“How to End a Fundraising Letter?” – Are you writing a fundraising letter? Well, the ending of the letter should be so persuasive that the donor should donate money.

Writing a fundraising letter is also an art and skill. The end part of the letter plays an important role. So, you should use powerful words to end a fundraising letter.

In my current blog, I would like to share how to end a fundraising letter.

How to End a Fundraising Letter

How to End a Fundraising Letter?

At the end of a fundraising letter, you should not miss anything important to write. The end should be compelling and also it should be thought-provoking.

Let me elaborate on some important steps for writing the ending of the letter to raise more funds.

7 Steps to End Fundraising Letter that DRIVE MORE FUNDS

Don’t miss these crucial steps while writing a fundraising letter. Include all these 7 steps at the end.

1. Be Specific when Asking for Financial Support

After writing about the cause for raising funds. Now at the end, you have to be straightforward while asking for money and writing such fundraising letters. Exactly mention the amount that you expect from the donor to donate.

It’s always good to mention the amount because there will not be any confusion regarding the amount. And when you be more specific it will be easy for the person to take action accordingly. And if you are not specified then the chances are there that the donor may send less money with confusion.

2. Be HUMBLE while Asking MONEY

Even though you are specifically asking the amount, be humble while asking. Your tone should not be like you are ordering the person to send money.

Be more humble and also ask according to the helping capacity of a donor. You can’t write the same amount in every letter while asking. You should understand the donor as well. Ask according to his financial conditions. Do not mention too much amount in your letter.

3. Mention the ways about HOW TO DONATE money for an ill person

Donors should know how to send money to you. In your fundraising letter, do not forget to add the details that how can donors send money.

You can mention the bank account details or you can mention the online payment details like Google Pay, PayPal etc. If you mention all these things in your letter then the process will be easy and quick. The donor can quickly send money.

4. Express the sense of URGENCY and EMERGENCY

It is important to express a sense of urgency in your fundraising letter. The donor may not be aware of all this. So, you should make a donor realize that it is an important and urgent thing.

For example, if you are raising funds for the operation of an ill person then mention the date in your letter.

5. THANK the person/organization for PREVIOUS FINANCIAL HELP

If you have not thanked the donor for his previous financial help your letter will not be complete. And you should include this part either at the beginning of the letter or at the end of the letter.

Just thank the person. Gratitude should be expressed in the letter for sending money previously. And thank him not just for formality but feel real gratitude while writing the letter.

6. Make use of PICTURES while sending letters

You can attach relevant photographs or images along with a letter. The photographs should be something like, how you have utilized the money that the donor sent previously.

All though sending images is optional. You should think if the photographs are necessary or not. If you are running an organization to support sick people then you might have images of your work. You can send them.

7. Write a CONCISE LETTER rather than writing too long

Well, writing is an art. And while writing such a letter you should explain everything in a short letter clearly. Focus on the words and sentences while writing.

Write a concise letter that is compelling. You don’t need to write too many pages. Keep it short and persuasive.

Your Letter should Make the Donor Take Action Accordingly to Support You Financially

After reading your letter the donor should be ready to provide financial support. So, when you finish writing just read it once and imagine yourself in place of the donor and ask yourself, “It is convincing?”

The end of the letter should leave a long-lasting impression. The donor should remember the letter at least for some time. And this will happened only if you chose convincing words while writing the ending.

Also, if you attach the photographs or images that are relevant then that will be powerful. So, maintain a balance of emotions, ethics and logic in your fundraising letter not only in the beginning but also at the end of the letter.

So, while thinking about how to end a fundraising letter consider all these 7 steps every time. This will increase the chances of driving more funds.

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