How to Read More Books without Buying Them? – My 20 Ways that I Follow to Read Books for Free

Ankita Kamat

How to read more books without buying them?- As a book lover this question has popped up in my mind many times.

I’ve read many books of different genres without buying them. That helped me to save more money.

In my current blog, I would like to share easy and practical ways to read more books without buying them.

Read More Books for Free

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How to Read More Books without Buying Them?

The first thing that pop-up into my head is that reading books in the library without buying them. But wait, this is so common tip that you might have heard thousands of times.

And you are probably here on my blog to get unexpected ideas to read more books without spending more on them. I promise, now my new ideas will surprise you. Also, you will enjoy reading more books for free.

My 20 SURE SHOT Ways to Read More Books for FREE

Now you don’t need to worry about money to satisfy your reading addiction.

1. Join My Reader Rewards Club and Read Without Paying a Dollar

My Reader Rewards Club is an awesome platform to read books for free. Here you just need to sign up and join it.

Then there are interesting tasks that you have to complete to earn points. The tasks are super easy. For example- reading an article and answering the questions related to it. Then you can read books by redeeming your points.

2. Get 100+ Autobiography Books on ‘BookRix’ site Without Buying Them

I love autobiography books a lot as they are real-life stories that inspire me. And when I visited the BookRix site I can’t tell you how happy I was by seeing so many free autobiographies.

BookRix providing more than 100 plus autobiography books for absolutely free. You can find famous books like Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Annie Besant and much more.

3. PaperBack Swap is a good platform to exchange books with other Book Lovers

As a book lover, it’s my pleasure that I’m talking about Paperback Swap. There are more than 11,00,000 books are waiting for you to read for free.

Here you just need to swap books. Just list the books that you want to swap with other members. And you just need to pay for postage to send your book. In return, you can choose the book that you want to read and other members will post that book to you without any charges.

4. Explore ‘Open Culture’ Platform to Get Free Books

I feel that if you don’t check out the Open Culture platform, you will regret it. Yes, because it is such a wonderful website where you will get 800 free ebooks, 1000 free audiobooks, 200 free textbooks.

Along with this, you will get free movies also that are based on history and old books. So, you should not miss this.

5. Read Unlimited Books for Free Digitally on Internet Archive

I became crazy when I visited the Internet Archive. Here I found around 2 crore books from all the different countries libraries like USA, Canada, India, Europe etc.

This is a non-profit library. You can read as many books as you want on the Internet Archive without buying them.

6. Project Gutenburg is the best platform to read 60,000+ Free Books

If I want to read the world’s great literature and horror story books then I will explore Project Gutenburg for free.

You can also get many other free bookshelves here like –  education bookshelf, Psychology and Philosophy Bookshelf, Technology Bookshelf etc. The list of bookshelves is really long. You will love to explore this platform to read more.

7. Download Free Books on LibriVox

LibriVox is a public domain where you can get different genres like history, children’s books, fiction, humor etc. And you can spend more time exploring books here because they provide audiobooks.

You don’t need to sit and read the book but you can listen to free books whenever you want. And audiobooks are the new way to explore more books.

8. Don’t miss to Check out Loyal Books for free 

My list will be incomplete without mentioning Loyal Books. It’s a public domain where anyone can visit and read books. And along with reading, you can even listen to audiobooks for free.

You will find so many famous books there like Romeo And Juliet, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and much more.

9. Get Free Classic Audiobooks to Explore Popular Classic Books

If you enjoy reading classic books you will surely be going to like Free Classis Audiobooks. You don’t need to pay a single dollar here.

Just visit the website and start to explore classic books. You can find many amazing authors’ publications here like O. Henry, Mark Twain and so many authors.

10. Explore ‘Open Library’ to read different genres for free

Open Library is an online library for book readers. You will find different categories here. For example, romance, medicine, fantasy, science fiction, mystery and detective stories etc.

You can read any book here online without paying a cent. Here you can read as well as you can listen to audiobooks.

11. Get more than 80,000 free books to read online on Smash Words

You can create your free account on Smash Words and start reading free books. There are free and also paid books to explore on this platform.

You will get more than 80,000 free books on Smash Words. Along with this, you can find special deals on this site where you can some paid ebooks are available for free for some time.

12. Discover Different Books on “Many Books”

More than 1,50,000 readers are discovering many ebooks on ManyBooks. And around 50,000 free ebooks are waiting for you. Make sure you check this platform at least once.

I’m sure you probably love those free ebooks on ManyBooks such as philosophy, horror, romance and much more.

13. Hathi Trust Digital Library for Readers

Hathi Trust Digital Library is there for you to serve many digitalized books. And if you log in with your partner institution account on this site then you will get extra features like downloading ebooks.

But even if you explore this site as a common user then also you can read many books without buying.

14. WattPad is a Readers and Writers Platform

90 Million readers and writers are exploring Wattpad. Most of the content is available for free here.

You can also read many new stories, fiction, non-fiction and different genres on Wattpad. Well, I can probably say one lifetime is not enough to read free books on Wattpad.

15. Join 15 Million Readers on BookBub and explore Free Ebooks

BookBub provides you with so many free ebooks from the best authors. You can read those books through many platforms like Google, Amazon, Kobo etc.

Already 15 million readers are reading books on BookBub. If you are a book lover grab the opportunity to read more without spending big bucks.

Free Books Online for Kids

It’s so good to inculcate reading habits in kids. Here I’m sharing some amazing platforms where you can get free books for kids.

16. International Children’s Library for Kids to Read 4000+ Free Books online

This is also known as ICDL (International Children’s Digital Library). Here one can find kids’ books in different languages.

All these kids’ books are free. You can make a visit to the website to see the list of kids’ books.

17. Read 50+ Amazing Kids Classis Books on The Library of Congress

There are a lot of books on the Library of Congress. You can use them for free.

I liked the kids’ books section on this platform. You can get many kids’ classic books here without buying them.

18. Register on Imagination Library to Get free Children Books as Gifts

The motive of Imagination Library is to inspire kids to read more. And more kids should opportunity to explore books. Dolly gifts free books to children each month who has registered on the site.

I really appreciate Dolly for building such a wonderful library. And she not only gifts good quality books but also makes sure that books are age-appropriate. So, you can register your child’s name to get free books.

19. Borrow Books from Your Friends

I’m sure you would be having at least one friend in your friend circle who loves reading books. So, you can discuss the list of books and exchange them with each other.

This way both of you can read more books without buying them. And if you know many friends who love reading books then that’s a great boon.

20. Join Facebook groups to Find Readers to Exchange Books

You can find book reader groups on any social media platform like Facebook or Telegram or any other platform. There you can connect with other readers.

You guys can find some trustworthy people and start to exchange books with each other. This is how you will stay in the good company of people who love reading. Also, you can read more books without buying.

Read Full-Length Books Online for Free

All these online libraries that I’ve mentioned here provide you the full-length books. You can read books on such online platforms anytime. On some websites you don’t need to even sign up, you can directly read without mentioning your email id.

Save a Ton of Money on Books by Exploring a Ton of Free Books

You can happily read as many books as by following my 20 ways. You will really save a ton of money but still, you will be able to read crores of books.

If you consider yourself a bookworm then you don’t need to worry about how to read more books without buying them. Start implementing these ideas from now. Happy Reading!

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