How to Generate Side Income from Home in India? – 31 Practical Ways

Ankita Kamat

“How to generate side income from home in India?”- If this question has popped up in your mind then it is the sign that you are looking for money-making opportunities.

In my 20s I’m exploring many opportunities and making money from home. So I’ve realized that in India also there are many options to generate side income from home.

In my current blog, I would like to share some ideas to make a side income from home in India.

How to Generate Side Income from Home in India?

How to Generate Side Income from Home in India?

To generate side income from home in India you need to look for such work that is related to your interests and you can monetize that as well.

Let me elaborate on some ideas here.

31 Side Income Ideas in India to Make Money From Home

It is important to have side income sources because it helps to achieve money goals soon. You can’t have 2 full-time jobs to earn more but surely you can generate a side income even with less experience.

1. Earn Money from Ebooks by Writing on Your Favourite Topics

Most of the readers are now making use of audiobooks and ebooks. Ebook readers are increasing day-by-day. Even I published ebooks and made money online in my early 20s.

You can also choose your own favorite topic in which you have more knowledge. Write an ebook and decide the price. Publish on the platforms like Amazon or Intamojo without any charges. Make ebook sales and fill your pocket with extra money.

2. Sell Online Courses on Udemy

Udemy is a very popular online platform to sell online courses all over the globe. Let me tell you anyone can create online courses and sell on Udemy. If you have any skills or any type of knowledge then share it on Udemy and earn money.

Well, you should know how Jessica Brody has earned $1000 just in the first week. And gradually she started to earn around $3000 every month. I can say that Udemy can be your passive income source if you create useful and valuable content.

3. Create Your Own Online Handmade Products’ Store on Etsy

Etsy is such a wonderful platform for all the people who create handmade products. You can create anything like art, paintings, handmade bags etc and sell on Etsy.

Etsy is especially for handmade products so you will reach out to so many people easily and make sales. So start your own online store on Etsy and make money from home.

4. Join CueMath and Teach Mathematics from Home

There is a reputed company called CueMath in India. They have their own website where you can apply to become a Math teacher. One can earn up to 30,000 also if one works accordingly.

If you get approval then they will give you online training and then you can teach Mathematics to students from your home and earn money.

5. Create Printable Work-Sheets for Kids

You can create any work-sheets like Mathematics, Science, English etc. And sell them to parents of kids. This is a different type of idea to make money from home. Only some people are doing this currently.

Usually, parents want to keep their kids busy with good activities. So if you create interesting work-sheets then parents will buy them for kids. Use social media to reach out to parents so that you can make sales.

6. Make Saree Tassels from Home Earn Big Bucks

Many Indian women love to wear a saree during family functions or marriage. Also, women like to try different styles and designs when it comes to saree. So Amita grabbed this opportunity and started to earn 20 lakhs from home.

You can also learn to make saree tassels on YouTube then start your small business from home. Even my own friend does this work and earns money. If you are a housewife or if you are interested in this then start making money from saree tassels ideas.

7. Create Useful Gigs on Fiverr Without any Registration Fees

Fiverr is a popular platform, which is helping so many people around the globe to earn money. No matter which type of services or products you want to sell you can sell on Fiverr.

You can monetize any skills through Fiverr. Even gigs like removing the background of the images, writing songs and any type of hobby can be monetized. Many people are earning on Fiver from some popular gigs.

8. Make Men’s and Women’s Jewelry at home and Sell

No matter if it’s women’s jewelry or men’s jewelry many people love handmade jewelry. And people in India were more jewelry during special occasions and even in day-to-day life. You can make handmade jewelry and earn money.

You can choose any particular type of jewelry like a bracelet or ring or it makes be a combination of many types. This way you can sell such handmade jewelry from home and earn.

9. Work from Home as a Pinterest virtual assistant to Earn Extra

Millions of people use Pinterest including me. Bloggers like me have advantages by using Pinterest by posting graphics there. But some bloggers hire virtual assistants and pay them.

If you are someone who likes to create graphics, infographics then you can earn money as a Pinterest virtual assistant. You just need to reach out to bloggers and crack the deals. You can charge per Pinterest graphic or you can create your own package.

10. Video and Audio Transcription Can Be Your Second Income Source

Video or audio transcription means writing exactly by watching a video or listening to audio. It’s about creating content in writing form that is already in a video or audio form. You will earn money per transcription.

If you are a beginner you can practice a little bit and then apply for transcribing jobs online.

11. Rent Out Your Bike or Car

If you are having a bike or car then you can rent it out and earn a side income. You don’t need any type of experience here to make money.

There are many bike rental companies. You can look for such bike rental companies and make money from this.

12. Write for Websites and Magazines and Earn side Income

As a content writer, you can earn money online. There are many magazines that accept articles and also pay money. You can even look for local magazine publications and reach out to them.

Also don’t miss the opportunity to earn money by writing blogs for websites. You can directly contact the website owners for this. You can even join the platforms like Upwork as a freelance writer.

13. Make Money from Video Editing Work

Well, opportunities for video editors are increasing every day. If you know how to cut or trim the video, adding background music, adding effects to the video then encash your video editing skill.

YouTubers and website owners hire video editors. You can charge money per video. Join freelance job websites to grab such opportunities to make more money from video editing.

14. Make Money On Instagram

Millions of users are active on Instagram in India. Seek opportunity here and grow as a content creator on Instagram to bag earning opportunities.

Many fashion bloggers earn money from Instagram. But you can choose your own niche. You may just post about nature photos, pets, even you can write quotes or poems. So choose a particular niche and grow your active followers. This will help you to get sponsorships.

15. Make Handmade Gifts, Greeting Cards

Well, Tanya Mittal is a teenager who started to sell handmade gifts on Instagram and has become a millionaire. She invested a minimum amount but now earning lakhs per month.

You can also sell handmade gifts and earn money online. Nowadays setting an online business is easier than before. You have access to social media and the internet. So make sell handmade gifts from home.

16. Capture Pictures and Earn Money by Stock Photography

It may be the photography of nature, pets, things or anything else. If you love to click images then encash your photography hobby. This can be your great source of side income.

I’ve seen that there are many stock photography websites. You can join on such websites and upload images. When people buy and download images you earn a commission.

17. Make Money From Blogging

As I’m a blogger and founder of the Frugal Beat, I can say that you can also make money from blogging. You just need to do some initial effort.

I’ve seen that a couple started a blog as a side hustle or a hobby. Now they are earning lakhs per month. You never know which side income will become your full-time income in future days. So try it.

18. Become a Language Translator

If you know different languages then you can complete tasks as a language translator. There are different types of opportunities in this.

You can translate the writing piece into another language or you can listen to the audio and translate it. And even authors want to translate their ebooks or books to translate in different languages. So you can look for such opportunities and work from home.

19. Earn Side Income as a Mehndi (temporary tattoo) Artist

Indian women apply mehndi on different occasions like marriage and festivals. And mehndi artists have a huge opportunity to make money.

You can also become a mehndi artist and start to earn money. I’ve some friends who are already doing this and making side income.

How to Generate Side Income from Home in India?

20. Join Referral Programs

Referral programs are all about referring products, services and even digital products like mobile apps and make money. There are many apps that pay you if you join and refer people.

Join such referral programs and earn a commission.

21. Teach English and Hindi Languages

I’ve seen that many people want to learn Hindi and English languages in India. If you are good at these languages then start speaking English or Hindi classes at home.

You can conduct daily lasses for 45-120 minutes and earn money. Initially, you may get a few students but gradually you will be having more students.

22. Become a Brand Ambassador

Recently even I worked as an “online writing fest” brand ambassador online. This made me earn some bucks online.

There are brands, companies or organizations that look for brand ambassadors. You don’t need to be a celebrity to be a brand ambassador. So figure out the right type of brands and earn money as a brand ambassador.

23. Provide Home-Cooked Meals for Office Staff and Get Paid

Many people stay away from home for job purposes and they miss home-cooked food. If you love cooking then you can find such people and provide them home cooked-meals and get paid every month.

You can find such people in your office or if you are a housewife then you can take the help of your husband to find such staff at their office. This will be a good source of income.

24. Start Cooking Classes From Home

Make a list of the things in the cooking in which you are good. Like baking, veg recipes, non-veg recipes. Then you can conduct cooking classes from the house and make money.

Well, nowadays I’ve seen that teenagers like to learn baking cakes and cookies. So you can conduct such classes if you are interested and earn.

25. Bake Cakes and Cookies to Earn Money

Start taking orders of birthday cakes and earn. There are women who bake birthday cakes and make money. If you like baking then now monetize your baking skill.

You can even offer homemade snacks like cookies and chocolates. This way you can boost your income.

26. Teach skills to others that you already know

You may have any type of skills like creating a craft, dancing, photography etc. You can teach those skills to others by conducting classes at home.

You can do this just on weekend days or as per your convenience. Charge reasonable fees for this and earn side income.

27. Generate Side Income by Creating Infographics

You can become a freelance graphic and infographic designer. You can directly reach out to bloggers to create infographics for their blogs and charge money.

Also, there are many online opportunities for graphic designers. You just need to join some websites like UpWork, Fiverr etc to reach out to the right clients and kickstart your freelancing journey.

28. Teach Craft-Art and Fill Your Pocket with More Bucks

Art and craft is not just a hobby. It can be your side hustle to make money. I’ve seen many people who have turned their hobbies into professions and earning well.

Teach about art and craft and earn. You can conduct offline classes for this. Also, you can teach online. Use platforms like YouTube or Udemy to teach.

29. Start Tuition Classes for Kids

You don’t need to be an expert in all the subjects but even if you are good at any one subject then you can start teaching kids. I’ve seen that many kids want to join the extra class by choosing only one subject.

Analyze in which subject you are good at and interested in and then fix a reasonable fee. Even if you teach for an hour daily you can earn well amount.

30. Create YouTube Channel and Monetise It with Different Ideas

Video content consumers are growing day-by-day. I know that there are already so many YouTube channels for all the topics but still, you can start your own YouTube channel and can monetize it.

Just choose one particular niche and start making videos. There are many options to earn money from YouTube. You can earn from Google Adsense and also from affiliate marketing, sponsorship etc.

31. Become a social media influencer

Nowadays many people are using the internet and social media. But instead of just using social media for entertainment or time pass you can pay attention to making money online.

Use popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc and become a social media influencer. Start to build your audience and then opportunities will knock on your door.

Second Income Sources Boosts Yours Financial Growth

Side income or second income options help you to build wealth by earning more money. If you depend on only one income source then you may not be able to save more money. So earn more and save more.

So if you are thinking about how to generate side income from home in India then you should try some of these ideas. Start to implement ideas from today itself.

Ankita Kamat

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