How to Earn Money Online in India for Students? – 33 EASY WAYS

Ankita Kamat

“How to earn money online in India for students?” – Is this question popping up in your mind again and again? Well, there are many practical ideas for students to make money that you should not miss out on.

As somebody who is living in India, I’m also earning money online. So, I can guide you and share my experience as well to make money as a student.

In my current blog, I’m going to share practical ways to earn money in India as a student.

How to Earn Money Online in India for Students

How to Earn Money Online in India for Students?

Instead of wasting time online and on social media students can utilize this time to earn money. As an Indian student, you can use your laptop or mobile and earn money by sitting at home.

33 EASY Ways to Earn Money Online in India – For STUDENTS

You will be happy as an Indian student when you start to earn more than your pocket money. So, don’t miss these opportunities to make money online.

1. Sell ONLINE COURSES to earn online as an Indian Student

If you have an interest and knowledge regarding any particular topic then you can prepare your own online course and earn money. You can create and sell any online courses like English grammar, photography hacks, painting, dancing etc

Sign up at Udemy to sell your own online courses. Udemy is a popular platform where you can sell your courses not only in India but also to foreign people. But make sure you provide valuable and useful online courses so that more people should buy them.

2. Create Quora Space and MONETIZE it to EARN

I personally like using Quora to share my knowledge there. There are mainly two ways to earn money on Quora. One can join the Quora partner program. But this option is not available for everyone.

And another way is creating a Quora space and earning money from ads. I’ve also created a Quora space and monetized it. This can be done by any individual.

3. Publish Your own EBOOKS as a Student and Start Earning Online

Publishing ebooks is easier than ever before. You don’t need to invest money to publish your ebook. There are many online platforms where you can register for free and publish ebooks, sell ebooks and earn.

I also published my ebooks on Instamojo and earned money by selling my ebooks. You can choose any topic and write an ebook in your own words. If you write an informative and useful ebook, you can generate more sales.

4. Earn Money on Instagram

According to the statistics, 150 million people are active on Instagram in India. And this is a big opportunity for you to earn money. You can create a business page on Instagram.

Start uploading images and write catchy captions with hashtags. Even you can create reels on Instagram. When your active followers increase, you can earn money from sponsorships. Also, you can do affiliate marketing.

5. Click Pictures by Using your Cell Phone to EARN MONEY from the Stock Photography

Stock photography is a suitable option for students to earn money online as many students like photography. You don’t need to be a professional photographer. You can just use your cell phone or camera to capture pictures.

Then you can sign up for stock photography websites. Bloggers, media and publications, companies and even individuals buy images on such websites. So, you can sign up as a seller. Every time when people buy, you earn a commission.

6. Guide about FASHION and Grooming Hacks as a Young Student and Earn

Youngsters and students have more knowledge about fashion and trends. So, you can guide other youngsters online by sharing fashion tips, grooming tips and all. Also, you can earn money by doing this.

You can guide people about fashion either on social media like Instagram or you can create your own YouTube channel. The fashion industry is a huge industry to earn better. So, you can grab many opportunities to earn money online.

7. Share Computer Knowledge with Others and Earn Money

Students have more knowledge about computers and gadgets. So, you can share your knowledge about computers with others and earn money.

You can create your own course regarding computers or laptops and sell online. You can create your own YouTube channel also to guide other students about computers. Then earn money from your channel and online courses.

8. BLOGGING is one of the Best Options for Indian Students to Earn Money Online

If you want to share your knowledge in the form of writing blogs, you can do this and earn money online. I’m also a professional blogger and earning money online from my blog.

You can write blogs in English and also in any regional language like Hindi or any other language. The more people have started to use the internet. And it will go on increasing. So, you can earn more from blogging if you start working on it.

9. Become a VIRTUAL PINTEREST ASSISTANT to Make Money Online

Pinterest is very useful for bloggers and businesses. Many bloggers and organizations hire virtual assistants to manage their Pinterest account. You can also become such a virtual assistant and earn money online.

You just need to understand Pinterest. Just practice creating good and attractive graphics to pin on Pinterest. This is how you will learn more about Pinterest and get more opportunities to earn.

10. Look for Online PAID INTERNSHIP Opportunities as a Student

Join AngelList or look for any other online platforms to get paid internship opportunities online Students can learn and also earn from such internships.

And especially during vacations, you can opt for internships as a teenager or a student to earn money. Imagine, you will be earning money during your vacations without wasting your time. That will be awesome.

11. Create Traveling Related Vlogs to Earn Money

I’ve seen that many students love exploring different places. And if you are staying in places like Goa you can make videos about tourist places. Earn money from vlogs.

You can check out many YouTube channels where they share about traveling. You will get an idea of how you can also create such content and earn money online.

12. Make Interesting PODCASTS and Earn from them

The demand for podcasts is increasing day by day. People prefer listing to podcasts these days. You can create podcasts and earn money from podcasts as a student.

You can use different online websites to publish your podcasts. Else, you can create your own websites for sharing podcasts. This is doable. You can implement this practically to earn money.

13. Become a Content Writer to EARN FROM YOUR WRITINGS

Content writers earn money online anywhere between 500 rupees to 2 lakh per month. In the beginning, you should know how to write good blogs or content. After all, this is a skill. If you practice it you will earn more.

You can directly make pitches as a content writer. You can also join freelancing sites like UpWork as a content writer to explore opportunities. So, make money online as a content writer.

14. Provide Whiteboard and Animated Video Services to Earn as a Student

People enjoy watching animated or whiteboard animation videos. If you like creating such videos then you can provide services for animation videos and earn money online.

You can use some software to make such videos. You have to be more creative in this field to make good videos. You can decide the charges for your services.

15. Make Money From Infographics

Graphic designers and infographic creators can earn well online. If you are a student then daily spend some time creating infographics and improve your skill. Then reach out to website owners to get paid opportunities.

Website owners, bloggers, YouTube creators and even different companies look for graphic designers. You can earn a good amount of money as a student by creating each graphic or infographic.

16. Join Re-Selling Programs to Earn More than Your Pocket Money

Resell and earn money online. You can decide your own profit margin and resell the products. You don’t need to worry about manufacturing products or delivering the products.

You just need to share links or share information about products with people. When they buy it you will earn profit. For example, if the product price is 200 INR, you can decide – 250 as your selling price. You will earn that 50 INR per sale.

17. Make Logos Online to Earn Money as a Student

You will wonder how much money you can earn online just by making logos for others. There are individuals or companies who want to get designed the best logos for their brands. In return, you will earn money.

You can directly reach out to such individuals or companies who are looking for logo designers. Also, there are specific websites just for logo making. You can register on such websites and start earning money online as a student by making attractive logos.

18. Students can Earn from AFFILIATE MARKETING

Affiliate marketing will be a good source of income for you if you do it in the right way as a student. There are many affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart etc. You can join such programs and earn money online.

You just need to share the like of the products and if people buy from your link then you will earn commission every time. I advise you to spend some time understanding how to earn money online from affiliate marketing. Then practically implement it.

19. Handle SOCIAL MEDIA Accounts to Make Money

I’m sure you are exploring different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. And if you have good knowledge about social media accounts then you can handle other people’s accounts and earn money.

Some people or companies are busy with other work so they hire people to look after their social media accounts. So, you can manage their accounts on their behalf and earn money online.

20. Make Digital Designs on T-shirts and Make Money in India as a Student

I’ve come across some websites online which provide the opportunity to earn money by creating designs on t-shirts.

Well, you can also easily get such websites where you can sign up and create designs on t-shirts. You don’t need to worry about printing the design and delivery of the product, those websites will take care of all these things.

21. Start to Invest in MUTUAL FUNDS as a Student to Earn Money Online

You don’t need lakhs of money to invest as a student. You can invest just 100 or 150 rupees per month in mutual funds to earn good returns. But you should remember that risk is there in mutual funds.

Take calculated risks to grow your money. I also invest money through a genuine and simple app. So, you can save some money and invest to earn returns.

22. Sell Handmade Gifts Online to Make Money

The love for handmade gifts will not vanish. Many people still love handmade items and gifts. Even the Indian girl Tanya Mittal started selling handmade gifts on Instagram at the age of 19 and now she is earning in lakhs.

So, you can also figure out ways to sell handmade gifts online. You can make a good amount of money by selling such gifts online.

23. Earn Money from Fiverr as a Student

Fiverr is a platform where you can get so many different services by working from home. It’s a freelancing website. Many students and youngsters are already using this platform to earn money online.

You can monetize any skills that you have as a freelancer on Fiverr. Once you start getting clients you will earn in dollars as an Indian student.

24. Open Your Own ONLINE STORE from India to Earn More

Opening an online store is not rocket science. You can do that easily. You can create your own eCommerce site and sell products online to make money.

You can even open your online stores on Amazon or other platforms to sell your products. And if you want to sell handmade products then Etsy is the best platform to open your online store. This way you can reach out to the global audience and earn money by selling products.

25. Earn Money from Chegg India as a Student

Chegg India is a good platform in India. If you are good at any subjects like maths, science etc then you can join Chegg India and earn money by helping other students.

You can visit Chegg India website to look for suitable opportunities for you to make money online.

26. Make Informative Videos on YouTube to Earn along with Your Studies

The content consumers on YouTube are increasing day by day. Millions of people watch videos on YouTube. This is a great opportunity for Indian students to earn money on YouTube. Just spend some time in your student life to create informative videos.

If you are a shy student and do not want to show face in the video then you can just use text and images in the video. You can choose any niche to create your own YouTube channel. Monetize videos and earn money online.

27. Provide Video Editing Services Online to Earn Online

As YouTube is growing so fast, YouTube video creators also increasing. Such creators hire people for video editing. So, you can learn to edit videos as a new skill to earn money online.

You can charge money per video edit. Initially, you should make effort to learn video editing. There are also free software and video editors that you can use. Then provide services as a video editor to earn money.

28. Join Online REFERRAL PROGRAMS to Refer and Earn Commission as a Student

You might have heard about ‘refer and earn’. You will find such options in many apps. Even Google Pay offers this. When you invite other people to join you will earn money if they sign up.

Like this, there are so many other genuine and popular apps where you can just share the link of the app. Then you will earn a referral commission.

29. Turn Your Hobbies into a Profession to Earn Money in Your Studnet Life

I feel that every individual has some kind of hobby. Nowadays any hobby can be monetized as we have created a digital world for us. So, as a student, think of earning money from your hobbies.

If you like doing pencil shading you can sell your art. If you like baking cakes then start orders and earn money. This way you can earn money from your hobbies which you enjoy doing.

30. Translate Languages if You Know More than One Language and GET PAID

Indian people know so many different languages. If you are someone who knows more than one language you can earn money online. You can help others to translate the content into different languages.

Even you can do online jobs like video transcriber if you have a good grip on languages. Knowing different languages open different opportunities for you to earn money online.

31. Build Websites for Others to Make Money

Create websites on WordPress according to the needs of the clients and earn money online. If you invest some time, you can learn more about WordPress.

Even if you get one client per month you will really earn a good amount of money by designing the websites.

32. Launch Your Own Useful Mobile App as a Student in India to Earn

You might have many apps on your cell phone. But have you ever thought of making your own app and earning money? Well, you can launch your own app on Play Store and earn more as a student.

There are already so many apps. So, your app should be useful and creative. Give a valid reason for people to download your app. If you create a useful app then you will earn a lot of money by monetizing your app.

33. Sell Stock Music to Earn from Stock Music Websites

Stock music websites are similar to stock photography sites. I have seen that some students love playing guitar and all. If you too like composing music then sell your music online to earn money.

You can directly sell your original music or you can join stock websites. You will earn commission per download.

Start Making Money Along With Your Studies

The ideas which I mentioned above are doable and effective. You just need to daily spend some time working on these ideas to earn money.

Many students think that they don’t have any skills to earn money online. But if you think so then learn new skills for free and then start to monetize your skills. Your future will be bright if you learn more skills.

So don’t ignore these ideas if you are thinking about how to earn money online in India for students. Analyze which money-making idea is suitable for you and start earning.

Ankita Kamat

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