising funds. So, invite more people so that people must know about your fundraising campaign.

Who Can Create a Giving Tuesday Campaign on Facebook?

Anyone can create a Giving Tuesday Campaign on Facebook who wants to raise funds and donate to charities directly. But in some countries, this option is not available on Facebook. So, if you are eligible then you can find a ‘create’ button.

And in some countries, only a few causes or charities are included in the list. So, you should choose among limited charities.

You will find many charities or non-profit organizations on Facebook if you are from US or UK country.

Is Creating a Giving Tuesday Campaign on Facebook Legal?

Yes, creating a Giving Tuesday Campaign is considered legal on Facebook. The Facebook fundraisers are meant to help non-profit organizations. While starting the campaign you will be asked to choose a non-profit organization from the list.

So, this is a legal way and you are helping and supporting the good thing in society by running such fundraising campaigns. So, this is considered legal. You can do this without worrying.

And in many counties, it is crowdfunding is legal when one is raising funds for charities or non-profit organizations. So, it’s safe and legal to create Tuesday Campaign on Facebook.

How do charities receive donations that you have raised on Facebook?

There is an option like ‘matching donations’. When you create a campaign then you have to choose an amount for matching. That means if you choose $250 and if you raised $300 then you pay the lower amount, that is $250.

Then you will see a receipt also once the matching donations are accomplished. This way the amount will be directly transferred to the particular charity or non-profit organization that you had selected.

So, now you know all the easy steps that how to create a giving Tuesday on Facebook. You can do this within 5 minutes. Now you can start creating such campaigns and help charities and different causes.

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