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Ankita Kamat

‘Ankita Kamat’s journey as a Blogger’- When I look back and analyze my journey it makes me feel satisfied every time. I never regret that I had quit my job to learn blogging.

I’m in my 20s and I’ve started my blogging journey just a few years ago. Today many of my friends and even people on social media recognize Ankita Kamat as a Blogger, who’s interested in writing.

So, I’m somebody who is named Ankita Kamat and blogging is my passion. Here I would like to share my blogging journey with you.

Ankita Kamat's Journey as a Blogger

Ankita Kamat’s Journey as a Blogger, who is EARNING MONEY online

Today I really feel happy to introduce myself as the Founder of FRUGAL BEAT. As 24 years old girl, I came up with a meaningful blog Frugal Beat, in 2019. This blog is all about frugal living and personal finance.

But my blogging journey started at the age of 22. I sowed the thought of ‘blogging’ in my mind as a youngster and slowly it started to grow. Blogging came into my life as a challenge also as an opportunity to grow in life financially, also overall growth.

To be honest, I did not know anything about blogging until the age of 22. In fact, I did not even know how to turn on and turn off a smartphone and laptop at that time. So I could not even imagine that ‘blogging’ exists in this world. Technology plays a crucial role in blogging.

Ankita Kamat's Journey as a Blogger

How Ankita Kamat has chosen Blogging as a career?

Sometimes I really wonder how I have landed up in blogging. But as a common girl who has completed graduation, I was also having the same mindset as to get a job, earn money. I was also thinking that doing a good job, earning money and saving some part of the income. That’s all, this is life.

I joined a coaching center, I started to prepare for bank jobs to set my career where one usually gets financial security. At this phase also I did not know that blogging would become my career.

Finally one fine day, I started to watch YouTube to get information about bank exams and bank jobs. Then somehow I came to know about YouTubers and bloggers. Along with preparing for bank jobs, I started my own blog. This was the beginning of my blogging journey.

Blogging was my SIDE HUSTLE

In the initial days, I had chosen the niche that was related to bank exam subjects. I had chosen that because I wanted to boost my studies. I thought that if I would start a blog and YouTube channel on such topics that would be helpful for me to understand the subjects well. So it was a side hustle.

After some days I involved more in learning about blogging and YouTube. I felt that very interesting. Then gradually I started to realize that blogging is also a good career option. I started to explore more in blogging. This is how Ankita Kamat’s journey as a Blogger began.

How I Managed Money to Start my FIRST BLOG with 200 INR?

I was 22 and not having any income source. I was having my first blog on Google’s Blogger, which is a free platform. But I wanted to have my own domain and hosting to make my blog better.

So first I bought a domain name by paying around 200 INR. But I was thinking about how to arrange money to buy a hosting plan.

So I published some ebooks online through Instamojo and earned some money in the span of 3-4 months. This was my life’s first earning. Then I moved my blog to WordPress as I earned some money to invest to set up my blog in a good way.

But still, I felt that something was missing and I had to learn more about blogging. I felt like I should take professional help to learn about blogging. But again I was just left with a bottom dollar, I was not able to invest money to learn professional blogging.

Ankita Kamat's Journey as a Blogger

I Earned Money from a Job and Invested to Learn Professional Blogging

As I was not able to invest money to learn professional blogging I decided to take a job and start to earn. I was looking for some job opportunities and finally, I got one. Well, the pay was chicken feed even though I was doing a lot of hard work there.

Yet, I had the satisfaction that I was earning money and I could learn blogging very well. I used to save around 70% of my income. You may wonder how can a youngster in the 20s save too much money. But my mind was so clear that I wanted to save as much as possible so that I learn professional blogging with that money.

Then I quit my job after some months. And somewhere I also felt, that job was not suitable for me as that was not matching with my interests. I immediately connected with a professional blogger and started to take a mentorship program to learn blogging.

I Launched my blog FRUGAL BEAT with the help of my Mentor

I reached out to Akriti Mattu, who is the founder of Blogging Elementary. I should say that my actual blogging journey started with the help of her guidance. I’ve learned so many new things about blogging. And launched my blog Frugal Beat.

Ankita Kamat’s journey as a Blogger has become meaningful because of the right guidance from the right mentor.

Choosing the ‘Frugal Living’ niche for Ankita Kamat’s Blog

Personal finance is the topic that makes me so curious and also it is very important for everyone. I’ve learned the importance of frugal living in my life. So I’ve chosen this niche for my blog.

I started to save money in my childhood. Since my school days, I have a lot of interest in personal finance. And not only I’m interested but also practically I’ve implemented so many things in life when it comes to frugal living and earning money in the 20s.

Even when I started to earn money from my job I experimented a lot with investments. I tried SIP, mutual funds and much more. I figured out some passive income streams to grow financially in my 20s. So, as I’ve some knowledge and experience I’ve chosen this niche to create awareness among others.

Ankita Kamat's Journey as a Blogger

Why I did not ask for Money from my Parents for Blogging?

You may have this question -“Why Ankita did not ask for money from her parents to start her blog or to learn blogging?” Well, I really did not want to ask for money from my mom dad when it comes to blogging.

For me, blogging is my passion and dream. I wanted to sponsor my dream with my own money. And I feel that for youngsters it’s so easy to ask for money from parents and spend. But trust me, sponsoring your dream with your own money is so satisfying.

The thought of blogging helped me to support my dream financially

It’s quite easy to get money and financial support from loved ones. But earning money on your own and struggling to reach your goal or dream in life has its own charm. At the end of the day, I feel so happy and satisfied that I took action to protect my dream which is to become a blogger.

This makes me happy to say that this is Ankita Kamat’s journey as a blogger.

How Blogging is Helping me to Improve my Life?

Blogging is helping me in many ways. Day by day I’m growing a lot by learning and implementing new things.

1. Blogging is helping me to figure out more income-generating sources

As a professional blogger, I’ve come to know that there are various ways to monetize the blog. And gradually I’m heading towards exploring more opportunities online to make money as a blogger.

Also as my niche itself is related to money I would like to do a lot of research and experiment with different income streams online. So that can I share my own experiences regarding online money-making opportunities and money-saving ideas with my readers.

I came to know different sources of income and ideas which could be a good source of income.

2. I’m working on creativity due to Blogging

Blogging does not just mean writing an article and publishing online. It also includes no many things like creating infographics, posting good content on social media and much more.

So blogging is helping me to think more and use creativity. I’m polishing my skills. And one thing I’ve raised that one should focus on learning and polishing skills.

Skills help to generate income online also overall growth of a person is possible due to skills.

3. Blogging helps me to make a connection with a lot of people globally

If I write and publish a blog people all over the world read it. Currently, many of my blogs are ranking on Google’s 1st position. So people will find my blog on the search engine and this is how I make a connect with more people.

Even this helps me to build a professional network with more people. People and bloggers from different countries reached out to me to submit their writings regarding frugal living and personal finance on my blog Frugal Beat.

Also, some people asked me to write a guest post on their website. So is how I’m able to connect with other bloggers as well.

4. Learning to make decisions as I’m the boss of my work

As blogging and bloggers are independent, I’ve to decide each and everything for my blog. Of course, I take help from my mentor before making any big changes or experimenting with completely new things in blogging.

But when it comes to day-to-day activities related to blogging I have to decide the things. This is like I have the freedom to work independently.

I feel that my writings, my work, my infographics are the reflection of my thoughts. I’ve to decide how to make my blog and blogging better. I’ve to decide on which things I should invest my time more. All these things helping me to take decisions. So blogging is a mixture of so many actions.

5. Blogging is helping me to improve my communication skill

As blogging is helping me to connect with more people I’m working on my communication skill. I’ve learned so many things like – how to respond in a good way while communicating through emails, how to reach out to people on social media platforms etc.

Communication plays a crucial role in blogging. It may be verbal communication, written communication or visual communication.

How Ankita Kamat is Earning MONEY from BLOGGING?

Well, there are many ways to monetize one’s blog. On my blog Frugal Beat I’ve also kept some important monetization options open like ads, affiliate marketing, guest posts, referral programs. Gradually I’m learning about more income opportunities from blogging.

I always make sure that whatever monetization option I choose that should not be bad for my readers. For example, I talk about and recommend any money-saving app or money investing app only if I’ve used that personally or after doing a lot of research. This is how I make money from my blog.

Ankita Kamat created a community that is connected to Frugal Beat Blog

As I like blogging and writing I started to respond to the questions related to frugal living and personal finance on Quora. Then I’ve thought to build a community to bring people together who want to learn about saving money and earning money opportunities. Thus I created a space on Quora.

In this community, I’ve more 3.5K plus members and more people are joining this group to learn about money matters. You can also be part of my tribe on Quora to learn about frugal living and money management. I can say that the community a part of my Frugal Beat blog.

Ankita Kamat's Journey as a Blogger

How Ankita Kamat’s blog posts are useful for youngsters?

As I write about important and practical money-saving tips youngsters get a lot of benefits who want to inculcate money-saving habits. I’m also in 20s and I know how one seeks financial stability in one’s 20s. So my blog posts help people to adapt to frugal living.

To be honest I get messages or emails from teenagers and people in their 20s who genuinely give positive feedback regarding my blog posts. Also, some teenagers and youngsters reached out to me to ask about money investment, passive income ideas and also about blogging.

Every time I feel happy that youngsters are getting benefits from the Frugal Beat blog. I believe that youngsters should explore new opportunities to make money. Also one should learn to manage money smartly by being frugal.

This is all about Ankita Kamat’s journey as a Blogger. I’ve experienced the importance of frugal living and money management. So my blog Frugal Beat is the reflection of my thoughts and experiences.

Ankita Kamat

I'm Ankita Kamat, the creator of Frugal Beat, a blog dedicated to frugal living. Join me in exploring practical ways to save money, reduce waste and live a purposeful life. Let's embrace frugality as a lifestyle together.