Creating More Wealth is Possible in Your 20s With These Exceptional Passive Income Streams!

Ankita Kamat

Thinking deeply about how to make passive income in your 20s? Want to explore the best suitable and effective passive income streams as a youngster?

In my 20s, I’m also exploring various earning opportunities. So, here I’m going to share some outstanding passive income ideas with you that you can try today.

How to Make Passive Income in Your 20s? – 29 Effective Ideas

Start implementing these ideas to build passive wealth in 20s


Earn Passive Money by Publishing eBooks Online

Choose a topic in which you have a very good knowledge and write an eBook. You can publish it on online platforms like Amazon or on your own blog. Writing an eBook requires a one-time effort but you can earn passive income from it.


Become a Blogger in Your 20s to Make Passive Income

Decide a particular niche and publish your blogs online. You can monetise your blogs with Google AdSense, affiliate products and sponsorships to make passive money.


Create and Sell Digital Products to Make People’s Work Easy 

Digital products like printable art, templates, graphic templates, etc are in demand these days. You can create such digital products and sell them online to build a passive income source for yourself.


Submit Photos on Stock Photography Sites to Make Passive Income

Find stock photography sites where you can submit the pictures clicked by you to earn passive income. You can click nature pictures, animals, etc. and earn money from this.


Make Creative YouTube Shorts and Monetize

People are consuming more short videos on YouTube. So, you can utilize this opportunity to make passive income by creating YouTube shorts. Then monetise your short videos to earn.


Create Your Own Online Courses to Earn in Your 20s

Prepare online courses in the form of videos, PDFs, webinars etc to make passive income. There are many students and youngsters who want to learn new skills and are ready to pay for online courses.


Teach Skills on YouTube and Make Passive Wealth

Be it kids or adults or seniors, more and more people are consuming YouTube videos to learn something new. So, in your 20s you can create your own YouTube channel and monetise your videos with ads, affiliate products etc.


Create Digital Designs on T-shirts to Earn Money Online

There are some websites where you can sign up and create attractive digital designs on plain t-shirts. When people order such t-shirts you will earn a profit margin.


Have Your Own Online Store on Etsy to Earn Passive Income

You can think about selling digital products on Etsy to make passive income. You can also sell handmade products such as art, craft etc on Etsy. Once your business starts to grow, you can earn more.


Invest in Mutual Funds to Build Passive Wealth in Your 20s

Explore mutual funds and learn about SIP to earn passive income. Mutual funds involve risk but if you give some time to understand how it works, you can make more money by investing smartly in your 20s.


Publish Review Blogs and Earn Money from Your Blog

In our daily life we use a lot of products. You can choose any particular niche and start to write review blogs to earn passive income. For example, if you are interested in beauty products you can review the products that you use.


Build and Launch a Mobile App and Monetise it

Create a very useful app by understanding the needs of people. Launch your app on play stores and monetise it to make passive income.


Make Passive Income by Renting Out Your Bike and Car

Renting out your bike or car is really a good way to earn passive income in your 20s. There are some companies which have their websites online where you can register and rent out your vehicle. 


Create a Passive Income Stream for Yourself by Selling Website Themes and Templates

As blogging is increasing, bloggers want good themes and templates to set their website. You can create such themes and templates to sell and earn passive income online in your 20s.


Publish Valuable Podcasts and Earn Money

Podcast listeners are increasing rapidly all around the globe. So, you can also create podcasts and earn passive income from it. You can offer monthly subscriptions for your audience to earn recurring revenue. 


Explore Share Market and Gain Profits from Your Investing Strategy

Gain knowledge and information about the share market in your 20s. Once you understand the basics then start investing some money. Gradually make a good investing portfolio to earn more passive money.


Sell Stock Music and Earn Commissions 

Many YouTube creators or other content creators look for stock music to add in their videos. So, if you are interested in playing any music instrument, you can create your own music and submit on stock music websites to earn commission.


Make Passive Income Through Stock Videos

Content creators look for video footage to add in their creation. So, you can create such small video footage based on different niches and sell them on stock video sites to earn passive income.


Rent Out Your Books in Your 20s to Earn Money

If you are a student you can rent out your previous grade’s textbook to your juniors and earn passive income. 


Provide Hosting Services to Bloggers Earn Monthly Passive Income

Website owners and bloggers require hosting services to run their blogs. You can provide hosting services and earn recurring revenue. 


Explore Affiliate Marketing to Earn Commissions on Each Sale

Join affiliate programs like the Amazon associate. Then you can share the link of the products. Whenever people buy products through your unique link you will earn a commission.


Rent Out a Spare Room for Travelers to Make Passive Income

You can sign up on Airbnb to rent out a spare room of your house to tourists or travelers. You can earn passive income whenever travelers choose to check-in.


Publish a Book and Earn Royalties

Write a fiction or non-fiction book by considering the targeted audience. Publish your book and earn royalties on every sale. As the sales increase you go on earning passive income. 


Earn Passive Income by Becoming Social Media Influencer

Social media has various passive income opportunities. You can become a social media influence and earn passive money. You can choose any platform like Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Encash your Hobbies and Earn Passive Money

These days you can encash almost any hobby that you have. For example, if painting is your hobby then you can create an online course regarding it and earn money from it.


Review Mobile Apps and Earn

There are plenty of apps on play-stores. You can use and review those apps in the form of videos on YouTube. By this you can earn passive income through Google AdSense and sponsorships by app owners.


Create Gaming Apps as a Youngster to Earn Passive Income

The young generation love to play games on mobile. You can create unique gaming apps for entertainment and monetise it to earn passive money.


Publish Vlogs to Get Passive Income

If you love exploring and traveling to different places and cities then record vlogs to upload on social media. You can earn passive income as a travel vlogger in your 20s.


Invest Money in Business to Earn Profits

If anybody in your friend circle is doing a profitable business then you can invest your money and get a share in profits as a passive income.

I hope now you are going to try a couple of passive income ideas in your 20s to earn more money. Create a better financial future with these effective passive income streams.

Ankita Kamat

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