Living a Frugal Life and Enjoying It – 15 SUPER EASY TIPS

Ankita Kamat

Living a frugal life and enjoying it may sound very difficult. But in reality, you can lead a happier life by being thrifty.

Being frugal is all about living your life to the fullest without spending big bucks. Frugal living helps you to save more money. So you will reach a better financial place by being thrifty and thereby you will lead a comfortable and happy life.

In my 20s, I’m enjoying frugal living and also saving more money. In this blog, I’m going to share how to be frugal and enjoy thrifty living.

Living a Frugal Life and Enjoying It

Living a Frugal Life and Enjoying it will be Amazing

Many people think that they can’t enjoy being frugal. But in reality, you can actually be frugal and save a ton of money without depriving yourself.

15 EASY Frugal Ways For a Joyful Life

Frugality helps you to understand money management and helps you to be mindful of your finance. I’m experiencing a lot of amazing benefits from thrifty living, so thrifty living is worth it.

Now let’s see how you can live frugally and enjoy a lot.

1. Enjoy yummy and BUDGET-FRIENDLY food at home

Teenager starts to spend a lot of money on eating outside food at the age of 13 or 14. It is so shocking that an average teenager spends $20 per week only on eating outside food.

So if you calculate this for per year then that will be $1040. Can you imagine what other things you can do with that money if you save that?

Well, if teenagers continue to spend money on eating outside food then it is difficult to control it in future days. So inculcate a habit of having healthy and yummy home-cooked meals. Enjoy healthy eating at home to save more dollars.

2. Learn new skills for FREE without any investment of MONEY

I always enjoy learning new things. And I’m learning so many things without any investment of money. So this is how you can be frugal and also improve your skills.

All thanks to the internet and technology that one can easily learn new things from the internet. I’m sure many of you may have access to the internet. So make use of it to learn a new set of skills that will help you in your life and career.

There are many awesome youtube channels where you enjoy learning that too for free. Also, there are so many amazing and informative blogs to learn new things for free.

3. Seek  for FREE entertainment

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on entertainment to enjoy. There are many frugal ways to have fun without burning out your pockets.

You will get a lot of entertainment online for free. On YouTube, there are many comedy channels where you can watch and enjoy the videos.

Also, you can play free video games instead of spending money on any other expensive things.

4. Enjoy the jolly ride of the bicycle instead of wasting money FUEL

In some countries, people use a bicycle more as it saves the environment from pollution. Also, it will save a lot of money on fuel.

If you buy any other vehicle then you will be spending extra bucks on insurance, servicing, repair and maintenance charges along with fuel charges. So bicycle ride will be the best option to save a ton of money.

If you are a student then enjoy a bicycle ride while going to school or college. Even if you are doing a job then also you can have a jolly ride of a bicycle every day and go to the office. This will not only save your money but there are a lot of other benefits.

5. Follow FRUGAL VACATION TIPS to have more FUN without spending more

It is not necessary to spend more bucks to have a happy vacation. You can enjoy your holidays without making a big hole in your pocket.

You can have a lot of fun during your vacation even if you don’t spend more money. Remember, just because your friends are spending more during vacation it does not mean you should also do the same things.

Frugal people always find smart ideas to enjoy more during the vacation with spending less.

6. Play interesting games without spending more money

I like and enjoy playing games like chess and color cube. Such games are not expensive and such games will help for brain exercise.

By playing games like chess you save money as they are not costly and also you will improve a lot of qualities like patience, concentration and much more. So play such interesting games that save your money but in return, you enjoy a lot.

Instead of buying expensive video games, you can play other indoor and outdoor games like cricket, carrom board, badminton and much more. By investing less money you can enjoy these games.

Living a Frugal Life and Enjoying It

7. Flaunt Your Clothing Style Without Spending Big Bucks on Trending Outfits

Another expense that youngsters tend to spend a lot of money on is clothing. These can be shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shoes, whatever. People love to keep up with the trends and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I think there’s a frugal way to go about it.

The frugal way is restricting your money spending amount on clothing and trying to shop for deals. And ask yourself, do I really need this and how long will I wear this?

If you can justify the purchase, go for it, but if it’s unnecessary, maybe it’s not the best financial decision. Also, another best option is to go DIY for clothing.

8. Know how to save a lot of money on EVERY ONLINE SHOPPING

Always follow frugal shopping hacks to save extra bucks. Well, I’ve found a useful website that helps you to earn cashback on your every online purchase.

So you can check out the Rakuten website to save money on shipping by getting cashback. This website includes so many online stores like Amazon, eBay etc. Globally this site is active for most of the countries.

In this way, you can do shopping as well as you will save money. You don’t need to compromise your happiness to be frugal. At the same time I say- buy the things only if you need them.

9. Prepare homemade beer or wine that tastes great instead of buying

If you always buy beer or wine from a shop you should pay a ton of money. So let’s follow frugal ways to save money on beer and wine.

Prepare homemade wine and beer. You don’t need to worry about how to make it. Visit YouTube and watch videos about this. So have a homemade beer or wine and cheers.

All these simple tips will help you to celebrate happy moments without making your pockets empty.

10. Save more money every month on a gym membership by being frugal

In countries like Canada or the USA on an average gym membership costs you anywhere between $10 to $50 per month. Even if you pick up an over-hyped gym center then it may cost up to $100 per month. You can easily save 100 dollars every month.

So instead of joining such a costly gym get fit at home. Joining a gym is a new generation’s trend. But in the past people used to totally healthy and fit at home by doing physical activities.

So you can follow exercise, cardio, yoga and meditation at home to be fit and healthy. Happiness lies in good health, so even by being frugal, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

11. Make the BEST OUT OF WASTE and improve your creativity

If you learn the hacks and knacks of the best out of waste, it will boost your creativity. You will save a lot of money if you create something new with waste materials, and it is found that creativity improves health.

If you are a newbie in this, you can check out many ideas on YouTube or on art and craft blogs to make the best out of waste. Even I’ve enjoyed preparing craft and art with the waste material.

So this is how you can be more resourceful and at the same time, you will enjoy a lot. Simple frugal hacks will make your life better.

12. Plan a better way to chill out instead of engaging in an expensive party

I’ve seen a lot of youngsters who always engage in expensive parties with their friends. I’m not telling you to avoid all the parties but you should be mindful of your spendings.

Always make a simple budget and if you feel that such an expensive party is not necessary for you then avoid such parties. You should learn to say ‘no’ to your friends politely to such expensive parties.

You can figure out other ways to enjoy life. You can visit the park and enjoy the beauty of nature. Visit some unique places in your city which are less expensive. Trust me, you can be happy even without any expensive parties.

13. Public transportation saves your money and you will experience new joyful moments

Instead of using your own vehicle opt for public transportation more. You will save more dollars by using public transportation.

Also, you will experience life in a different way. You will come across new people, meet new people if you use public transportation.

So all these new experiences will help you to boost your personality without much investment of money.

Living a Frugal Life and Enjoying It

14. Earn a lot of MONEY and lead a HAPPY LIFE

I believe that frugal living is not just about saving but also about earning money. If you increase your income then you will lead a comfortable life.

There are many passive income ideas for frugal people to earn extra money.  You don’t need to invest more money to build passive income sources.

So explore more money-making ideas to make your pocket happy.

15. Avoid debt tarps to stay joyful

Always live below your means. You should stay away from loans or debt. If you get trapped into debt then you need to pay off a lot of interest.

There are many people who are struggling a lot to come out of their debt. A debt-free life is always a happy life.

So make sure you don’t invite financial stress in your life. A thrifty living will help you to save money and stay away from debt.

You Can Lead a Happier Life by Being Thrifty

With my own experience, I can say that thrifty living will make your life happier. Frugal people have zero financial stress or very little financial stress.

When your financial stress is zero then you will enjoy your life. You will be more mindful of your finance and also take financial decisions sensibly.

If you adapt to frugality your overall life will be clutter-free. You start to be more resourceful without wasting anything. You will value each little thing and don’t spend your money carelessly.

ENJOY your dream life that you desire by adapting to FRUGALITY

Most of your dreams or goals in life are somewhere related to money. No matter whether you are dreaming to travel around the world or want to build your own house. All these dreams can be fulfilled with money.

So, frugal living will help you to save money to fulfill those dreams. You will learn to prioritize your important money goals if you start to adapt to thrifty living.

Even I have saved a lot of money by being frugal and now I’m pursuing my dream career without spending big bucks. This is how I’m enjoying my dream career.

Be THRIFTY Without Depriving Yourself

Frugal living is not about cheap living or depriving yourself. In fact, it is all about living a good life and prioritizing what is actually important for you.

You should spend money on those things that add value to your life and that should be very useful for you. Also, frugal living is all about living a simple and easy life without any money issues.

So living a frugal life and enjoying it is easy if you understand the strategy. Try out all these frugal ways in your life and lead a joyful, happy life.

Ankita Kamat

I'm Ankita Kamat, the creator of Frugal Beat, a blog dedicated to frugal living. Join me in exploring practical ways to save money, reduce waste and live a purposeful life. Let's embrace frugality as a lifestyle together.