Making extra money to pay debt is easy if you make an effective strategy to earn money. When you earn more than you can come out of your debt fast.

Not everyone can pay off all the debts quickly due to low income. So making extra money to pay off debt is the sensible choice to be debt-free soon.

In this current blog, I’m going to share many options to earn extra money so that you can pay off your loans without stress.

27 EASY Ways for Making Extra Money to Pay Off Debt

I’m living a debt-free life in my 20s. I feel that debt-free life means you have extra freedom and less financial stress. So let’s plan for making extra money to pay debt.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

1. Go for walking with a dog and make money

Do you go for a morning walk or do you love pets? Here is the best opportunity for you to make money along with morning walk.

You can become a dog walker and earn extra money. You can earn $5 to $10 daily. You just need to look for such an opportunity to be a dog walker and go for walking half an hour to earn money.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

2. Look for HOLIDAY JOB opportunities

Holiday jobs are great options to earn extra money. Usually, during vacation time retailers and service sectors look for extra workers.

During the vacation time or the festival time retail stores like garment shops, sweet marts offer such as holiday jobs. So grab these holiday jobs to earn more dollars.

Side Jobs to Make Extra Money to Pay Off Debt

3. Check out genuine websites to MAKE MONEY ONLINE

There are some popular websites where you can register you can get part-time jobs or work from home jobs. So you can sign up on such websites.

You can earn extra bucks by joining part-time jobs or by choosing work from home jobs according to your convenience.

How to Earn Extra Money to Pay Debt

4. Make money on Swagbucks

On Swagbucks you can complete simple tasks like surveys and all then you can earn points. When you collect some points you can redeem those points into your Pay Pal account as the real money. Sign up for Swagbucks for free.

You can also get gift cards if from Amazon and other platforms to make a purchase. You can also add Swagbucks on your laptop or PC to earn some extra money in your free time.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

5. CLICK PHOTOS from smartphone to earn extra dollars

If you like capturing good pictures then now it’s time to capture extra earning also. Stock photography is could be an exciting option for making extra money to pay off debt.

There are many websites online where you can sell photos. You can just click pictures from your phone or from the camera and upload it there. Every time when someone buys the images you will earn a commission.

Easy Tips to Earn Extra to Pay Off Debt

6. Make money on SOCIAL MEDIA

Instead of using social media for fun and entertainment, you can use it for making money. Create an interest group on social media and you can do affiliate marketing there.

You can create social media pages on Facebook, Instagram or on other online platforms. And if you have a good number of followers and engagement then you will also earn from sponsorships.

Make Extra Money Online to Pay Loans

7. Look for CONTENT WRITING JOBS to earn well

Many brands or websites look for content writers to publish articles on their sites or on social media. So you can apply for such content writing jobs.

You can directly approach websites to become a content writer or you can use platforms like Up Work or Freelancer to earn extra money from content writing.

Easy Options to Earn Extra to Pay off Debt

8. Make money on Quora

Recently Quora has made a big announcement that anyone can create space (group) on Quora and monetize it. So you can join Quora and build a strong community there to start earning money.

Even I’m there on Quora. You can check out my Quora community and join, to get answers related to debts, savings or earning money.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

9. Join the REFERRAL PROGRAM to earn money

Brands always look for opportunities to grow their business. So they offer referral programs. You can join such referral programs to earn a commission.

You can join such referral programs online. Even you can directly connect with companies offline if you know any such referral programs to earn extra money.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt


Etsy is very popular for homemade products. From homemade crafts to food items you can sell anything on the Etsy website. But to sell food items they have some rules you can check out them.

I’ve seen that many women earn money online by selling art and crafts. So if you have such talent then you can also make money.

How Can I Make Extra Bucks to Pay Off Debt

11. MAKE MONEY on Instagram

I’ve seen an amazing page on Instagram. Two guys click pictures of cats and upload them on Instagram. They have millions of followers and earn money from sponsorships.

You can also implement such unique ideas. You can choose any particular niche and post images related to that on Instagram. As your followers and engagement grow there your earning opportunities will grow.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

12. Get language translation WORK ONLINE

If you know more than one languages then there are a lot of opportunities for you to add extra dollars to your pocket. You can work for a few hours to translate language and earn money.

Check out online websites that offer such freelance work where you can get money-making opportunities.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

13. Create digital designs on t-shirts online and sell them

Just by making digital designs on shirts online, you can earn money by selling them. You don’t need to worry about printing the designs on t-shirts and delivery of the product. You just need to create designs and promote them online.

You can register on such websites where you can prepare such designs and earn money.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

14. Earn EXTRA from video transcription

This work is extremely simple and you can easily earn by video transcription. You just need to watch a video and whatever they speak you should create text for that. It’s like converting audio to text.

You can get such a video transcription job online. Just by spending a few minutes daily your car earn money.

Earn Extra by doing Side Hustle to Pay Debt

15. Make worksheets for kids to EARN MONEY

Recently I’ve come to know about this new way of making extra money. Parents look for worksheets for subjects like Mathematics or English.

So you can prepare such printable worksheets for kids. Then join groups on social media where you can come in contact with parents. Then offer then worksheets. This is a unique way of making money.

How to Earn More Money to Pay Off Debt

16. Make money from stock videos

Stock videos are similar to stock photography websites. You can make short video clicks like nature videos- rain, birds. You can choose your niche and upload videos on websites like Stock.

You will earn 20% to 70% commission whenever anyone buys video clips.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

17. Create infographics and add EXTRA BUCKS to your POCKET

Infographics are all about creating images with information, graphs, charts and images. So you can sell infographics on stock photo websites.

There are many free tools online to prepare infographics. Make use of such tools and earn extra money through infographics.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

18. Prepare homemade chocolates and cakes to earn money

Homemade chocolates and cake are can be your source of income if you like baking and making chocolates. I know a girl who makes homemade chocolates and sells.

Even I’ve seen a woman who is good at baking cakes and she takes orders for birthday cakes and all. So this is how you can also make extra money.

Make Extra Money To Pay Debt

19. Sell course on Udemy

All thanks to online platforms like Udemy that give you an opportunity to share educational and informative courses and earn money. You can prepare any courses like maths, English, digital marketing or anything in which you are interested.

You can upload on Udemy and start to earn money from the course.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

20. Create your BLOG TO EARN money

I’m a professional blogger and earning money from my blog Frugal Beat. You can also create your own blog and start to earn money.

There are many ways to earn money from blogging. Adsense, affiliate marketing and sponsorships are some popular ways to make money through blogging.

Get Extra Money to Pay Off Debt

21. TEACH SKILLS on YouTube

Nowadays people watch more videos online. They watch it for entertainment or to learn something. So you can grab this opportunity to earn extra.

Create a YouTube channel for free. Choose any particular niche that you like and start making videos. Then monetize your videos and earn money.

Pay Debts by Earning Extra

22. SELL your art online

Many artists turned their hobbies into a profession. You can also earn money from your hobbies like art and craft. You can create pages on social media and start posting about art that you make.

Get some good engagement and audience for you. Then you can sell your art online.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

23. Publish your own ebook for FREE

If you have a good knowledge of something then you can create your own ebook and sell online. You can publish cooking ebooks or you can publish ebook related to making art or craft or any other topic.

There are many platforms to publish your ebook. You can opt for Amazon Kindle or any other platform as well. You can decide your own price for your ebook. This is how you can make money by selling ebooks.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

24. Sell out the things online that you don’t use anymore

There may be so many things at your house that you are not using anymore. So don’t clutter your room with such unwanted things. Sell them out and make extra cash.

There are online websites where you can sell out your secondhand products. So get your customers easily and earn money.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

25. Provide EASY SERVICES to earn money

You can provide services to make some extra money. There are many types of services like rental services. You can rent out things like bike, car, furniture etc.

If you have extra time from your job then you can also provide services like private tuition classes for kids. Even you can think about teaching music or any other skills to earn extra.

26. Rent out your car

If you have a car then you can easily rent out your car to make some bucks. This is like earning passive income. Here you don’t need to do any work, you just need to rent out your car and earn.

Even you can opt for ride-sharing to earn extra bucks.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt


Making extra money to pay debt is a good option. But saving money is also extremely important to pay off debts fast. Remember, a penny saved is penny earnt.

Always save money on utility bills and other things. You can also use money-saving apps to save extra money every time.

Making Extra Money to Pay Debt

Side Jobs to Pay Off Debt will Boost Your Financial Growth

No matter whether you have taken loans for education or for the house, you should try to pay off your debt quickly. A debt-free life is a happy and peaceful life.

There are several options for making money to pay debt. So don’t depend on a single source of income. Hustle more to pay off debt quickly and come out of your financial stress.

The early you come out of debts, the early you start to improve your financial condition.

Is side hustle really necessary to pay off debt?

A side hustle is not compulsory to pay off debt. But I feel that it is necessary. It will help you not to lose your sleep due to financial stress.

If you are paying off debt $150 every month then you can pay off an extra $100 if you earn that from side jobs. That means your speed of repayment of debt will increase rapidly. This is a good sign to come out of debt.

Analyze your skills, strengths and learn to manage your time well. You should invest your time wisely to earn extra money. Making extra money to pay debt will be hectic if you do not manage time for side hustles sensibly. So make an effective strategy.

Hi. I’m Ankita. I’m here to help you adapt to frugality happily 🙂 I love learning new things. Nowadays I’m learning more about saving money and frugality. So on Frugal Beat together we will learn to create financial magic.

Now it’s time to walk towards financial freedom together. Reach out to me on Quora and Pinterest🙂