Easy Passive Income Ideas for Introverts

Ankita Kamat

Passive income ideas for introverts will be the best sources of income. I feel that one must explore multiple sources of income to grow financially. If you are an introvert then also there are so many passive income streams which will help you to earn more money.

Well, I’m also an introvert girl. Recently I’ve realized that even introverts can be more successful and be wealthy in life. There are many people in this world who are very rich and successful even though they are introverts. So even I started to look for various opportunities to earn money and make my career.

In my 20s I’ve come across many passive income streams to make money. After completion of my graduation, my main focus was to be a financially independent girl. But somewhere I was feeling that it would be very difficult for introverts to accomplish financial and career growth. But in reality, there are many ways to make money from passive income streams.

Passive Income Ideas for Introverts

15 PROFITABLE Passive Income Ideas for Introverts

Even though introverts do not talk much with people and spend a lot of me-time then also they have a lot of hidden talents. So there are many opportunities for introverts to make passive income.

1. Publish your poetry book and make passive income

Most of the introverts like liking poetries. So now don’t write poetry as a hobby but also start to make passive income as a beginner.

Write your all poetry and create PDF. Then sign up on Instamojo and list your ebook. Even I have published my ebooks on Instamojo. I did not pay any initial charges to publish my ebook. So you can also use this free platform to publish your ebook. You can decide the price of your ebook and start to earn.

Passive Income Ideas for Introverts

2. Teach about art on Udemy and make money

Udemy is really a very good platform to learn new things. On Udemy many people look for many different courses to learn new skills. So if you have knowledge about any particular art like pencil shading, nib painting, craft making then you can create the course on this and make passive income.

I can understand that you may not face a camera and create an educational video course. But there are many other ways to create courses on Udemy. You can create a presentation, PDF or animated video or audio course. So you can teach and share your knowledge about art and craft by creating courses. Whenever people purchase your course on Udemy you will earn money.

Passive Income Ideas for Introverts

3. Make money by creating infographics

Infographic means which includes information and some graphics. For example, the first image in this article is an infographic which is created by me. So there are many websites where you can submit your infographics and make passive income.

You can even directly sell infographics to bloggers and YouTubers who look for infographics to add in their content. But I also suggest you to create your account on websites like iStock, Vector Stock, Veer etc. And start to upload your infographics which are very attractive. You can earn from 20% to 70% on these websites as a commission when people buy your infographics.

How Can I Make Money Passively as an Introvert

4. Sell crafts on Etsy as an introvert to make passive income

On Etsy, you can sell all handmade crafts. There are many people who like handmade and personalized gifts. So you can also sell handmade items on Etsy. As your business grows you can earn a lot of passive income.

Visit Etsy and list create your online store to list your handmade products. For this, you will require to pay a very little initial amount which is very less. So if you make handmade gifts or other craftwork then sell them on Etsy and earn money.

Earn Passive Money as an Introvert

5. Publish your own art-related books

You can publish your own book and earn royalties. You can write a book on any subject which you are interested in. But as I have seen that many introverts are interested in art, music, craft etc. So if you are interested in music and you play guitar then you can write a book to teach guitar to others.

So you must analyze your strengths and talents on which you can write a good book which will be useful for people. If you like cooking then you can try your own new recipes and publish a recipe book to make passive income. Actually I’ve realized that the introverts are very good at expressing themselves through writing. So don’t miss this opportunity to earn.

Make Extra Money as an Introvert

6. License your music and earn passive income

If you love music and you are an artist then you can make passive income by licensing your music. There are some online websites that help you to get your songs placed in TV shows, movies, videos, commercials, presentations, and more by licensing your music.

So look for such opportunities where you can earn passive income from your music.

Earn Money Online as an Introvert

7. Create an e-commerce store and sell paintings

As an introvert, I’m also interested in drawing, pencil shading and paintings. These are my hobbies. And I’ve seen that many introverts have these hobbies. So you can convert your hobby into a profession and make passive income in the long run.

One of my friends also likes to do paintings she has taken training in that. And she charges 10,000 INR per painting. So there is a huge earning potential in this. If you are really passionate about drawing and painting then you can have your own online store and start your e-commerce art business. Initially, you have to make efforts, but in the long run, you will be earning money passively when your business grows.

Tips to Make Money as an Introvert

8. Make passive income by creating music classes online

Nowadays millions of people watch YouTube videos. So You can create your free music class on youTube where you can teach music. And you can earn passive income by monetizing your videos. There are many options to monetize YouTube videos such as Google advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsorships etc.

If you particularly make videos about how to play the piano, then you can recommend people about the best piano through affiliate marketing. When people buy a piano from your affiliate link then you will earn a commission. This will be a huge passive income source in the long run. So create your own YouTube channel and make passive income.

Passive Income Ideas for Introverts

9. Write articles and make money passively

As an introvert, I’m better at writing than speaking! Many introverts express well through their writings. I can say that this is the plus point of introverts. So if you also enjoy reading and writing then publish your own articles by creating your own blog.

Blogging can be a great career too for introverts who love writing. Through blogging one can earn passive income by monetizing the blogs. Well, I’m a professional blogger and a few years ago I was using the free version of WordPress to publish my articles. Then I’ve launched my own new blog Frugal Beat. You can also first use a free version then have your own website.

Passive Income Streams for Introvert People

10. Prepare jingles and start to earn money

This is similar to licensing your music. So if you write jingles or songs then you can sell your jingles or songs and start to receive royalties.

By this also you can make passive income as an introvert. So just show your hidden talents and start to make passive income.

Passive Money Tips for Introverts

11. Make a design on T-shirts and EARN MONEY ONLINE

Here you don’t need to invest any money. There are websites that allow you to create logos and designs on T-shirts online. Then if anyone buys that T-shirt you will earn a profit.

Well, I’ve come across the website called Teeshopper where you can register yourself and create designs. Even if you are a housewife then also you can implement this simple passive income idea.

How Can Introverts Make Money Online

12. Start to invest money in MUTUAL FUNDS to make PASSIVE INCOME

Well, I believe in frugal living that helps to save money. When I joined the job, I used to save 70% of my monthly salary. I figured out ways to make passive income by investing my money.

I came to know about mutual funds. And the best thing is nowadays you don’t need much paperwork to invest in mutual funds. Even 18-year-old teens can easily invest money in mutual funds. I’m personally using the Groww app to invest in mutual funds and I’m earning passive income.

Ideas for Introverts to Earn Passive Money

13. Know how to make passive income from stock photography websites

Just by clicking pictures from your smartphone, you can make passive income. But you don’t need to be a professional photographer for this. Just click pictures like nature, animals, waterfalls or anything which you like.

Then sell them on stock photography websites. By this, you can earn passive income in the form of commission. Well, you can up to 70% of commission on some good websites.

Make Extra Money as an Introvert

14. Join the reference programs or become a brand ambassador to EARN EXTRA

Nowadays just by ‘referring programs’, you can earn passive income. So I suggest you build your network more. Well, now you can easily connect with many people online.

So build a good network and also join any reference program where you can earn money just by referring. This can be any service reference or any product reference or even it can be any mobile app reference. This is how you can earn extra money.

15. Create your own mobile app and start earning money passively

Nowadays creating an app is actually easy. You know what, there are some apps which will help you to create your own apps like gaming app or any other app. So this requires a minimum investment of money.

But once you upload your app on the Google Play Store then you can earn passive income through Google Adsense, sponsorships and even you can sell your own info products. My cousin has created a simple game app. So If you are interested then you can think to make passive income by creating an app.

Passive Income Ideas for Introverts

How can introverts make money through passive income streams?

To make passive income one must be aware of different sources of income. So I say-be informed and be aware of many new types of passive income ideas. As I’m also an introvert I can understand that introverts don’t talk much with people so they may miss some good money conversations.

But only talking with other people will not improve money-related knowledge. There are many other ways to boost your money related knowledge and to be aware of passive income streams.

How to be aware of different passive income streams as an introvert?

I’ve acquired knowledge about passive income by reading money-related books. I love reading books. And I’ve seen that books are the best friends of many introverts. So you can also inculcate the habit of reading books which will boost your financial knowledge.

My favorite book is Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book is very simple to understand and the author shared his real-life experiences which inspired me a lot. From this book, I’ve learned the importance of saving money and earning money. In this book, the author has shared how he implemented many ideas to make money. In fact, this book helped me to create the right money mindset and think about new passive income ideas.

Then I’ve read the book Learn to Earn. This book is all about earning passive income through investments. I personally feel that this book is very useful for beginners to know various investment options to make passive income.

These are all effective passive income ideas for introverts to earn more money. As an introvert, you can analyze your talent and strengths to add some passive income streams to your portfolio. In the beginning, you may make less money but in the long run, you can build wealth through these passive income streams.

Ankita Kamat

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