Raise More Funds in Less Time as a Teenager with Super Effective Ideas!

Ankita Kamat

Thinking about what are good fundraising ideas for teenagers? Want to raise more funds with smart fundraising ideas?

In my current blog, I’m going to share various fundraising ideas that are perfectly suitable for teens. 

What are Good Fundraising Ideas for Teenagers? – 37 Sure Shot Ways

Implement the best fundraising ideas-


Organize Online Quiz Competitions for Teens to Raise Funds

You can organize interesting quiz competitions for students online. For this, charge a little amount to participate in the competition. This way you can raise funds from your fellow teens.

You can organize different types of quiz competitions like science, history, tech, or general knowledge. Students love to participate in such online quiz competitions.


Fundraise by Selling Online Courses as a Teenager

Online courses are the best way to raise funds. You can create unique and useful skill development courses and sell them online.

Many students like to learn new skills. So, you can teach something interesting and new in the form of online courses. If your course is really good then you can sell more and raise more money.


Organize Sunday Fun Tasks to Raise Funds

Sunday is a relaxing day. People usually hang out and stay happy on weekends. So, you can double the Sunday fun by hosting fun tasks every Sunday at different venues to raise funds.

You can also enjoy this with your friends along with raising funds.


Virtual Movie Party is an Effective Idea to Raise Funds

Well, who does not like watching movies? All of us like watching movies. On weekends many people plan a movie night with their friends and family.

You can host a virtual movie party to raise funds. You just have to figure out how to do this effectively. And invite more people to join the movie party and have fun. So, you must not miss such virtual fundraising ideas.


Arrange Spelling Bee Competition for Teenagers to Fundraise

The spelling bee is an old yet popular game among kids and students. Well, even many adults like the spelling bee competitions.

So, you can arrange this competition online. By doing this you can raise funds for your school clubs and meanwhile students will enjoy the competition.


Online Photography Competition to Raise Funds

Youngsters like clicking pictures like nature pictures, pets, etc. And nowadays one can easily click pictures from smartphones. You can look at it as an opportunity to raise funds from photography competitions.

Organize an online photography contest. And ask people to take part in it and submit unique pictures like travel pictures, pets, etc. You can raise money through this contest.


Host a Pet Party to Raise Funds for Teenagers

A Pet party is such an interesting event one can host to raise funds. You can invite all the people with their pets. And don’t forget to keep a donation collecting box with a proper message.

This will be every fun fundraising party where many people will gather with their lovable pets.


Student Art Sale is a Good Way to Raise Funds

You can ask your friends and other students to create art like painting, drawing and all. Then sell them online at reasonable prices. It’s an effective way to raise funds as a teen.

Many people will be showing interest in buying art from students and kids to support them. So, you can implement this, and students and youngsters will also be happy to participate in this.


Create an online DONATION PAGE

Nowadays it’s easy to create an online page or web page. You can create your own online page where people can easily visit and donate money.

Initially, you can tell about this page to your friends, family, your juniors, or seniors. Then gradually more people will come to know about your donation page and people contribute money.


Raise Funds by Organizing Bingo game Online for Teenagers and Students

Bingo is a fun game that many people like. This is a game that is liked by many adults also. You can organize online Bingo games for kids to raise funds.

Many people must know that you are organizing such a game so that more people can participate in that. You can charge some fees to participate in this.


Host a Talent Show for Teens to Drive More Funds

Many parents encourage their kids to show their talents. If you organize a talent show for teens, you can raise more funds.

Keep a minimum entry fee to take part in the talent show so that many teens can participate and raise funds.


Collect Outgrown Shoes and Sell them to Drive Funds

Kids grow so fast. You can ask to donate their outgrown shoes. You can resell such shoes or even auction to raise more funds.

You can voluntarily build a small group of people who can visit parents and collect outgrown shoes.


Sell t-shirts with Digital Designs and Raise Funds

It’s easy-peasy to create a digital design on the t-shirts. You can even sign up on such t-shirt selling websites and create designs digitally and sell t-shirts.

You can raise funds from this t-shirt business. And make sure you create attractive digital designs so that many people buy them.


Collect and Sell Old Toys as a Teenager for Fundraising

Kids will not be kids forever. They stop playing with toys as they start to grow up. So, you can collect old toys from people and sell them to raise funds.

If you and your other teen friends do this together then you can collect more toys. Thus you can get more funds by selling them.


Host Online Board Games to Raise Funds

Board games are almost everyone’s favourite. Everyone likes one or the other type of board game. So, you can raise funds by organizing virtual board games.

If you make a strategy then you can think about many different board games like chess, business, etc. Also, encourage more people and students to participate in that.


Organize Virtual Karaoke Night

Karaoke night will be enjoyed by everyone. Host a virtual Karaoke Night for teens. This will be a good source for fundraising. You can enjoy as well as raise funds through this.

You can host such a virtual karaoke night party on Zoom or through any other online platform. You can invite people by charging a minimum amount. You can also organize this offline.


Organize Online Story Telling Competition for Kids to Raise Funds

Storytelling is such an interesting competition where many will enjoy it. You can host a storytelling competition for kids as well as for adults.

Reward the best storytellers once the competition gets over. And make sure you charge some upfront amount when one wants to take part in this competition so that you can have funds.


Run Campaigns for Teachers by Asking them to Donate Money

Many teachers will be interested in contributing money. You can run an online campaign, especially for teachers to raise funds.

Here you will be particularly focusing on teachers who can donate some part of their salary. So, this will be a kind of specific target to raise funds.


Look for Crowdfunding Sites to Raise Funds as a Teen

Crowdfunding is becoming more popular these days. There are many ways to raise funds through crowdfunding.

You will find different crowdfunding websites online. You can register there and run your own campaigns to raise funds.


Organize Online Comedy Night to Raise Funds

Without humour, life will be boring. And comedy night is something that adds laughter to everyone’s life. All will enjoy being part of comedy night where you can raise funds.

Host an online comedy night where people will become stress-free and donate some money. Here you can charge a fee to join the comedy night. Also, in the end, you can ask people to donate also. When people are in a relaxed mood chances are more that they donate.


Guessing Game will be a Fun Game for School Students

The guessing game is another fun game that kids and students love to play. You can create a different set of guessing games and ask kids to participate online.

If you will be ready to give some interesting rewards then many people will be joining this virtual game. Decide on some registration fees for this so that you can drive funds as a teenager.


Reach out to YouTubers or Social Media Influencers

Collaborate with the YouTubers and with the social media influences to raise funds. These days, YouTubers and influencers are impactful.

You can reach out to them and ask them to help you to raise funds through their social media page or YouTube channel. And you will get a good response from many people if you collaborate with such influences. You can raise more funds virtually.


Host Guest Speaker Series to Raise Funds

Students and almost all people like to listen to successful people. It’s all about motivation and inspiration from such people.

Try to host guest speaker series where you can invite any successful businessman, celebrity, sportsperson etc to share their journey. This can be done virtually. And you can raise funds from hosting such a series.


Raise Funds on Facebook

On Facebook, there is an option to raise funds. You can directly create a campaign on Facebook and start to raise funds. Almost everyone uses Facebook so if you follow a good strategy you can raise more funds.

Also, you can join different groups on Facebook too where people will be willing to donate money.


Raise Funds from Discussion and Q & A Sessions

Hosting a Q & A session or discussion that will benefit people will help you to drive funds. You can consider an expert in a particular field to host particular discussions online which will be more interactive.

People love to interact and attend Q & A sessions which help them to learn something good. You can host such a series of discussions and ask people to register to attend them. Like this, raise funds from this.


Create an Online Book Club to Raise Funds

Book lovers like to get together and discuss a lot of things about books and their favorite authors. You can create such a platform for book lovers and keep a subscription option to raise funds from it.

Encourage book lovers to join the online tribe. This can be a virtual meeting or discussion about books. And it will be a practical way to raise funds.


Host a Virtual Design Contest to Raise Funds

It can be any type of design contest like logo making, digital banners, infographics etc. You should also decide the prizes for winners so that people will be motivated to participate.

Tell about this contest and promote it so that many people can participate. You can drive funds from registration fees.


Online Art Gallery to Raise Funds

Art connects with everyone. You can create a virtual art gallery where people can visit online platforms and enjoy the artwork.

You can also give them the option to buy the art that they like. And along with that, you can create a “donation” option where people can donate money even if they don’t buy any art. This way fundraising will be quick and effective.


Raise Funds by Conducting Online Yoga Classes for Teenagers

Yoga classes will be beneficial for teenagers who are health conscious. If you have already got training in Yoga as a teen then you can conduct classes by yourself.

If not then you can hire a Yoga expert who can conduct classes. Promote this so that interested candidates can come forward and register for classes. Also, you can collaborate with yoga instructors and earn a commission if people join through you.


Raise Funds During Birthday Parties of Kids and Teens

If there are kids at your house, you can raise funds during their birthday parties. Also, you can tell your friends and family too to support you and help you in fundraising through birthday parties.

Also, you can create an online page for birthday donations where people can visit on happily and heartily donate some funds.


Face Painting is a Creative Option to Raise Funds

Kinds. teens and parents will enjoy this task. You can either arrange this as a competition or even just as a fun event.

Charge some fees to take part in this. You can even try sponsorships to organize such events. Then let people know that you are supporting a good cause by raising funds so that they voluntarily donate funds.


As a Teenager You Can Sell Candles and Raise Funds

Sell candles in the church and let people know that you are raising funds for a good cause. And if you sell candles during Christmas time then many people will buy from you.

This way raise funds from selling candles.


Make Partnerships with Online Businesses to Get Funds

It can be any business online where you can reach out to business owners to collaborate with them and raise funds. Many businessmen believe in charity and also donate funds to support different causes.

So, you can ask such business people to donate some amount of profit to school clubs. Along with that, you can also collaborate with them in any other ways to raise more funds.


Raise Funds from Online Exercise Classes

Fitness and health are important for everyone. And nowadays people also look for online classes to get fit and healthy.

So, you can create an online exercise class for different age groups. This will motivate people and also people will be ready to pay some amount to join fitness classes. So, this is also one of the ways to raise funds virtually.


Organize Video Game Tournament for Kids and Teens for Raising Funds

Kids and teenagers really enjoy playing different video games. So, you can organize such video game tournaments and raise funds from tournaments.

You can do this separately for kids and for teens. This way you can drive more funds.


Serve Coffee in the Morning and Raise Funds

Morning coffee will drive more donations. You can choose places like a park or garden where people walk in the morning.

You will get more customers there who love to have morning coffee.


Sell Ice-Creams with Intention to Raise Funds

Sell ice-creams and raise funds. You can even make a team and put more ice-cream stalls to sell more and raise funds.

Also, give a message to people that you are raising funds for a specific cause.

So, try these fundraising ideas to raise funds as a teenager. Let me know which idea you liked from the list and which one you want to implement first.      

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