“Is crowdfunding successful in India?” – Are you thinking about raising funds from crowdfunding? Well, there are many examples of successful crowdfunding in India.

In India, crowdfunding is increasing. Many people have come to know about the process of crowdfunding and they pick up this option when they need money.

In my current blog let’s see if crowdfunding is really successful in India or not.

Is Crowdfunding Successful in India?

Is Crowdfunding Successful in India?

Yes, crowdfunding is successful in India. For many people who had good ideas or genuine need of money then crowdfunding worked well for them in India.

I can’t say that all the crowdfunding is successful but there are many examples and real-life stories which prove that crowdfunding is successful in India.

11 Crowdfunding Success Stories in India That will Amaze You

Crowdfunding is legal in India. And here I’m sharing some incredible successful crowdfunding stories in India.

1. Mark Dharmai Raised 8 Lakh rupees for his Coaching

Mark Dharmai is an international para-badminton player. He is holding a world ranking. But he is a son of a fisherman and was not having money to get coaching in badminton.

His dream was to win gold for India. And he created a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for his coaching.

Then he raised around 8 lakh rupees to fund his coaching fee and travel expenses by crowdfunding. He got popularity for his campaign and got different opportunities to earn money also. So, crowdfunding really worked well for him.

2. Aditya Iyer Raised Funds from Crowdfunding to Publish his Book

Aditya Iyer is a famous author and published his book named “The Great Indian Obsession: The Untold Story of India’s Engineers”. And he was not having that many resources to write and publish the book.

He decided to choose the crowdfunding option. And he raised $14,000 through crowdfunding and published his book.

This is how Aditya Iyer funded his book with the help of a crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

3. Harsha Kikkeri and Shwetha raised funds for their company HoloSuit by crowdfunding

HoloSuit is a tech company. Initially, it needed funds to experiment and launch new things. And the founders raised funds through crowdfunding.

They have chosen Catapooolt online platform for crowdfunding. This online website is for entrepreneurs who want to do innovative things and want financial help.

So, Harsha Kikkeri and Shwetha raised funds for their project. And this is a great success story when it comes to crowdfunding in India.

4. Kenny Basumatary financed his film by crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is helpful for artists who want to take action on their ideas. Kenny Basumatary needed funds to release the film that he created with a budget of 90,000 rupees.

He decided to choose to crowdfund to release the comedy film Local Kung Fu-2. And he did it and also the film won the hearts of the Assam people.

He also directed many different films and many of his films are crowdfunded. He had chosen the ‘Wishberry’ platform which is India’s crowdfunding site for artists.

5. Jasper Paul raised more than 2 crore rupees for his project

Jasper Paul was only 25 years young man who decided to create a project that will help people. He is the funder of The Second Chance. He launched this project to help poor people.

He initially raised 2 crore rupees for this project. He raised these funds on the crowdfunding platform Ketto.

After this, he planned to run more campaigns to get more funds. So, when you have a good reason to raise funds then surely many people will join you and help you in crowdfunding.

6. Cab Driver Raised 2 Lakh rupees by crowdfunding

Rahul Mahajan booked an OLA cab and while traveling he found that his driver is in need of money. The driver told to Rahul that he was ready to sell his kidney.

But then Rahul decided that he could help that driver to buy his own car by crowdfunding. So, he started a crowdfunding campaign online to help the driver.

He launched his campaign on the ‘Fuel A Dream’ crowdfunding site to raise 2 lakh rupees. This is how the life of a cab driver changed after this crowdfunding.

7. Farmers in India raised 3,14,802 INR through crowdfunding to build water canals

Crowdfunding helped 700 farmers in India. When farmers are happy nation stays happy.

In a small village, farmers wanted to build a water canal. But they were poor and not having money to build such an 8-kilometer water canal. And crowdfunding helped them in this.

Those farmers needed 3 lakh rupees. And they raised more than 3 lakh rupees through a crowdfunding site.

8. SPERO is India’s first-ever crowdfunded bike that raised 38 lakh rupees

S. Manikandan raised funds for electronic bikes in India. This is the first crowdfunded e-bike in India.

In the first campaign, he was able to raise more than 38 lakh rupees from an online crowdfunding platform. This project had really got a huge response from a lot of people.

This example shows that crowdfunding is really successful in India. The one who believes in his own idea and genuinely needs funds then people will help financially.

9. Students raised 1 crore rupees during the pandemic to feed poor people

During the pandemic, many poor people lost their jobs and even struggling for food. They were not having money for food.

During this time the students aged between 12-17 from Hyderbad school crowdfunded Akshaya Patra’s initiative to feed the poor people. Students collected money by running an online campaign.

The funds helped to serve food to daily wage workers and to poor people who could not afford even per day meals. This is how crowdfunding is successful in India.

10. Saneen Javali Raised over 1.8 Million INR through crowdfunding to launch a new type of ‘Travel Jacket’

Saneen Javali was working at IBM and then he started his startup in the garment industry. He wanted to innovate and create a travel jacket that would help travelers a lot. But he did not have money for this.

He got funds from crowdfunding and brought a new type of travel jacket with 18 pockets.  He received a good response and support from people.

The jacket that he created through crowdfunding is known as Versatyl Travel Jacket. He raised around 1.8 million rupees for this and many people liked this unique jacket.

11. Poor weavers bought machines by crowdfunding in India

Mallesham saw that his mother working so much as a weaver. And it takes a lot of effort and time to weave sarees. He wanted to help his mother. He started to create a machine and he succeeded in that.

Then he created more machines and decided it’s price 25000 rupees. But poor weavers in his village could not afford this also. So, he crowdfunded and started to help weavers to buy the machine at lower prices.

He helped so many women and weavers with this machine. He crowdfunded 3.5 lakh rupees and helped weavers to buy this machine.

Crowdfunding Examples in India That Reflects Success

Here I’ve shared only a few examples of success stories in crowdfunding but there are so many other success stories. Crowdfunding is a boon for innovators who want to contribute something to India.

By looking at such examples you can realize that money is not the actual problem if at all you want to do something extraordinary in life. If you have a good, innovative idea then so many people are ready to fund you through crowdfunding.

So, you can also raise funds in India through crowdfunding and hopefully, in future days people will set an example for the society and young generation.

Why Crowdfunding is Successful in India?

India is a country where you can find talents in every corner. But as India is a developing country common people can’t afford to invest money in innovation or in ideas. So, crowdfunding is successful in India.

People around the globe come forward and contribute money to your idea if you have a good idea. EVen every common person or even students many times donate their little pocket money to help people. This is how crowdfunding works.

So, where there is a talent, honesty and innovation crowd will help you to raise funds.

Future of Crowdfunding in India

In the past years, crowdfunding was not that popular. But now many people know about these options. So, you can see the success stories in India

Now there are so many crowdfunding websites in India where you can raise funds for your project. And day by day crowdfunding is becoming more known to people.

And technology and the internet are making it easy for people to choose crowdfunding options online. So, the Future of crowdfunding in India really seems bright.

New Ideas May Bring More Funds from the People

When you look at some start-ups and businessmen you will come to know that they are successful today because initially, they crowdfunded their projects.

If you want to start your own business and have a unique idea. Then you can also start your crowdfunding campaign online. But remember, your idea should be worthy and helpful for society also. Then only more people will donate money.

Now I’ve cleared your doubt about – “Is crowdfunding successful in India” by sharing so many real examples. So, don’t stop your ideas just because you don’t have money. You can crowdfund your project if needed.

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