Is Minimalism a Good Thing? YES, I’m Benefiting

Ankita Kamat

“Is minimalism a good thing?” – Has this question ever popped up in your head? Well, minimalism has a lot of benefits that help you to have a positive change in your life.

I’m also slowly understanding the minimal lifestyle and have started to adapt in my own life. I’m realizing that minimalism is helping me to lead a clutter-free and peaceful life.

In this current blog, I’m going to share how minimalism helps you to lead a good life.

Is Minimalism a Good Thing

Is Minimalism a Good Thing?

Yes, minimalism is a good thing. Minimalism not only helps you to save money but also to live a peaceful, clutter-free life. You will lead a meaningful life by being minimal.

Why Minimalism is Good for You?- 21 Amazing Benefits

Minimalism is a lifestyle that adds value to life. As I’m taking simple steps to adapt to minimal living, I’m experiencing amazing benefits. There are many inspiring minimalists whose real stories help me to be minimal.

Let’s see the benefits of minimal living.

Is Minimalism a Good Thing

1. Minimalism is a SAFEGUARD to protect you from FINANCIAL STRESS

Nowadays most people have financial stress in life. Some are worried about future money goals and some are struggling to come out of too much debt.

But minimalism helps to avoid any such huge financial stress in life. Minimalism is a safeguard to protect you from money-related stress.

2. Minimalism helps you to SAVE MORE MONEY and BUILD WEALTH

If you are struggling a lot to save more money then minimalism will help you with this. You learn to eliminate unwanted things and impulse buying behaviour due to a minimal lifestyle.

You will see the differences in your savings. So adapt to minimalism and see how the results on your own.

3. Minimalistic room has PEACEFUL and HAPPY VIBES

Minimalists always keep clutter in check. When you enter any minimalist’s room you will feel everything is organized. You feel peaceful and happy vibes.

So if you also start to adapt to minimal living in your life will be more peaceful. You will fall in love with your minimalistic room.

4. Being Minimal Boosts the QUALITY of your Life

As you start to take some simple steps to be minimal, you will witness the improvement in the quality of life. You start to eliminate unwanted materialistic things. You learn to let go.

You buy only those things that truly add value to your life. You don’t buy or bring any random things to home. This is how your life will be more meaningful.

5. Have a CLUTTER-FREE mind and clutter-free environment

Minimalists do not always think about buying this and that. They know their needs and priorities in life. When the mind is clear about the choices then only one can have a clutter-free mind.

Your external lifestyle is a reflection of your mind. As a minimalist, if you have a peaceful and clutter-free mind then your room, your house, a total environment will be clutter-free.

Is Minimalism a Good Thing

6. You SPEND QUALITY TIME with loved ones rather than investing time in materialistic things

If you start to adapt to minimalism you understand that spending time with loved ones is better than occupying your mind with materialistic things.

You feel more lively and enjoy every little moment with your family and friends. Minimalism is all about experiences rather than collecting things.

7. You will witness TRUE FREEDOM in life

No doubt that minimalists save money and manage money well by avoiding spending on unnecessary things. This helps to be free from financial stress.

Stress-free and clutter-free minds think better and help to make the right decisions in life. You will have control over your life. This is true freedom in life. Minimalism helps you to have that freedom in life.


Minimalism helps you understand the essence of life. You realize that the value of everything. You understand your priorities and purpose in your life.

When you know exactly how you want to live your life peacefully as a minimalist then you won’t face peer pressure issues. You define your own goals and your way of living. You don’t inculcate impulse buying behaviour because of your friends or peers.

9. Minimalism Helps You to Work Without DISTRACTIONS

Imagine you are getting ready for an interview and when you open your cupboard you want to try your new dresses, this is a waste of time, right? But minimal living keeps you away from many distractions.

It may be your cupboard or maybe your desk, you will find only important things there. You feel your room in an organized manner with minimum things that you actually need. This way you won’t get distracted.


You will learn to simplify your life in all areas as a minimalist. You truly find what are necessities and you take actions to eliminate all the unwanted things.

You start to love simplicity in life even though you may find a lot of people who just want to show off their luxury in life. You stand out and embrace simplicity as a minimalist.

11. You will FIND your Belongings QUICKLY and EASILY

A minimalistic room always looks good with minimal things. This helps to find your belongings easily. It may be your books, any document, pen or any grooming tool, you will find them quickly.

Your room and house always look clutter-free and this helps to save time on seeking your belongings.

12. You will ENJOY living in a SMALL SPACE

Most people dream of having a big house. They think that having a big house is a sign of wealthy people and they will be happier by staying in a big house. But it’s not true.

Minimalists always understand reality. Minimalists know that a big house is not necessary to be happy and it’s not at all necessary to have a big house just to represent wealth. Minimalists enjoy and live comfortably in a small house as per their needs.

13. You can Be More CREATIVE by Adapting to Minimal Living

Usually, minimalists are way more creative and independent. Minimalists follow more DIY (do-it-yourself) hacks rather than buying new things. Minimalism helps you to be more independent by learning life skills.

You learn to fix many things at your home on your own by having fewer tools as a minimalist. You don’t waste your money on buying new things, instead, you fix the old things.

14. You set an example of a MINIMALIST for your family members

If you follow minimalism then you inspire and motivate other people around you to be minimalist. By looking at you, your family members and friends will start to adapt to minimalism.

By this, you all together embrace minimalism. This will increase the quality of your life. You and your family members learn the value of money and learn to enjoy life with fewer things.

15. Minimalists have more PASSIVE SAVINGS

You don’t need to consciously save money. If you adapt to minimalism your mindset will automatically help you to save money. Your every small action and decisions will help you to have more passive savings.

So ultimately you will save extra money every time. This will become your habit, and your mindset of minimalism helps you to do so.

16. You stay away from an illogical RACE and COMPARISON by being minimal

I’ve seen and observed that the human mindset is trained to compare themselves with other people and also run in the race that never ends. You may feel always feel that you have fewer things when you compare with others. This is a never-ending race of acquiring materialistic things.

By being minimal you will find that your life is more meaningful even though you have and own fewer things. You do not underestimate yourself and your life by comparing it with others.

17. Minimalism SAVES a lot of TIME

You save a lot of time by being a minimalist. You don’t waste your time here and there. For example, you don’t waste time picking up a set of attire by looking at various options from your collection because you have minimum things and you exactly know what to pick up.

While working you don’t need to waste time searching a pen, paper or any other documents. You stay organized with minimal things and you save more time.

18. Minimalists don’t have a fear of missing out (FOMO mindset)

In this world of technology, one can easily do online shopping. And due to this FOMO attitude is also increasing among the people. Most people think that they should buy everything that comes in the market otherwise they will lose it.

This type of FOMO (fear of mission out) mindset is the cause of impulse buying. But minimalists do not have such fears. They exactly know what they need to buy, they do not buy any random stuff.

19. You won’t have too much CLEANING WORK if you follow minimalism

Having a big house and collecting more things need a lot of maintenance and cleaning. Minimalists do not need to spend a lot of time on cleaning as they own less stuff.

This saves money, time and also your energy. Your daily routine will be so easy for you if you follow minimal living.

20. Minimalism is good for your MENTAL HEALTH

One’s external environment and internal environment (mind) both are interconnected. Imagine you have a mess in your room, your desk your cupboard everything is unorganized, do you feel good?

At the same time when you look for more free space in your room and the visual display is perfect then you actually feel good. When you feel good you are boosting your mental health.

21. Minimalism helps you to achieve your many MONEY GOALS

Minimalism boosts your savings thereby you can accomplish many financial goals in your life. You may have any saving goal or you may have any dream in life like a world tour.

So minimalism living takes you closer to your all the money goals. That’s how minimalism is good for you.

Minimalism is really good for you to lead a happy life

You can’t enjoy every little moment in life if your focus is on buying more things and acquiring more stuff. You get trapped into the race if you go on collecting things. But minimalism helps you to have control over your choices.

You lead a happy and satisfied life by adapting minimal concepts in your life. You always have gratitude in your heart for your life instead of thinking of having more and more stuff.

When your mind is peaceful then everything in life falls in the right place. Minimalism is good for you because you understand life in a better way by depending less on materialistic things.

A Minimalist Lifestyle is Good for you as well as for the Environment

If you become a minimalist the impact will not just make your life good but also makes the environment good. You do not waste anything if you understand deeply the concept of minimalism. By this, you are using all the resources by being mindful.

You do not harm indulge in any activities that harm nature because minimalists know the value of nature and they respect nature and natural resources. This way, by becoming a minimalist you are creating a chain of goodness and positivity in the whole environment.

Minimalism adds value and meaning to your life

As minimalism makes your mind and surroundings clutter-free, you think in a better way with a peaceful mind. Whatever you do you do mindfully and your life will become more meaningful to you.

As a minimalist, you find a purpose in life to contribute good things to society with your little actions. Your life and actions will inspire many youngsters and kids. In this way, more people start to adapt to a minimalistic lifestyle.

If you are thinking to adapt to minimalism and thinking about is minimalism a good thing, then you should analyze these amazing benefits. Then start to take simple actions today itself to be a minimalist. A beautiful and peaceful lifestyle is waiting for you.

Ankita Kamat

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