Can Hindi Writers Make Money on Instagram? YES, GET 9 IDEAS

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“Can Hindi writers make money on Instagram?” – Do you write in the Hindi language and want to earn money from your writing? Well, you can think about Instagram to do so.

On Instagram, you will find many English writers, Hindi writers and also other regional language writers. And they also get a lot of writing opportunities and make money online from their writings.

In this current blog, I’m going to discuss if it is possible for Hindi writers to earn money on Instagram and if yes, then what are the opportunities.

Can Hindi Writers Make Money on Instagram?

Can Hindi Writers Make Money on Instagram?

Yes, Hindi writers can make money on Instagram. Hindi writers also get money earning opportunities on social media like Instagram.

Instagram is growing day by day and many people are newly joining Instagram. So if you are a Hindi writer then it’s time to explore some money-making ways online. Trust me, Indian people can also earn money online.

How can Hindi Writers Make Money on Instagram? – 9 EFFECTIVE WAYS

Hindi writers can monetize their writing on Instagram with different options to make money. But initially, one has to put in some effort. And in the long run, even Hindi writers can even earn passive income from Instagram.

Let’s see some effective ways to earn on Instagram.

1. Get sponsorships to EARN MONEY on Instagram

If you maintain consistency on Instagram and having a good audience engagement then chances are high that you can get sponsorships. Many Indian brands or organizations offer sponsorships to grow their reach.

This is how you can charge per post to earn well. In fact, even if you have 1000 to 10k followers on your page with good engagement then you can approach brands or even small companies for sponsorships.

2. On Instagram Sell your Hindi eBooks and MAKE MONEY

If you have published a Hindi ebook or even books then you can give the link of your book in your profile bio. Also, create posts on Instagram about your book and how that will help readers.

Like this, you will reach more people and the chances of selling your books will also increase. This is how you can earn money. And publishing ebooks is absolutely free nowadays.

3. Create personalized Hindi greeting cards and a coffee mug with HINDI WRITINGS

Handmade greeting cards and gifts are so lovely. Even today many people like to receive personalized handmade cards and gifts. Currently, there are more mostly English writers who are doing this. So if you are a Hindi writer then there is an opportunity for you in this case.

You can create greeting cards and write Hindi messages on them and sell them on Instagram. It may be birthday greeting cards or any festival cards. Also, try printing your writings on a coffee mug. All such things will be your source of income through Instagram.

4. You can collab with other Hindi writers and scale up your EARNING

You can find many other Hindi writers on Instagram. So if you want then you can collab with them to grow your audience reach.

This will help you to build a network with other Hindi writers and thereby you will get more earning opportunities. In any field the more you build your network the more you get opportunities to grow and earn.

5. CONNECT with the People who review BOOKS

I’ve seen that there are many people on Instagram who love reading and they read and write reviews about the books. As a Hindi writer, you can reach out to them and tell them about your book.

They will read your book and publish reviews on their Instagram account. By doing this you will get more visibility online and your Hindi books or writings will reach the right audience who love to read. This is how your readers will increase and you will earn more by selling more copies.

6. Publish ANTHOLOGYY and EARN well

If you really have a good number of audiences on Instagram and also on other social media platforms then think about publishing anthologies. You will find many Hindi writers on Instagram who will be ready to submit their writings for the anthology.

You can look at some Instagram pages how they are reaching out to new Hindi writers and want to publish anthologies. So you can also publish and earn money on such books.

7. Join REFERRAL programs and make EXTRA MONEY

There are many referral programs that you can join and earn monetary benefits. For example, there may be any organization or companies that may be conducting any writing competition. So you can refer that to your followers on Instagram.

And if they get registered for that competition then you will earn some commission. Also, there may be people who have online writing courses so you can refer to such programs and earn a commission. As you are a Hindi writer you can easily build a network with other writers and refer to such things.

8. Reach out to other Hindi Bloggers and become a CONTENT CREATOR

On Instagram, there are also Hindi bloggers who hire content creators for Instagram and other social media platforms. So as somebody who is good at Hindi writing you can create captions and posts for them in Hindi and get paid.

Also, you can connect with more than one such Hindi bloggers in future days to create content. This will boost your income. You can explore many opportunities as a Hindi content creator online.

9. You can participate in some writing competitions on Instagram and win CASH PRIZES

There are some quite good pages on Instagram that arranges Hindi writing competitions also English writing competitions on a regular basis. You can register for such competitions and if you win then you will earn cash prizes.

But I feel that one should not participate in writing competitions where cash prizes are decided on the basis of just comments and likes. I personally don’t like such activities. I feel this is not fair. So participate in genuine and good competitions.

What can one Write in Hindi on Instagram to Earn Money?

As a Hindi writer, you can decide which type of writing form you want to choose on Instagram. To make money on Instagram you can write Hindi quotes, Hindi short stories, Hindi thoughts, Hindi poems and even small articles.

How to make money on Instagram by writing in Hindi?

Hindi writers can create an Instagram account and start to write their own quotes in Hindi. In the beginning, focus more on audience engagement. As you get more active followers you can monetize your Instagram page with many options like sponsorships, affiliate marketing etc.

Making Money From Hindi Quotes

You can daily write one or two lines of Quotes and upload them on Instagram.

Let me tell you that many people love to read Hindi meaningful quotes on Instagram. So grab this opportunity and grow as a Hindi Quote writer on Instagram. So if you are thinking about how to earn money from Instagram in India then try this.


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Earn Money From Hindi Story Writing

People love reading stories. And if you are someone who can write short stories then you can publish them on Instagram in the form of captions.

Improve your storytelling art by adding good images also. Also, you can publish your own ebook also and give the link in your profile bio. So if people start to like reading your Hindi stories then they will purchase your ebook also.

Write poems on Instagram and Earn

There are many different niches that you can choose to write poems such as children’s poems, women’s poems or any other particular niche. By this, you can target a particular audience and build followers.

The more specific niche you have the more active audience you will get on Instagram. When your active readers will increase you can choose many monetization options.

Article writing on Instagram to generate income

I’ve seen that there are many fashion bloggers who are there on Instagram. If you are also interested in this category then you can choose a sub-niche in the fashion industry and post good images and also write articles about fashion topics.

There are many affiliate programs that you can apply to once you start to get more active followers. Also, you can get more sponsorship programs in future days because the fashion industry is a huge industry. Earning opportunities are more.

How Much Money Can a Writer Expect on Instagram?

Well, as Instagram itself does not pay any fixed amount to anyone, it depends on several factors. You can earn anywhere from 100 INR to lakhs as well. Yes, there is no upper limit in learning it depends on your hard work and smart work.

Imagine you create a handmade greeting card with your own writings on it and if you charge 100 INR per piece then you earn 100 INR. Like this, you have to decide how you monetize your writings. Just experiment a lot when it comes to earning money on Instagram.

There is a scope for Hindi Writers to Earn On Social Media like Insta

According to a survey people are searching and using their regional languages on the internet more than before. Hindi readers are increasing rapidly on the internet. So more opportunities are waiting for Hindi writers on the internet like social media.

According to Statista, in India 120 million people are Instragam users. So you can imagine the scope of earning money on Instagram as a Hindi writer. In India, the majority of people use English and Hindi language on the internet.

Can Hindi Writers Make Money on Instagram?

Things to consider to boost your earnings on Instagram

Every social media platform is useful but writers should choose online platforms wisely when it comes to earning money from writing. Instagram is very useful, but as a writer, you should make the best use of this platform.

1. Make sure your writings get more comments and engagement on Instagram

As a writer, you should not only focus on a number of likes but you should also engage readers in a good way. Know your audience and try to get comments from them. If you get a good number you comments on your posts you will grow well on Instagram. Thereby income opportunities will be boosted.

2. Start to write and publish from today itself on the Instagram

Right now as per my observation the competition is low to moderate when it comes to Hindi writing on Instagram. So do not delay. This is the chance for you to build your Hindi audience and explore this platform very well. If you delay you may lose some money-making opportunities.

3. Be more regular at writing as consistency is the key

You don’t need to post 10 things per day on Instagram. But maintain consistency. Well, on the internet content is the king. People, brands or companies will reach out to you if you are visible on the internet as a writer. And to be more visible and earn more you have to be more consistent on Instagram and other platforms.

Hindi Writers can Bring Impact on the Internet and Earn Passive Income

Some people say that they do not get an opportunity to earn money as a Hindi writer. But if you observe how social media like Instagram works in writers’ favor you can actually get a lot of benefits.

You have the power to help and bring changes to people’s life by writing and sharing your thoughts in your language. If you really write what readers want to read on Instagram then earning opportunities will knock on your door.

As you grow as a writer and people start to recognize you as a Hindi writer you will create more passive income sources for you online. You can write a book, it is a one-time effort but your books will be sold well if you build the right audience on Instagram and other social media platforms.

So if you are thinking about can Hindi Writers Make Money on Instagram? Yes, Hindi writers can earn well. Just make simple strategies and explore all the different ideas and opportunities that I’ve discussed here. Now it’s your time as a Hindi writer to earn money online.

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