Living frugally in USA without depriving yourself makes your life happy. I’m also adapting frugal living and saving extra dollars.

Well, some of you have reactions like “aargh!! Living frugally in USA!”. I can understand that the USA is an expensive country and you may feel it difficult to live frugally. But in reality, you will get the desired life and fulfil your all dreams if you adapt to frugal living.

If you are thinking that thirty living in the USA is not your cup of tea, then surely this post will be an eye-opener for you. Here in this current blog, I share effective and easy frugal living tips for USA people.

Living Frugally in USA

23 KICKASS WAYS for Living Frugally in the USA

Frugal living made my life better and easy. So I personally feel that thrifty living is worthwhile. I feel that frugal living is the first and important step towards financial freedom.

So start to be frugal today in the USA and in future days you will thank yourself for adapting to thrifty living. Let me pitch some frugal tips here that make your pocket happy by saving more dollars.

1. Know how to save extra dollars on your EVERY ONLINE PURCHASE

As the USA is an expensive country you should always follow frugal tips to save extra bucks. Well, I’ve found a useful website that helps you to earn cashback on your every online purchase.

So you can check out the Rakuten website to save money on shipping by getting cashback. This website includes so many online stores like Amazon, eBay etc. Globally this site is active for most of the countries including the USA.

Be Thrifty in the USA

2. Figure out quick ideas to be financially independent in the USA

Try to be financially independent as soon as possible. I can say that start to make money as financial independence is also an important part of frugal living.

If you are a student then also you can figure out ways to make money as a student. You can look for opportunities like internships, part-time jobs, work from home. Even there are many online websites that help you to unlock the doors of making money opportunities.

Save Money in USA by Being Frugal

3. Learn new skills for free from HARVARD UNIVERSITY

You can sign up for educational courses online for free. This will help you to learn new skill sets without paying money. Even some websites offer you certificates after completion of your course.

So use your spare time to learn skills online also earn certificates. All of this will help you in your career. And even you can check out Harvard University’s free online courses. 

Be more thrifty in the USA

4. Flaunt your own dressing style by going DIY for clothes

Trending outfits grab the attention of youngsters easily. But I’m sure you might have seen that trending styles and outfits get outdated quickly. Every week fashion changes. And such fancy tending outfits are costly.

So learn the knack of DIY for clothes. Use your current clothes and term them into fancy clothes at home. Flaunt your own style and look cool without spending extra dollars on trending fashion.

Save Extra Dollars in USA by Being Thrifty

5. Save $80 per month on food by being FRUGAL in the USA

The spending habit of teenagers on eating outside food really a shocking one for me. An average teen spends $20 per week only on food. And this amounts to $80 per month.

If this habit continues among teenagers then during adulthood also they will plunk down a lot of money on eating outside food. So if you are a teen girl or a teen boy save money on food. Even youngsters in the 20s avoid eating outside food as much as possible to save extra dollars in the USA.

Thrifty Tips to Save more USD

6. Prepare homemade beer or wine that tastes great

If you always buy beer or wine from a shop you should pay a ton of money. So let’s follow frugal ways to save money on beer and wine in the USA.

Prepare homemade wine and beer. You don’t need to worry about how to make it. Visit YouTube and watch videos about this. So have a homemade beer or wine and cheers.

Frugality Tips for US people

7. Make your pocket happy with PASSIVE INCOME

Passive income streams are my favorite income sources. Even I’m exploring effective passive income ideas in my 20s. I believe that when I earn a more passive income I can save more.

So earning more money is also a part of frugal living. One can’t opt for two full-time jobs to earn more. But one can surely look for more passive income streams to fill the pockets.

How Can I Live Frugally in USA

8. Turn your room into the cinema hall within a few seconds without spending more money

I’ve seen that some people are very interested in watching movies and series. So instead of going to the theater every time to watch movies, you can watch movies on Netflix at a reasonable price. This is how you should make smart moves with your money.

With a single subscription, you can add 3 more friends of yours to your Netflix account and enjoy watching movies. This is all about pooling subscription amount and spending minimum money on entertainment. In this way, you can practice frugal living effectively in the USA.

How to Adapt Frugality in the United State

9. Make use of online websites to sell the old stuff that you don’t use anymore

Frugal people always follow smart shopping hacks to save money. Also, they look for secondhand products. So you can sell the old stuff that you don’t use anymore.

By doing this you can get money. And this is a part of frugal living. So as a beginner take simple steps for living frugally in the USA.

Thrifty Living for US people

10. Save $50 every month on a gym membership by being frugal

In the countries like USA, on an average gym membership costs you anywhere between $10 to $50 per month. Even if you pick up an over-hyped gym center then it may cost up to $100 per month. You can easily save 100 dollars every month.

So instead of joining such a costly gym get fit at home. Joining a gym is a new generation’s trend. But in the past people used to totally healthy and fit at home by doing physical activities. So you can follow exercise, cardio, yoga and meditation at home to be fit and healthy.

How Can You be Frugal and Save Dollars in US

11. Buy the best secondhand products online

Well, it’s not at all a bad idea to buy secondhand products. It’s not at all about being cheap but this is about being thrifty. In fact, this is about saving money without being cheap.

In the USA also you can get many thrift stores. So figure out such thrift stores in your city and buy secondhand products. Also, there are many online websites, where you can order the best secondhand products within a few clicks.

Frugality Tips to Save Money

12. SAVE a TON of money by learning life hacks

Learning life hacks like painting a wall, wiring, plumbing will help you to fix things at home without spending big bucks. And these skills will make you independent.

I’ve found that on an average plumber charge between $58 to $260 per hour. And if you approached licensed plumbers who are totally professional then you will burn out your pocket by paying them more than $100. So learn to fix the things by yourself.

Thrifty Living In US

13. Save around 50% money on greengrocer by planting your own kitchen garden

You can easily grow some green-grocers at home. Even I’ve some green table plants at my home which are helping me to save money.

At my home, I’ve plants like Malabar spinach, curry leaves etc. So I can use these fresh greengrocers without paying any money.

Frugal Living in the United States

14. STOP aping frivolously spending habits of your peers

Peer pressure is also one of the important factors that push to spend more money. Remember, already there are people who are younger to you have started to be frugal. They are the people who will be happy frugal adults.

So make sure you don’t be left behind. Start to be frugal. Don’t buy unnecessary things due to peer pressure.

How Can You be Thrifty in the USA

15. Use social media to get a coupon codes

Use social media to save money. Yes, you heard it right. You can be frugal and use social media like-Instagram and save dollars.

Figure out pages on Instagram that gives coupon codes. Even some popular people like fashion designers, fashion bloggers share coupon codes with their followers to save money on purchases. So keep a tab on such social media pages to save dollars.

Live Frugally in the Cities of US

16. Know about clearance sales to save up to 80% of your money on SHOPPING

First of all, I suggest avoiding costly products that you don’t actually need. But if you want to buy any costly products, don’t hurry up. You can wait for clearance sales.

During clearance sales, you will get the best products at a lower rate. You can even get 90% discounts on the best quality products during clearance sales. All these simple steps make you excel in money-saving skills.

New Frugal Ways for US people

17. Follow grooming hacks at home to SAVE DOLLARS on spa services

Grooming, fitness, fashion all these are part of life. Especially teenagers and people in the 20s spend more money on these things. Well, I’m not against grooming and fashion. But you can pamper yourself at home instead of paying for spa service.

Whether it may be manicure- pedicure or coloring your hair, you can try all these things at home.

How to Save More Money in US

18. Make your friends happy by giving handmade gifts

You don’t need to spend $100 to gift your friends and family on birthdays or festivals. Instead, prepare handmade gifts at home. You can save a lot of money by following these frugal ideas.

Handmade gifts always boost the bonding between friends and family. Also, frugal handmade gift ideas save a ton of your money every time.

New Ways to Adapt to Frugality in the US

19. Have a minimum number of pets at home

Pets are lovable. And spending time with pets and taking care of them is really a happy moment. But having more than one pet at home will increase your expenses. And countries like USA are quite expensive as well.

So you can shower your all love on a single pet and take care of it. But try not to have more pets as that makes your expenses double. So make realistic saving goals and start to avoid extra expenses.

Saving Tips in the USA

20. Earn Knowledge by Picking up FREE BOOKS to read

Well, the library is an ocean of knowledge and that too you can get all the books for free. So use books from the library to read. Also, follow other frugal tips to save money on books.

Instead of buying printed books by ebooks or audiobooks at a lower price. You can also get many free ebooks online. So make the best use of free resources. Even students can inculcate good frugal habits to save money on textbooks.

Frugal Living Tips for US People

21. SAVE EXTRA DOLLARS on addictions

I’ve observed that youngsters easily get addicted to alcohol and other things. All this may be due to peer pressure that makes you feel like you don’t drink or smoke then you will not fit in your friend circle. But it’s not true.

So one should not get addicted to alcohol or any other addictions like smoking, drugs etc. All these addictions will empty your pocket. Also, you will lose your good health. So don’t overindulge in such addictions and waste your money in the USA.

Thrifty Living in US

22. Have a jolly ride on a bicycle and enjoy

Instead of going for a long drive on a car opt for a jolly ride on a bicycle. Well, you can use a bicycle more to save money on fuel.

If you buy your own vehicle then you will bear more expenses like fuel, repair, servicing, insurance. So I feel that walking, bicycle ride and public transportation are the best options to be frugal and save money in the USA.

Thrifty Tips to Live in the USA

23. Follow frugal grocery shopping tips to save more money every month

If you give a little bit of attention while grocery shopping then you can save a lot of money. I have shared effective tips to save money on groceries in my other blog post, you can check it out.

Once you start to follow frugal tips on groceries at the end of the month you will have extra savings with you.

Save Extra Dollars by Being Frugal in United States

Be Frugal in the USA to SAVE EXTRA DOLLARS

Frugal living does not mean leading a boring life. Thrifty living in the USA is all about living life to the fullest by being resourceful. The life that you desire is possible when you live your life frugally in the USA.

You don’t need to take stress to save more dollars every month. Just take simple frugal steps that make a bigger difference in your life when it comes to saving money.

Let’s start living frugally in USA happily by implementing these thirty tips. The early you adapt to frugality the early you reach a better place financially in the future days. I say- start frugal living from today.

Hi. I’m Ankita. I’m here to help you adapt to frugality happily 🙂 I love learning new things. Nowadays I’m learning more about saving money and frugality. So on Frugal Beat together we will learn to create financial magic.

Now it’s time to walk towards financial freedom together. Reach out to me on Quora and Pinterest. Read my featured posts on YourStory, Women’s Web and Youth Ki Awaaz🙂