How to Make your Room Minimalistic? 23 SUPER EASY WAYS

Ankita Kamat

How to make your room minimalistic? Well, creating a minimalistic room not only helps you to save money but also you will love the peace and positive vibes in your room.

Making your room minimalistic is actually a very interesting task. You don’t need to invest more time or energy to do it. Nowadays I’m also learning to make my room minimalistic and gradually I’m enjoying the beauty of minimalistic life.

In this current blog, I’m going to give you easy tips that will help you to know about how to make your room minimalistic without much effort.

How to Make your Room Minimalistic?

How to Make your Room Minimalistic? QUICK TIPS

Creating a minimalistic room does not mean that you have to become a monk by eliminating all the things in your room. You just need to keep only those things in your room that actually add value and you really need them.

23 SUPER EASY WAYS to Make Your Room Minimalistic

You don’t need to take a lot of stress to be a minimalist and save money. Try my easy tips from today and see the amazing results.

1. Make an effective rule of ‘ONE IN- ONE OUT’ for a CLUTTER-FREE room

Whenever you buy something new then think of eliminating one thing from your room. This will make a perfect balance.

For example, if you think of buying a new pair of jeans then sell out your old clothes or just donate them. And make sure you follow this ‘one in – one out’ rule every time without fail. This rule will help you to have a minimalistic room all the time.

2. Don’t need to have MULTIPLES of everything

In your room, you don’t need multiples of everything. You don’t need two table lamps, two music systems etc. And also I’ve seen that people have two sets of smartphones.

So avoid buying all those extra things. And if you have already multiples of any particular thing then now it’s the right time to eliminate them.

3. Know the true meaning and difference between a NEED and WANT

Minimalists always analyze their needs and wants. You should buy the things that add value to your life and that should be your need.

The human mind always carves for more materialistic things. Whenever you want to buy anything first make sure it’s your need and not a want. This is the beauty of the minimalist lifestyle. This way, your room will not be filled with unwanted things.

4. Analyse how often do you USE any particular thing that’s there in your room

Minimalists do not keep any unnecessary things in the room. Even if there are small things like a piece of paper, pin, that means it is their need. They use those things.

You should eliminate all the things that may be laying on the table in your room or in your cupboard, which you don’t use. In this way, you are making space and making your room minimalistic. Try some amazing minimalistic room ideas.

5. Stay grounded in NUMBERS when it comes to blanket and pillows

There is no need to decorate your room or bed with lots of pillows. Reduce the number as much as possible. Do not create a mess in your room.

Also, make you that you pack all the extra blankets that you actually don’t need and keep aside. It may

How to Make your Room Minimalistic?

6. Keeping a LIST of Your PURCHASES help you to be a MINIMALIST

Keeping a list of your purchases will help you not to overindulge in shopping. This also reduces the clutter in your room.

Also while making a purchase also you should make a list. That list should not include any unnecessary things.


Minimalists are not interested in collecting materialistic things. If you are thinking about making your room minimalistic then do not decor your room with so many stuff.

The minimalistic room is all about having more space in the room with organized things. And focus more on experiences in life rather than collecting things.

8. Say final Goodbye to Your Some Pairs of Shoes

I’ve seen some youngsters who are fond of collecting a variety of shoes. If you are also doing this then it’s not good for your packet as well as for your minimalistic lifestyle.

Do not fill the corner of your room with lots of shoes. Two to three pair is more than enough. Now it’s time to say goodbye to some pairs of shoes and make a space in the room.

9. SELL OUT your Television set if you really don’t need it

If there is a big tv hanging on the wall in your room and if you don’t use it then sell it out. Nowadays most people watch Netflix on a laptop or smartphones and avoid watching TV.

If you are also someone who watches TV rarely then you don’t need to leave your TV set in your room. Just eliminate and sell out.

10. PICK A NUMBER that keeps your wardrobe simple

Pick a number for t-shirts and a pair of jeans. For example, you may need 7 t-shirts and 4 pairs of jeans per week. So you keep this much only. Every week you are going to repeat them.

You don’t need to keep 20-30 t-shirts in your wardrobe. Keep it simple. Reduce the clutter in your wardrobe. If at all you have so many clothes and accessories then sell them out.

How to Make your Room Minimalistic?

11. Keep more soft copies rather than hard copies to avoid CLUTTER

That may be your resume or any bill payment receipt, you don’t need to keep always hard copies. Nowadays you can easily store receipts, resumes, CV or any other paperwork on your laptop or smartphone.

It reduces the papers in your room. If you go on taking print out of all the things then that will eat much space in your room or desk. So use and store soft copies.

12. Make use of the Digital World to make extra space in the room

Are you someone who is still having a DVD player in your room? If yes, then now you can think about eliminating it from your room.

You can make use of the internet to watch movies or to listen to music instead of keeping a huge collection of CDs. If you avoid having a set of DVD players and boxes filled with CDs then your room will be minimalistic.

10. Ask yourself some important questions whenever you want to BUY something

I’ve seen that youngsters and even adults make impulse buying do to peer pressure. Also, online stores are built in a such way that they grab your attention and you make your pocket empty by paying for unwanted things.

So ask some important questions like – “Do I really need this?”, “Will this add value to my life?” etc. Such questions help you to analyze your buying behaviour.

11. Focus on QUALITY instead of Quantity

It’s not a good idea to buy all the things just because you are getting offers or discounts. First, you have to focus on quality. You don’t need to buy 5 pairs of shoes, but just buy one that lasts longer.

If you do not focus on quantity then you will mess up your room with more materialistic things without maintaining quality.

12. Don’t have TOO many Toiletries on the shelf

Minimal lifestyle is all about avoiding collecting things. If you already have some toiletries as shampoo bottles, soap, toothpaste etc then avoid buying them again.

Make use of all the toiletries that you already have on your shelf. Do not clutter your shelf with too many toiletries. Even they may get outdated after some time and you will through them. So make the best use of things that you have.

14. CREATE FILES for your bills and mails

It is common that we have to keep some important bills and mails. But this does not mean that you have to keep all the bills and mails that you actually don’t need anymore.

If you have a bunch of mails and bills then first eliminate very old bills that you don’t need. And from now onwards make separate files to keep all the important bills and mails. This helps to free some space and also your desk or room looks organized with minimum things.

15. Keep CLUTTER in check

Being minimalist is not just about taking actions one day and making a minimalistic room for yourself. Adapting to minimalism is a life long process.

It is very important to keep clutter in check. You can make a routine of checking your cupboard, desk and your whole room once a month. Keep eliminating unwanted things.

16. Don’t fall for a BIG ROOM, BIG HOUSE

Minimalism is not limited to just inside the room but it’s also about the overall room or a house. It’s not at all necessary to have a big house or room just because your friends having a big house.

Avoid such peer pressure. Let me tell you, if your room is big then you may feel like filling your room with a lot of stuff. You need a normal room, do not make your room look luxurious.

17. SPEND quality time with your loved ones instead of getting distracted by MATERIALISTIC things

The one thing that I really like about minimalists is that they believe in having attachment with loved ones rather than materialistic things. Minimalists spend more time with loved ones instead of being busy with purchases.

So you should also adapt to this quality of minimalists. Spend quality time with your friends and family more. You will understand that you don’t need too many materialistic things in life.

18. Get rid of all the UNWANTED SUBSCRIPTIONS that make your room messy

If you have subscribed to many magazines and newspapers then you should re-think now. In the past, I too subscribed to newspapers and then I realized that I don’t get proper time to read the while paper daily. So I canceled the subscription.

In the same way, if you also fill your room with daily newspapers and a lot of magazines that you don’t need then unsubscribe. Also, sell out all the old magazines that you don’t read anymore.

19. Eliminate unwanted kitchen tools and equipment from the kitchen room

As a minimalist, you should also keep your kitchen room clutter-free. Avoid having too many plates, spoons etc.

Also, if you have too many pieces of equipment and kitchen tools that you don’t use then sell them out. The kitchen room is the most important room and as a minimalist keep it clutter-free.

20. Have LESS grooming tools and FEWER cosmetics

Keep your dressing table neat and organized. It’s not necessary to buy all the grooming products and cosmetics and keep them at your dressing table.

Don’t get distracted every time by new cosmetics or grooming products just by seeing advertisements.

21. Practice Mindfulness and STOP the feeling of NEED MORE

Be grateful for what you already have in life. Practice mindfulness, this will help you to enjoy every little moment in life and you realize that happiness is not in collecting the things bit it’s there in living in the present moment.

I’m also practicing mindfulness and learning the importance of living in the moment instead of thinking about collecting unwanted things.

22. Travel more, get experience but don’t collect the things

Minimalism is more about experiences rather than collecting things. You should also focus on experiences like traveling, reading etc.

Travel more and explore this world and collect experiences. But make sure do not go purchasing unnecessary things whenever you visit different places. You can just buy special products or GI products but not other things that will clutter your room.

23. Understand the 80/20 Principle that will help you to ELIMINATE CLUTTER at home

The 80/20  rule is suitable for almost all situations in life. This rule also helps you to keep your room minimalistic.

You might have realized that you use to you pick your same favorite and comfortable clothes most of the time whenever you open your cupboard. Yes, all of us use 20% of our wardrobe collection 80% of the time. So apply this 80/20 rule and eliminate other things that you don’t use much.

So if you are a beginner and thinking about how to make your room minimalistic then start to implement these easy ways. One room at a time, in this way in upcoming days you will be living completely a minimalistic lifestyle.

Ankita Kamat

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