About Me

Hi,  I’m Ankita Kamat, the enthusiastic advocate of frugality in your friendly cyber neighborhood and I’m thrilled that you’ve stopped by. If you’re here, it probably means you share my passion for living a more mindful and economically savvy life. Well, you’re in the right place 🙂

Like many, I stumbled upon frugality in my early twenties when I realized that my spending habits were not aligned with my aspirations. Determined to make a change, I started exploring the world of personal finance and frugal living. What began as a quest for financial stability evolved into a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Through trial and error, I learned to budget effectively, cut unnecessary expenses and adopt a minimalist mindset.

The result? Not only did my financial situation improve, but I also felt a newfound sense of contentment and freedom.

Ankita Kamat

The Frugalist

The Rich Invest Their Money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.


– Robert Kiyosaki

Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad


My accolades are a testament to my hard work and dedication and I am grateful for the recognition and support I have received.

Spend Wisely, Live Richly

I am on a mission to adapt to every aspect of frugal living and encouraging more youngsters to do the same.


Frugal Beat

Empower Financial Freedom

I aim to empower my readers with the knowledge and resources to break free from the shackles of financial stress and debt. Through my content, I guide you toward making informed financial decisions that allow you to achieve your dreams and lead a life of financial freedom.

Empower Women in Finance

I am dedicated to empowering women to take charge of their finances. I will focus on bridging the gender wealth gap by providing tailored financial advice and resources for women.

Promote Sustainable Living

I believe that responsible consumption and mindful living are not only frugal but also essential for the well-being of our planet.