Living frugally in Australia has a myriad of perks. If you are dreaming of a better lifestyle then I feel that thrifty living is the key.

I’m happily adapting to a frugal lifestyle in my 20s. More importantly, frugality teaching me to live a better life without depriving myself. Well, if you follow living frugally in Australia, you can glitter your future.

Now I would like to pitch effective ways for living frugally in Austalia so that you can kick start your thrifty living journey.

Living Frugally in Australia

25 TROUBLE-FREE Ways for Living Frugally in Australia

I’ve experienced tons of benefits of frugal living. So I can firmly say that a frugal lifestyle is worthwhile. It helps you in making smart moves with money and other resources.

1. Use Australian Mobile Apps to Keep a TRACK OF YOUR CASH FLOW

Taking a pen-paper and writing down all expenses is quite difficult. And even you may not note down all the things and prepare a simple budget.

But all thanks to technology and mobile applications that make your life easy. So there are some apps that are prepared by Australians to track expenses and also to prepare a budget. Also, you can use free excel budget planners.

2. REDUCE your EXPENSES by Sharing with your Spouse or Family or Friends

Well, sharing is caring. You don’t need to bear all the expenses on your shoulders alone. Divide all the expenses among your family members or spouse. Also, you can divide all the expenses among your friends if you plan any trip with them.

There are some apps like Splitwise, so make use of them and every time you can easily divide expenses. This is the best and effective ways of living frugally in Australia and saving more bucks.

Be Frugal Australian

3. Grab a Drink with your Friends WITHOUT SPENDING Big Bucks

An average bottle of wine costs $20 and a bottle of beer costs somewhere between $8 to $10. So instead of spending money on drinks, you can make your own drinks at home.

If you are not getting how to start making tasty wine and beer at home, look for free YouTube videos. This is how you can grab a drink with your friends and cheers at home.

Thrifty Ways to Save Money in Australia

4. Prepare Budget-Friendly Tasty Australian Recipes within 10 Minutes at Home

If you are hungry and thinking to grab your phone to order your favorite dish from a restaurant, then give a pause. Well, there are many budget-friendly and yummy recipes to try at home quickly.

Instead of ordering outside food make your own yummy recipes within your budget. This is how you can take simple steps as a beginner to adapt to frugal living.

Save Money in Australia by Being Thrifty

5. Prepare a kickass strategy to EARN PASSIVE INCOME

Fill your pockets with passive income. Even if you’re a student you can look for easy passive income ideas to make money online.

Passive income can also be the best source of income if you start to explore them. In my 20s also I’m exploring many passive income ideas to build wealth. I feel that earning and saving both are important parts of frugal living.

Thrifty Tips for Australian people

6. Sign up for Australian CASHBACK WEBSITES or Apps to Save Money on Every Online Shopping

Online shopping has become part of a lifestyle. Especially youngsters get habitual for online shopping. Now I have an amazing list of cashback websites or apps for you to save a ton of money on every online purchase.

Well, you can check out the Rakuten website to get cashback offers. This is how I’m also saving money on online shopping. There are also other Australian apps that help you to save money while online shopping.

How to Be Thrifty in Australian Countries

7. Avoid eating outside, SAVE UP TO $1040 annually and take a cruise trip instead

An average teenage girl or teenage boy spends $20 per week that means $1040 per year. Can you imagine the things that you can do with this money if you save those dollars?

Well, I can understand that you can’t avoid eating outside food completely. But at least you can try to minimize it. You can take simple actions like eating outside food only once or twice a month.

Save Extra Dollars in Australia by Being Frugal

8. Follow Smart Ways to SAVE $1200 on GADGETS

I’ve found that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro costs more than $1200. Actually, you don’t need any such costly gadgets. So don’t buy such costly laptop or mobile or any other gadgets just because your friends buying such costly gadgets.

You should buy only those gadgets that they really need. Like- a simple laptop for studies. I feel youngsters can easily save up to $1000 on gadgets by avoiding branded and costly ones.

Easy Frugality Tips for Australians

9. Know how THRIFT STORES help you to save money in Australia

During my college days, I always looked for thrift stores to buy second-hand books. This is how I saved around 30% to 50% of my money on books.

You can also get such thrift stores in your city that sells secondhand books, clothes or household goods. So visit such thrift stores to save more money on shopping. Frugal people follow smart shopping hacks and buy the best products by spending less.How Can You Save Money in Australia by Being Thrifty

10. Kick out peer pressure that influences your SPENDING HABITS

We always want to fit in the friend circle. So we always try to copy the behavior of friends, and sometimes unknowingly we get influenced by other behaviors. Even it is in case of spending habits.

Well, now analyze how many times you felt like buying a new gadget when your friend bought a new gadget? How many times did you pick up a pair of shoes or jeans just because your friends also buy new trading outfits? So now it’s the right time to kick out peer pressure. Don’t buy things just because of peer pressure.

Money Saving Frugal Tips for Australians

11. Enjoy Planting your Own Kitchen Garden to Save Money on Greengrocers

Planting is really fun. Some people wait for weekends to follow their plantation hobby. So you can also plant your own kitchen garden and save money on greengrocers.

If you are a newbie and do not know about planting then not to worry at all. Go with simple plants like tomatoes, beans, chilly, mint etc. All these plants do not require much maintenance. But in return, you will get fresh greengrocer without paying for them.

Best Frugal Ways for Australians

12. STOP impressing your friends or bae with COSTLY GIFTS

You don’t need to spend a lot on money on gifts to impress anyone. The real friendship and a true relationship do not require all this.

So choose your friends wisely and be sensible. Don’t empty your pocket to fit in your friend circle. Be a frugal youngster to have a bright future.

Be More Frugal in the Cities of Australia

13. Think of Repairing the Things instead of Replacing with a new one

You should repair the things instead of replacing them with a new one. You can save more than 50% money if you follow this tip.

When you can repair the products then why should you waste money on replacing with a new one.

Frugal Ways to Save Money

14. Know what is the RIGHT TIME to shop for SEASONAL COLLECTIONS to Save Money

Whether you are planning for winter collection or for a summer collection, plan early. Yes, you should not wait for a last-minute if you want to shop for winter collections or summer collections.

If you know that winter or summer will hit after a month then you can do shopping now only. This will help you to save more money on shopping seasonal trends. A practical strategy is very important to save more.

Realistic Frugal Ways to Save More

15. Figure out quick ideas to be financially independent in Australia

You will find the best opportunities to earn money in Australia. So try to be financially independent as soon as possible. I can say that start to make money as financial independence is also an important part of frugal living.

If you are a student then also you can figure out ways to make money as a student. You can look for opportunities like internships, part-time job, work from home. Even there are many online websites that help you to unlock the doors of making money opportunities.

Frugal Hacks for the People in Australia

16. Learn New Skills for FREE from HARVARD UNIVERSITY

You can sign up for educational courses online for free. This will help you to learn new skill sets without paying money. Even some websites offer you certificates after completion of your course. So make use of free courses for living frugally in Australia.

So use your spare time to learn skills online also earn certificates. All of this will help you in your career. And even you can check out Harvard University’s free online courses. 

Live Your Life Frugally in Australia

17. Flaunt your own dressing style by going DIY for clothes

Trending outfits grab the attention of youngsters easily. But I’m sure you might have seen that trending styles and outfits get outdated quickly. Every week fashion changes. And such fancy tending outfits are costly.

So learn the knack of DIY for clothes. Use your current clothes and term them into fancy clothes at home. Flaunt your own style and look cool without spending extra dollars on trending fashion.How to Save Bucks in Australia through Frugality18. Make grocery or storage bags from old jeans and save that extra money

You don’t need to throw your old jeans. You can learn DIY on YouTube and make jeans bags. This is a very simple DIY idea to be more resourceful.

In this way, you don’t need to buy new storage bags. This is all about being frugal without being cheap.

Frugal Ways to Save More

19. Follow frugal grocery shopping tips to save more money every month

If you give a little bit of attention while grocery shopping then you can save a lot of money. I have shared effective tips to save money on groceries in my other blog post, you can check it out.

Once you start to follow frugal tips on groceries at the end of the month you will have extra savings with you.

What are the frugal ways for Australians

20. Don’t Get Trapped into Online Marketing Strategies, which make your pocket empty 

According to some research nowadays business or brands are easily targeting youngsters to make their consumers. Yes, nowadays youngsters easily access the internet and they scroll online stores. You might have seen some action words like ‘buy now’, ‘hurry up’, ‘limited period offer’ etc.

All this is a part of online marketing. This type of marketing makes you opt for impulse purchases. So don’t get trapped into such things. You don’t need to scroll online stores often.

Adapt to Frugality in Australian Cities

21. Try to have a minimum number of pets at home and save on maintenance expenses

Pets are loveable. And they need total care and attention as a family member. But if you bring more pets to your home then your expenses will also increase.

It is good to love and care for pets. But you should also think about the expenses also. If you have more than one pet then your expenses will be more.

Thrifty Being in Australia

22. Add products to your online SHOPPING CART for 15 days

Well, most of the time I just add the goods to my cart and leave it for 7-15 days. This helped me to save money on shopping without plunking down my money on unnecessary purchases. I’ve realized that most of the time emotions or distractions or peer pressure are the reasons for shopping.

So it is necessary to analyze whether it is a ‘need’ or a ‘greed’ before hitting a ‘buy’ button. Trust me, when you go back to your shopping cart after 15 days you will feel like your cart is flooded with unnecessary things. Especially teenagers should learn to handle peer pressure to save more money.

Save Extra Dollars in Australia

23. Use your Student ID to save EXTRA MONEY on Shopping

Well, student life is golden life in all the terms. When it comes to shopping students can save extra money by using their student ID.

So if you are a student then check such offers online or even offline to save money on shopping. This is how students save extra pennies by making smart moves.

Cheap Living in Australia

24. Wholesale Stores are Blessings to WIN SHOPPING DEALS

In my city, I’ve figured out wholesale stores for clothes and books. So such wholesale stores help you to save on shopping.

You can buy a bulk quantity of products from such wholesale stores to save more money.

Frugality Tips of Spend Less in Australia

25. Don’t burn out your pocket by having more CREDIT CARDS for SHOPPING

Nowadays credit cards are trending. But in reality, if you have more credit cards then your purchases also increase. Credit cards impact your buying behavior.

If you ask me, then I suggest not to have any credit card. But if you want to have, then have only one card. Also, be careful about your buying behavior.

Cheap Living Tips for Australians

Lead a Happier Life in Australia by Being Thrifty

Thrifty living is a strong foundation on which you can build your wealth easily. I personally feel that frugality is a way of life that helps to fulfill all the dreams. So you can lead a happier life in Australia by adapting to frugal living.

You don’t need to think that living frugally in Australia is not your cup of tea. In reality, you will be learning the art of living where you can live your life to the fullest without spending more money.

So now it’s time to kick start your frugal living journey. From today itself you can implement these frugal tips. Living frugally in Australia should be your new norm from now onwards to make your life better. 

Hi. I’m Ankita. I’m here to help you adapt to frugality happily 🙂 I love learning new things. Nowadays I’m learning more about saving money and frugality. So on Frugal Beat together we will learn to create financial magic.

Now it’s time to walk towards financial freedom together. Reach out to me on Quora and Pinterest🙂