About Me

Hi. I’m Ankita Kamat and I’m the Founder of Frugal Beat. I’m here to help you adapt to frugality happily.  I love learning things that make life better. And so, I have begun to adapt to frugal living as a way of life.

I am 24 years old and have spent the better part of my being dedicating myself to a more thrifty and resourceful way of everyday living. Living frugally has changed my life. And hence I wish to share my learnings with all of you.

Being Prudent as a Woman

As a young woman in my 20s, I felt the need of being prudent about my resources early in life because I know that is the best way to be for me.

In order to have a lifestyle that is empowering and non-conforming in the near future, I need to be thrifty now and invest in a decent future. That for me is the path to be free.


My Blogs

If you share my thoughts on frugal living, then feel free to know more about this aspect of wellness and financial health through my various blogs.

I am more than happy to assist you in adapting towards a life full of frugality, freedom and emanciption.

My Core Philosophy


I am on a mission to adapt to every aspect of frugal living and encouraging more youngsters to do the same.


My life’s motto is gaining complete personal an financial freedom by dedicating to thriftiness.


My intent is to stay resourceful with my earnings and savings. This is my way of investing in the future.


My goal is to invest my present to make a radiant future full of empowerment. Also, to build my tribe of frugal beings.


My vision is to inspire my generation to get onboard with minimalisma and a resourceful life.

The World is Catching up to my Frugality

Being Frugal is Worth it!!

For me frugal being is not a destination, it’s a lifelong endless journey. Day-by-day I’m learning to be more frugal. Every aspect of it is totally worth it. I’m beginning to experience it. So should you. 

Many people think frugal living makes their life boring. But in reality, frugal living helps you reach your desired goals faster. My primary intent as a frugality promoter and also as a thrifty being myself is to bring about an awareness in the way youngsters like myself think about money.

Frugal Beat is committed to holistic living

Add Extra to your Livelihood Means

In the last few years, I’ve added some passive income streams to my portfolio and would love to share them with all the like minded people. These streams have acted like hands on opportunities sitting right underneath me.

All they were waiting for was to be explored. You can explore them too just like I did. Let’s walk towards financial independence together.



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