Budget-Friendly and Tasty Snacks for Indian Kids to Celebrate Birthday!

Ankita Kamat

Thinking about what are the cheap birthday party snacks for Indian children? Want to choose delicious snacks for kids’ birthday parties on your budget?

In my current blog, I’ve come up with varieties of budget-friendly snacks ideas for Indian kids for birthday celebrations.

33 Cheap Birthday Party Snacks for Indian Children

Try these tasty and cheap birthday party food ideas for children-


Stuffed Monaco Biscuit Shev Puri is a Perfect Cheap Snacks for Birthday Party

Budget-friendly Monaco biscuits topped with spicy potato filling. This is a creative and affordable twist on the classic shev puri. Kids will enjoy these tasty party snacks.


Budget-Friendly Pav Bhaji for Kids’ Indian Birthday Party

Mixed vegetable curry served with buttered pav (bun) is an affordable street food option for a birthday party on your budget. You just need pav bhaji masala, buns and vegetables like potato and green peas.


Corn-Cheese Balls are Cheap and Kid-Friendly Snacks for Party

Combine corn, cheese, and spices, shape into balls, coat with breadcrumbs, and fry to a golden crunch. All these ingredients are budget-friendly and kids love these cheese balls at birthday parties.


Green Pea and Paneer Tikki is Cheap and Tasty Snacks

Mashed peas and paneer seasoned with spices, formed into patties, and pan-fried. This is affordable and delicious Indian snacks for children’s birthday parties.


Cheap and Easy Garlic Potato Rings for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Dip potato rings in a garlic-infused batter, then deep-fry until crispy. A simple, budget-friendly twist on a classic snack for kids’ birthday parties.


Cost-Effective Potato Pops is Perfect Option for a Party Snacks

Mashed potatoes mixed with spices, shaped into pops, and deep-fried until golden. This is an economical, bite-sized treat for birthday parties.


Low-Budget Aloo Tikki Sandwich for a Birthday Party of Kids

Spiced potato patties sandwiched between bread slices. You can quickly prepare budget-friendly aloo tikki and use bread slices for making sandwiches for a kid’s birthday party.


Include Masala Peanuts in Birthday Party Snacks on Your Budget

Peanuts coated in a flavorful mix of spices and roasted to perfection. This is a budget-friendly and crunchy snack for kids’ birthday parties.


Indian Vada Pav is Best Suitable for Budget-Friendly Kids’ Birthday Party Snacks Idea

Spiced potato fritter in a pav with chutneys is an iconic and cost-effective street food favorite for parties. Kids will enjoy this food.


Cost-Effective and Tasty Corn Bhel for a Child’s Birthday Party

Corn mixed with chopped veggies, spices, and chutneys is an affordable and flavorful twist on the classic bhel puri. Indian kids find this delicious to have during birthday parties.


Budget-Friendly Oven-Baked Pumpkin Fries are Tasty Snacks for a Party

Toss pumpkin sticks in oil, salt, and spices. Bake until crispy. This is a new type of snack to add to a kid’s birthday party on your budget.


Potato Chips are Evergreen Budget-Friendly Snacks Option for a Birthday Party

Slice potatoes thin, deep-fry to golden perfection, then sprinkle with salt and your favorite seasonings. You can either make these chips at home or you can buy ready-made potato chips as well on your budget.


Budget-Friendly Banana Cupcakes for a Birthday Party

Moist cupcakes made with mashed bananas. This is a simple and budget-friendly sweet treat for a kid’s birthday party. Just use budget-friendly ripe bananas and wheat flour as main ingredients to make this snack.


Potato French Fries are Kid-Friendly Snacks for Parties

Cut potatoes into sticks, deep-fry until golden brown, and season to taste. This is a cost-effective and beloved party snack for kids.


Chole Tikki Chaat is Cheap and Tasty Indian Birthday Party Snack

Spiced chickpea patties topped with chutneys and yogurt. This is a flavorful and budget-friendly chaat option for birthday parties. You can easily make chickpeas patties and chutney at home on your budget.


Baked Methi Mathri is Suitable Snack Option for a Kid’s 

Knead wheat flour, fenugreek, and spices, then bake until crunchy. This is a savory, low-cost alternative to store-bought snacks for a kid’s birthday party.


Cheese Straw with Wheat Flour is Cheap and Best Party Snack

Twist wheat flour and cheese into straws and then bake until golden. This is an inexpensive and cheesy delight for children’s birthday parties.


Microwave Golpapdi is an Affordable Indian Snack for Parties

Mix ghee, wheat flour, and jaggery, then microwave until set. This is an easy to make snack for a kid’s birthday party on your budget.


Budget-Friendly Jowar Sesame Bread Sticks for a Birthday Treat

Combine jowar flour, sesame, and spices, then bake until crisp. This is a wholesome and cost-effective choice for a kid’s birthday party in India.


Cost-Effective Chocolate Chip Cookies for a Child’s Birthday Party

Classic cookies made with budget-friendly ingredients like flour, sugar, and chocolate chips are perfect snacks. Bake these cookies by mixing all the ingredients and kids will enjoy having such sweet cookies.


Cheap and Tasty Cheesy Baked Zucchini Fries for Indian Birthday Parties

Coat zucchini sticks in cheese and breadcrumbs, then bake until golden. This is a low-cost, flavorful snack for kids.


Budget-Friendly Pani Puri is a Mouthwatering Snack for a Birthday Party

Hollow puris filled with a mix of spicy, tangy water, potatoes, and chickpeas is the best choice for a kid’s birthday party. Kids as well as adults like to eat pani puri in India.


Low-Cost Bhel Puri is Delicious Snack for Children’s Birthday Parties

Bhel (puffed rice) mixed with veggies, chutneys, and spices tastes delicious. This is a budget-friendly snack idea to prepare at a kid’s birthday party.


Chilli Baby Corn is a Spicy Snack to Prepare for Birthday Treats on Your Budget

Baby corn coated in spicy batter, deep-fried snack is kid-friendly and budget-friendly. You can try this crunchy appetizer for your kid’s birthday parties.


Cheesy Sweet Corn for Kids’ Birthday Parties on Budget

Corn kernels mixed with cheese and spices are tasty and affordable snacks. Kids and adults will enjoy having these budget-friendly snacks at party time.


Budget-Friendly Bread Pizza for Indian Kids’ Birthday Party

Bread slices topped with pizza sauce, veggies, and cheese is a quick and economical alternative to traditional pizza. Kids will enjoy these bread pizzas as a birthday treat.


Cost-Effective Dhokla for Children’s Birthday Parties

Dhokla are steamed fermented gram flour cakes. This is a spongy, savory, and economical option for a party snack on your budget. 


Tasty Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas are Budget-Friendly Snacks

Sliced bananas pan-fried with cinnamon and sugar are snacks that kids will enjoy. This is an easy to make snack with the cheapest fruit banana.


Low-Budget Banana Chocolate Chip Bars is a Good Option for a Birthday Party Snack

Banana and chocolate chip mix baked into chewy bars are budget-friendly food for a kid’s birthday party.


Budget-Friendly Banana Buns for Kids’ Birthday Party

Fried dough with a banana filling is a sweet and budget-friendly choice for a unique snack at gatherings like kids birthday parties.


Moong Dal Namkeen is Cheap and Best Indian Snack  

Roasted moong dal seasoned with spices is an economical and tasty snack that kids as well as adults like to eat. You can even buy ready-made moong dal namkeen for your kid’s birthday party on your budget.


Wheat Dates Cookies for Kids’ Birthday Party on Budget

Blend wheat flour, dates, and butter, then bake until golden. This is a nutritious and budget-friendly cookie option for Indian kids’ birthday party celebrations.


Cheap and Tasty Potato Smiley Snack for Birthday Parties of Children

Shape mashed potatoes into smiley faces, bake until golden. This is a fun and cost-effective snack option for kids. You just need budget-friendly potatoes as a main ingredient.

So, you can try these cheap and easy homemade snacks for a birthday party. Children will find these snacks very tasty and you can celebrate your kid’s birthday on your budget.

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