19 Smart Shopping Hacks to Save Money

Ankita Kamat

Shopping hacks to save money is the thought that pops up in my head now and then. I’m in my 20s and implementing effective money-saving tips by being frugal.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of shoes or t-shirts, you can enjoy shopping without making a big hole in your pocket. Does it mean compromising the quality of the product? Nope! Not at all. This is all about learning the art of shopping to save more.

In my current blog, I’m going to share some smart shopping hacks with you. Trust me, at the end of this blog you will be able to cut off your extra expenses on your next shopping.

Shopping Hacks to Save Money

Top 19 SMART Shopping Hacks to SAVE MONEY

Saving money on shopping does mean buying low quality products. One should know how, when and how to choose the right products so that one should save extra pennies. This is all about learning the art of frugal living as a beginner.

My 19 Shopping Hacks that Helped Me to SAVE EXTRA MONEY

let me pitch some effective shopping hacks here. And if you know any other super useful shopping hacks then drops it in the comment box below.

1. Check out cashback websites to save money on EVERY ONLINE SHOPPING

There are many cashback websites that provide you cashback deals while shopping online. You can check out the Rakuten website to save money on shopping by getting cashback. This website includes so many online stores like Amzon, Ebay etc. Globally this site is active for most of the countries.

If you are from India then you can check out another app CashKaro. This site also helps Indians to earn cashback through online shopping. So sign up here and check out deals to earn cashback on shopping to save extra money.

Shopping Hacks to Save Money

2. Know where you can buy the BEST SECOND-HAND PRODUCTS

Instead of spending money on new products look for second-hand products. Nowadays you can also get online websites where you will get good second-hand products.

There are so many people who have listed their products online. So choose such second-hand products at a reasonable price.

How to Save Money on Shopping

3. Keep a Tab on Popular Instagram Pages to Get SHOPPING COUPON CODES

Well, Instagram is flooded with a lot of popular pages. Even there are fashion related pages. So keep a tab on your favorite Insta page to get coupon codes for shopping. So this is the power of online platforms, you can save money also you can earn money.

Usually, on Instagram people promote different brands. So follow your favorite celebrity or a fashion blogger on Instagram so that you don’t miss the coupon codes and discounts. Even you can follow some fashion bloggers and subscribe to their email lists to get discounts and coupons.

Save Money on Shopping

4. Go all DIY for clothes instead of shopping all the time

Trending and fancy outfits are very costly and even fashion changes every week. So within a few days, those trending outfits will be outdated.

Did you know that the world’s most famous fashion designers have the knack of DIY (do-it-yourself) when it comes to experimenting with new outfits and trends? So why not try the same at home? Convert a pair of lousy jeans into punk shorts or convert a hoodie into a short skirt and flaunt it all over.

Best Tips to Save Money on Shopping

5. SAVE UP TO $19 on shopping by looking for alternative products or brands

Recently I was looking for a whiteboard and I found that it costs around $22. Then I looked for an alternative product. I found a whiteboard sticker for around $2. This was a great deal for me. So I saved up to $19 on a whiteboard.

So one should look for alternative products or brands while shopping. Here you may not get your favorite brand but you will get other good brands with good quality products. So let’s be more frugal & try this every time when you plan for shopping.

Shopping Hacks to Save Money

6. Know how to crack great deals while shopping online and SAVE UP TO 80% of your money

If you want to buy any costly clothes or shoes or other accessories don’t buy immediately. Wait for online clearance sales. In this way, you can save more money.

In fact, you can save up to 80% of the money on shopping by option clearance sales. This a smart way to do shopping to save money without compromising the quality of products.

Save Extra Money on Shopping

7. Know what is the RIGHT TIME to shop for SEASONAL COLLECTIONS

Whether you are planning for winter collection or for a summer collection, plan early. Yes, you should not wait for a last-minute if you want to shop for winter collections or summer collections.

If you know that winter or summer will hit after a month then you can do shopping now only. This will help you to save more money on shopping seasonal trends. A practical strategy is very important to save more.

How to Save Extra Bucks on Shopping

8. Don’t Get Trapped into Online Marketing Strategies, which make your pocket empty 

According to some research nowadays business or brands are easily targeting youngsters to make their consumers. Yes, nowadays youngsters easily access the internet and they scroll online stores. You might have seen some action words like ‘buy now’, ‘hurry up’, ‘limited period offer’ etc.

All this is a part of online marketing. This type of marketing makes you opt for impulse purchases. So don’t get trapped into such things. You don’t need to scroll online stores often.

Saving Money Tips on Shopping

9. Know How to Compare Prices before Making a Payment

You don’t need to buy everything online or even you don’t need to buy everything offline. Just make sure you pick up the best option that helps you to save money on shopping.

You can compare the prices of products on online stores with the products of local stores. This simple step will help you to save more dollars on shopping.

Easy Ways to Save Money on Shopping

10. Grab the opportunity of FREE SHIPPING

When it comes to online shopping shipping charges are usually extra burdens. But all thanks to some websites that offer free shipment without any extra charges.

So spend a few minutes to figure out such online stores to save extra pennies.

Save Extra Bucks on Shopping

11. Add products to your online SHOPPING CART for 15 days

Well, most of the time I just add the goods to my cart and leave it for 7-15 days. This helped me to save money on shopping without plunking down my money on unnecessary purchases. I’ve realized that most of the time emotions or distractions or peer pressure are the reasons for shopping.

So it is necessary to analyze whether it is a ‘need’ or a ‘greed’ before hitting a ‘buy’ button. Trust me, when you go back to your shopping cart after 15 days you will feel like your cart is flooded with unnecessary things. Especially teenagers should learn to handle peer pressure to save more money.

Save More Money on Shopping Every Month

12. Never lose sight on COUPON CODES that you earnt

Sometimes you earn coupon codes on a particular online store. Then next time you may plan to visit a different online store to make a purchase. Well, I feel that you should use your coupon codes first to save extra bucks.

It’s good to explore more stores or websites while shopping. But you should not forget about coupon codes which you earnt on your previous shopping. All these small things make a big difference when it comes to saving money on shopping.

Learn Shopping Tricks to Save Money

13. Use your Student ID to save EXTRA MONEY on Shopping

Well, student life is a golden life in all the terms. When it comes to shopping students can save extra money by using their student ID.

So if you are a student then check such offers online or even offline to save money on shopping. This is how students save extra pennies by making smart moves.

Tips to Save Extra Bucks on Shopping

14. TASTE SAMPLES before you buy it in a bulk

If you are shopping for any snacks or food items then taste the samples. Then only make a bulk purchase. You can ask shopkeepers for a sample before buying them.

If you are shopping for packed food items then you can buy it in a reasonable quantity instead of a bulk purchase. All these frugal tips help you to save money on food items while shopping for them. Even you can check out here how to save money on grocery shopping.

15. Make sure you have checked shipping charges before hitting buy icon

One should always check shipping charges while shopping online. Sometimes these charges are very high. Well, it depends on your locality or city.

If shipping charges are high then you can check out the products at your local stores in your city. And there are some website that offers zero shipping charges if you are a prime member. So if you opt for online shipping often then you can become a prime member to avoid extra charges.

Saving Hacks on Shopping

16. Wholesale Stores are Blessings to WIN SHOPPING DEALS

In my city, I’ve figured out wholesale stores for clothes and books. So such wholesale stores help you to save on shopping.

You can buy a bulk quantity of products from such wholesale stores to save more money.

How Can I Save Money on Shopping

17. Don’t burn out your pocket by having more CREDIT CARDS for SHOPPING

Nowadays credit cards are trending. But in reality, if you have more credit cards then your purchases also increase. Credit cards impact your buying behavior.

If you ask me, then I suggest not to have any credit card. But if you want to have, then have only one card. Also, be careful about your buying behavior.

How to Save More Money on Shopping

18. Divide Your Attention to Different Online Shopping Websites

Nowadays online shopping has made life easy and comfortable. But one should do a little bit of price analysis before making payment for online products.

Sometimes you can find that large difference between the selling prices on the same product on different websites. So can check 2-3 online platforms before purchasing anything.

Save Extra Pennies on Shopping

19 SAVE up to 50% of your money on SHOPPING by visiting THRIFT STORES

During my college days, I always looked for thrift stores to buy second-hand books. This is how I saved around 30% to 50% of my money on books.

You can also get such thrift stores in your city that sells secondhand books, clothes or household goods. So visit such thrift stores to save more money on shopping.

Save Extra Money Every Month on Shopping

Happy Shopping is all about SAVING MONEY on Your Purchases

Shopping is an important factor that makes the pocket empty. But if you pay attention to your buying behavior you can control your cash flow on shopping.

On can’t ignore shopping but one can surely be a smart consumer. Shopping is not just about buying the things that attract you. Shopping is all about buying worthy products without spending more money.

A happy consumer is the one who buys the best products by paying a reasonable price. Make sure you follow all hopping hacks to save more money and be a happy consumer.

Holidays Shopping Budget Planning

Usually one spends more money on shopping during holidays or vacations. So it is very important to make a different budget for your vacation shopping. Trust me, you will save extra bucks if you plan your vacations frugally.

Well, if you are new in this and getting stuck at preparing your shopping budget then you can look for online budget planning sites. You don’t need to pay any fees here. There are many sites which provide free templates to plan your budget for shopping.

So grab such simple tools and prepare a kickass strategy to save a ton of money on shopping. Smart shopping hacks to save money are very effective.

Learn the art of shopping to save more money

Saving money and frugal living is an art of living. I feel one who learns this art will lead a happier life. This is like learning a new life skill.

You can’t say that in a day or two you can master this frugal living. For me, frugal living is a life long journey. If you start to be frugal then you can easily implement these shopping hacks to save money.

Frugality is all about living life to the fullest and saving money without depriving yourself. So I suggest being more frugal and save extra money on shopping.

So follow all these shopping hacks to save money. Even if you implement some of these shopping hacks then you can witness the effective results from your next shopping. So let me know in the comment box below if you follow any other effective shopping hacks to save money.

Ankita Kamat

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