Passive income ideas in India are the best opportunities to make more money. As an Indian girl, I’m exploring passive income streams in my 20s.

In India, you don’t need to depend on a single source of income. Try my ideas to earn more passive income with minimum effort.

Effective Passive Income Streams for Indians

27 Best Passive Income Ideas in India

An an Indian youngster, I feel that one should explore different types of passive income instead of just depending on a single job. Passive income gives confidence in financial growth. This is how you can lead a happier life in India.

Let me pitch some easy and effective passive income ideas in India-

How to Make Passive Income in India? – EASY IDEAS

In the olden days Indias were having limited passive income ideas like real estate, share market and business. But now there are many new passive income ideas for Indians like earning from mutual funds, blogging, YouTube and much more.

1. Earn an IMMENSE PASSIVE INCOME by having your own blog

Blogging is all about writing articles and having your own website. Just 2 years ago I found blogging very interesting and as I love writing I grabbed this opportunity. I’ve launched my own blog Frugal Beat.

Now as an Indian blogger I’m earning money from my blog. There are many ways to monetize blogs to make money, such as Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsorships and much more. In the beginning, it requires effort but in the long run one blogging will help to generate more passive income.

Passive Income Ideas in India

2. Publish ebooks with ZERO INVESTMENT to make money in India

I’ve earned money by selling my own books. It needs initial efforts to write an ebook but this is a one-time effort. Actually, after my graduation, I was preparing for competitive exams. So I was reading the newspaper and I was aware of all the current affairs.

Then I created an ebook that was about the current affairs quiz. I opened my account on Instamojo for free and listed my ebook. As an Indian, you can also use this free platform to publish your ebook. Well, I shared the link of my ebook on my FB page, Instagram page etc. This is how I earned passive income from my ebook.

How to Make Passive Income in India

This is my Instamojo account. Here you can see that I’ve earned 600 INR. This stat belongs to the ebook, which I published.

3. As an Indian, start to invest money in MUTUAL FUNDS with trusted Indian mobile app

Well, I believe in frugal living that helps to save money. When I joined the job, I used to save 70% of my monthly salary. I figured out ways to make passive income by investing my money.

I came to know about mutual funds. And the best thing is nowadays you don’t need much paperwork to invest in mutual funds. Even 18-year-old teens can easily invest money in mutual funds. In India, I’m personally using the Groww app to invest in mutual funds and I’m earning passive income.

How to Make Money Passively in India

4. Earn PASSIVE INCOME on Pinterest

In India, people are not much aware of money-making opportunities on Pinterest. But on Pinterest, I’ve seen that many people around the world sell T-shirts, crafts and also many affiliate products. Even I’ve 6 lakh+ monthly visitors on my Pinterest account.

That means you can imagine how much people are active on Pinterest around the globe and see the potential of earning passive income there. Well, all these types of passive income ideas are easy to implement as a beginner. So don’t miss this money-making opportunity.

Easy Passive Money Making Ideas for Indians

5. Know how to make passive income from stock photography websites

Just by clicking pictures from your smartphone, you can make passive income. But you don’t need to be a professional photographer for this. Just click pictures like nature, animals, waterfalls or anything which you like.

Then sell them on stock photography websites like Shutterstock, Getty Images etc. By this, you can earn passive income in the form of commission. Well, you can up to 70% of commission on some good websites.

Easy Passive Income Streams for Indians

6. Make a design on T-shirts and EARN MONEY ONLINE

Here you don’t need to invest any money. There are websites that allow you to create logos and designs on T-shirts online. Then if anyone buys that T-shirt you will earn a profit.

Well, I’ve come across the website called Teeshopper where you can register yourself and create designs. Even if you are a housewife then also you can implement this simple passive income idea.

Multiple Sources of Income for Indians

7. Upload informative videos on YouTube to earn pennies

Well, Gen Z is lucky that we have access to the internet to earn money online. Millions of people watch YouTube videos daily. So in India also you can use this opportunity to earn money. You can choose any topic in which you are interested and start to upload videos.

Creating a YouTube channel is totally free. Even I’ve created my YouTube channel. So go for it and monetize your videos by Google Adsense and even sell affiliate products to earn passive income.

New Passive Income Tips for Indians

8. Ask simple questions and earn passive income

Well, this is actually a very easy source of passive income but this needs initial hard work. Here I’m talking about Quora. I’m assuming you know about Quora, which is a Q&A online platform. Here you can sign up and first build your followers by answering good questions.

If you really do good then in future days Quora may invite you to join their partnership program. Where you will be making passive income by simply posting good and valuable questions. I’ve my own Quora community, where I share my knowledge, so feel free to join the community.

Extra Sources of Income for Indians

9. Share educational courses on Udemy to make passive income

Now the world is moving towards digital learning. So don’t miss this opportunity to show your talent and make a passive income in India.

Udemy is an online platform where many educational courses are available. You can also easily create such educational courses and help those students to learn better. In return, this opens the door of passive income for you. You can sell any type of course, such as video, audio, presentation etc and earn money.

Best Sources of Passive Income in India

10. As an Indian earn money by selling AFFILIATE PRODUCTS ONLINE

I have tried many affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate programs in India like Flipkart, Blue Host, Cluelinks etc. These are all popular brands so you can also sign up for such affiliate programs and earn passive income in the form of commission.

I suggest joining Cluelinks because there you will get all the popular brands like Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart and almost all the affiliate programs are available at the same place. Here you just need to log in and share the unique link of the products. When people buy those products then you will earn a commission on that.

Interesting passive income ideas for Indians

11. Publish your own book for FREE and EARN ROYALTIES

If you like writing then you can be a published author to make passive income in India. So if you think you can also publish a good book then publish it and earn royalties.

If you are a newbie in this then you can check BooksFundr website. This is India’s first crowdfunding platform for books. Here you can publish your book for free this the help of this platform and earn 100% profits.

Easy Ways to Earn Money Passively in India

12. Earn RENTAL INCOME by renting out the things that you don’t use regularly

This may look very simple option. But you can earn a passive income from this idea. You can rent out your books, laptop and even your bike or bicycle. There are many people who use such things on rent.

Frugal people in India look for rental services to save money. So find out such people and make passive income.

Make More Money in India

13. Use social media to earn money in India

All most all of you are using social media, right? So, instead of just scrolling on social media start to make passive income. Well, just become a social media influencer and earn money from promotions, sponsorships.

For this, you just need a social media page and try to gain a lot of followers. Even if you are a student you can use this opportunity to make passive income online. So that you can earn more than your pocket money.

Explore Passive Income as an Indian

14. Make stock videos and sell on websites to EARN PENNIES ONLINE

This idea is similar to stock music and stock photography. Many YouTubers and other video creators want some video clips. So you can create some video clips like rain, waterfalls or any good videos which you can sell on video stick websites.

Even you can make animated videos and sell on stock videos websites. Here you will earn 20% to 70% commission. All thanks to the technology that millennials have such exciting money-making opportunities online.

New Ways to Earn Money in India

15. Create your own mobile app and fill your pocket with PASSIVE INCOME

Nowadays creating an app is actually easy. You know what, there are some apps that will help you to create your own apps like a gaming app or any other app. So this requires a minimum investment of money and investment of time.

But once you upload your app on the Google Play Store then you can earn passive income through Google Adsense, sponsorships and even you can sell your own info products. My cousin has created a simple game app. So If you are interested then you can think to make passive income by creating an app.

Earn Extra Passive Money in India

16. Make Smart Moves in the Indian SHARE MARKET to earn money passively

Very few people think about the share market. But if you see successful people then all of them are very good at business and investment. Well, I can understand that there is a lot of risk in earning passive income through the share market.

But I think one must take calculated risks to make passive income. You must analyze your risk-taking capacity and start with a small one. Take simple steps to make passive income. Don’t invest immediately first gather information about the share market to build more wealth.

Make Money From Passive Income Streams as an Indian

17. Make money through podcasting as an Indian

Podcasting is all about sharing audio. You can create podcasts like storytelling, educational audio, motivational or anything which is very useful for people. Around the world now more people are listening to podcasts including in India.

You can do your own research that which type of podcasts are in demand. Most people listen to podcasts during traveling and nowadays there is more potential in earning passive income from podcasts. Creating a podcast is a one-time effort, but you earn more if your podcasts are useful.

Passive Income Ideas for Indians

18. Join the reference programs or become a brand ambassador to EARN EXTRA

Nowadays just by ‘referring programs’, you can earn passive income. So I suggest you build your network more. Well, now you can easily connect with many people online.

So build a good network and also join any reference program where you can earn money just by referring. This can be any service reference or any product reference or even it can be any mobile app reference. This is how you can earn extra money as an Indian adult.

Making Money Passively in India

19. Invest money in good business to make passive income in India

Basically, there are 4 main ways to earn money and investment is one of the options. Well, there are some companies that look for private investments. So if you get such opportunities then you can invest money to earn passive income.

But you must be sensible while choosing the right business where you won’t lose your money. Actually, this is a risky idea. But if you invest in a good business then you can really earn a lot of passive income.

Passive Income Streams to Earn Extra in India

20. Know how to earn RECURRING REVENUE ONLINE in India

Recurring revenue can also be considered passive income. For example, if you are a middle man and help to rent out a house then the owner of the house will give you a commission. But if you do a deal with the owner that whenever that client pays a monthly rent then you want some commission.

Then it is called as recurring revenue. Getting a good client is a one-time effort but every month you will earn passive income. Like this, there are some online affiliate programs that are based on recurring revenue. So figure out such recurring revenue-earning opportunities and make passive income.

How Do I Make Money Passively as an Indian

21. Sell stock music and make money

As I told you about stock photography, in the same way, this is about music. Many YouTubes use background music for their videos. And many people sell their music on stock music websites.

So if you like playing the guitar or piano or anything then comose your music and sell on stock music sites to earn passive income.

Passive Income Ideas to Make Money in India

22. Start your own SMALL BUSINESS in INDIA to generate passive income

Do you think that you want a huge amount of money to start your business? In reality, you can even start some business with zero investment. So just try to be more innovative and figure out new business ideas which you can start with zero investment or with very little money.

In my real life, I’ve come across small business stories like making art and craft, baking cake and cookies. All these business ideas require less investment and you can even start them at home. So, implement such small business ideas and earn passive income in the long run.

Extra Income Sources for Indians

23. Create and SELL HANDMADE GIFTS as an Indian

The demand for handmade gifts is tremendous. So if at all your internet matches with art and craft, then start to create handmade gifts and make money by selling them. Now you can call yourself a homepreneur and just grow your business to make more passive income.

Create your account on the Etsy website and list your handmade products. It will charge you very fewer fees to list your products. You can just skip your one Sunday plan with friends and save that money to list your products online. This is how your business will grow online and you can reach out to millions of people.

Make More Money Passively as an Indian

24. Earn money from real estate in India

This is the oldest passive income stream. Crack a good deal by purchasing land which you can sell later. Here you must look for a good deal which provides you with a good income.

You can even invest in farmland which helps to generate more passive income.

Alternative Sources of Passive Income for Indians

25. Start Blogs in Regional Language to Make Money

I’ve started my blog In English. But if you know the Hindi language or any other regional language then you can make immense passive income by writing blogs in the regional language. According to some genuine stats it has been found that in India people are searching for more queries and articles in the Hindi language.

And this stat is increasing day-by-day. So don’t lose this opportunity. Just grab this opportunity and start your own blog to make passive income.

Create Passive Income Sources in India

26. By translating the language you can earn well in India

Well, even though this idea is not a fully passive income idea. But Just by working for a few hours, you can make money. There are many people who want to translate their content into different languages that may be audio or an article.

So you can find such tasks on freelance job websites. So know the different types of frugal ideas to make money in India. Follow this list of websites to get freelance work to earn money in India. 

Get 27 Passive Income Streams for Indians

27. EARN REGULAR CASHBACK while online shopping in India as passive saving is equal to passive income

I’ve signed up for and opened my account on CashKaro. This is a mobile app that provides cashback on online shopping. This is an online platform for Indians to earn cashback. Well, I believe that passive saving is equal to passive income.

Through this app, one can shop from any big online sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Naayka and much more. There are 1500+ websites where you can make online shopping. Then you will earn cashback if you make payment via this app. This app is really useful for Indians.

Passive Income Ideas for Indians

How to make EXTRA INCOME in India?

As an Indian, I’ve realized that passive income sources can be the best sources of income. You can build wealth by exploring different types of passive income sources in India.

Can Indians EARN UNLIMITED Money from Passive Income Ideas?

Yes, Indians can earn unlimited money. Well, passive income streams do not have any limits to earn money. You can earn 1 rupee to a massive amount of money.

So it depends on you when it comes to making passive income in India. Explore more passive income ideas in India to expand your earning capacity.

How Can Indians Earn Money Passively

Why should Indians Make Money Passively?

All of us have only 24 hours per day. One can do only one full-time job to earn a regular income. But one can explore more passive income streams to earn more money.

Passive income streams like mutual funds, share market, rental incomes do not require your presence. So you can do your regular job in India and along with that, you can also explore passive income. So Indians should make more money passively.

So start to implement these passive income ideas in India that I mentioned above. Trust me, you will get more scope to grow in your life financially through these ideas. Give it a try, I say start from today itself.

Hi. I’m Ankita. I’m here to help you adapt to frugality happily 🙂 I love learning new things. Nowadays I’m learning more about saving money and frugality. So on Frugal Beat together we will learn to create financial magic.

Now it’s time to walk towards financial freedom together.