21 Rare Frugal Living Ideas | Known to Very Few People

Ankita Kamat

Rare frugal living ideas will help you to save extra money and to be more resourceful. If you want to boost your financial growth, adapt to thrifty living.

In my 20s, I’m implementing more frugal living ideas and getting benefit from them. I’m able to save extra bucks due to thrifty tips.

In this blog, I’m going to share rare frugal living ideas. You can easily implement them in your daily life to make your pocket happy by saving more.

Rare Frugal Living Ideas

21 Rare Frugal Living Ideas that You Can Try Out Today

Any frugal living ideas should be practical and easy to implement. So implement these simple and effective frugal ways without much effort.

1. Tear make-up wipes or any other wipes in half

This may look so wired a frugal idea! But yes, you can implement this idea to save exactly half of your money investment on wipes or issue papers.

If you need one 30 wipes for 30 days then you can use only 15 wipes per month if you tear in half. Well, this is not a bad idea to save extra bucks.

2. Make vinegar of old wine or leftover wine

After a party at your home do you find leftover wine? Now you don’t need to worry about your old wine bottles or leftover wine. You don’t need to waste them, you can make a vinegar of it.

It’s not that difficult to make vinegar of wine at home. So now you don’t need to spend a few more bucks to buy vinegar. Use old or leftover wine to make a dash good vinegar.

3. Share your spare room for travellers and earn money

If you are having a spare room or extra room at your house then you can share that for travellers and earn money. In this way, you can make some bucks.

You can sign up Couchsurfiing. There you can tell about your spare room and on that platform, there are also many travellers. Just list your spare room there. So if anyone visits your city then you can rent out your room and earn money.

4. Re-gift the gifts that you have received

On some special occasions, you get a lot of gifts but you don’t use them all. So you can re-gift them. This will save a ton of money on gifts.

Just make sure you don’t re-gift the same gift to the same person who has gifted that to you 😀 And whenever you receive gift cards then it does not mean that you should buy and redeem that. You can re-gift that to others.

5. Sleep in the car during a vacation to avoid spending on accommodation

By seeing this idea your reaction may be “what!”. But there are people who have already implemented such rare frugal ideas to save money.

So you can also save money on a hotel room or lodge during your vacation trip by sleeping in the car. Actually you will save a lot of dollars.

6. Carry Picnic Tent if you are planning any picnic, to save money on a room

You can buy a good waterproof picnic tent to stay in. Whenever you go for a picnic or trip with your friends or family enjoy staying in a tent.

This will help you to save more money on room booking. Also, it will be a fun and different experience to stay in the tent a whole night. So enjoy by spending less money.

7. Don’t buy the television

Nowadays TV is almost replaced by YouTube and Netflix. So you don’t need to have a TV at your house. This will help you to save money on a TV and also you can save dollars on unwanted subscriptions on TV. So you can watch Netflix or YouTube for entertainment or for any news.

YouTube is totally free and Netflix’s monthly subscription charge is very reasonable. You can pool money here with your other 3 friends, as 4 members can be added with a single subscription. So save money on entertainment.

8. Use old invitation cards to make art and craft

If kids are there at your home then teach them to make crafts from old invitation cards. Instead of buying new craft papers and tools, teach them about frugal crafts.

I’ve recently created the cute Panda mask by using an old invitation card. Even adults can make use of such old cards to prepare some art and crafts like a pen stand and much more.

Rare Frugal Living Ideas

9. When the light is Red turn off your vehicle engine

Everyone should follow this to save money on fuel. Well, fuel is a natural resource so it is our responsibility to save and not to waste such natural resources.

So always turn off the engine of your car or any other vehicle at the red light. Many of you many feel this is a very small thing, but this is a very effective way to save money and fuel.

10. Prepare homemade beer and wine to save money

Well, it will cost you a lot if every time you buy a bottle of wine or beer. So try making tasty wine or beer at home without much investment of money.

Whenever you feel like throwing a party then make homemade wine or beer and cheers with friends at home. This will help you not to make your wallet empty.

11. Learn about vegetable gardening in a small space to save money on veggies

I’ve some edible plants at my house like Malabar Spinach, curry leaves and much more. So I can get some fresh greengrocer from my garden without spending any money. You can also easily grow such plants at your house.

You don’t need a lot of space to grow them. You can use small pots. And these plants don’t require much maintenance. Also, there are various techniques to grow more veggies or plants in a small space. So you can learn those gardening techniques. This will help you to save money on vegetables.

12. Collect all the envelops when you get mails or bills, don’t throw them

Most of you may throw the envelopes in the dustbin whenever you receive mails or bills. Instead, you can reuse them. So next time, whenever you get envelopes, collects them for reuse.

If those are in good condition then you can actually use them for mails or post. Else, you can use them for budgeting to put cash in it or keep any other things.

13. Use old expired shampoo or expired vinegar in cleaning

Sometimes you may have expired shampoo or an outdated vinegar in the kitchen. So pick them up to clean the sink or windows of your house. When you utilize expired shampoo or vinegar that means you are adapting thrifty living.

Well, there was an expired vinegar bottle at my home and even we used it for cleaning purposes. And that actually worked well.

14. Try out layered clothing in the cold climate to save money on the costly room heater

Instead of using room heaters people were using layered clothing in the cold climate. Their main motive was to save every single dollar from here and there to survive the great depression.

You can also realize that how simplified life helped them to overcome those days. And again the economical conditions of an individual comes to normal after decades of years. So you can also follow this type of frugality to reach a better financial place in the near future.

15. Repurpose your old sweater in the winter instead of keeping them aside

If you have old sweaters in your wardrobe that you don’t use, now its time to repurpose. Frugality means using all resources without wasting. So you can make a pair of mittens by using an old sweater.

You can also turn your old sweater into a fuzzy pillowcase, which really looks very nice. Also, try out making a hat from it. There are a lot more frugal ways to re-purpose your old sweater.

16. Make a leather pillow from all the old leather shoes, don’t throw them

You can re-use your old shoes for different things. You can make use of old shoes in gardening. They actually look very unique. You can use then like small pots for the plants. There are various things that you can do with old shoes.

Also, old leather shoes can be used to make a leather pillow. So from now onwards implement these rare frugal ideas. Don’t throw your old shoes.

17. Know what you can do with old water bottle and cans

Reusing plastic bottles or cans will help to save the environment as well as some money. I’ve some across some productive ways to re-use old plastic bottles.

For example, you can create a rack from old bottles to keep all the magazines or newspaper. You can use them as a small pot after cutting the top of the bottle and grow some plants. So try all these simple thrifty ideas.

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18. Make the best use of an old or used toothbrush instead of buying new cleaning tools

Buying a new toothbrush ofter is really good for oral hygiene. But have you ever thought about how you can repurpose your old toothbrush? Well, you can save extra bucks by using an old toothbrush as a cleaning tool.

So use those old brushes to clean your shoes. And you can easily remove stains from the clothing by using this old toothbrush. You can even brush your eyebrows with an old toothbrush instead of buying any new brush.

19. Don’t waste old newspapers, make use of them well

You can sell out the old newspapers as scrap and make some bucks. There are other ways also to use newspapers in a frugal way.

You can use them for cleaning the windows instead of using a cloth. You can also use them to cover the floor of your car.

20. Use ice pack bag instead of using costly AC or cooler

In the summer try this rare frugal idea of using ice pack bag instead of using AC. You can save more money on the electricity bill. So be cool by spending less.

Just by spending a few bucks, you will get the ice pack bags. Whereas, the price of AC is too much. So try out this idea this summer.

21. Use manual kitchen tools to save money on costly equipment

Manual kitchen tools were part of the cooking in old times. Now you may easily get electronic kitchen equipment, but the manual kitten tools save more money.

You can try a vegetable cutter or chopper instead of using electronic equipment. You can use a wooden coconut scrapper instead of using a grinding machine. All these frugal tips are easy to implement if you are ready to adapt to frugality.

UNUSUAL Frugal Tips Will Make Your Pocket Happy

Many people implement some common frugal ways to save money. It is really good to follow thrifty tips. But there are also very rare frugal ideas that are known by very few people.

So if you implement these rare frugal ideas along with common frugal tips then you can actually save extra dollars. If you really want to make your pocket happy by saving extra bucks then implement some unusual yet brilliant frugal ways.

In your day-to-day life even if you implement just one or two rare frugal ideas then also you will be amazed at the month of every month by seeing the results.

Start with Simple Thrifty Tips

In the beginning, start to implement simple frugal tips if you want to inculcate saving habits. You can also take 52-week money saving challenge to save money.

You don’t need to deprive yourself to be frugal or to save more money. Learn how to enjoy frugal living. You can be frugal and also at the same time you can lead a happy life without compromising.

So try out these rare frugal ideas and get a lot of benefits. Let me know in the comment section below if you are following any other unusual thrifty ideas in your life.

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