Delicious and Budget-Friendly Dessert Ideas to Celebrate a Kid’s Birthday Party!

Ankita Kamat

Wondering what are the perfect cheap dessert ideas for a children’s birthday party? Want to offer a sweet treat on your kid’s birthday without breaking a bank balance?

In my current blog, I’ve come up with budget-friendly dessert options for a kid’s birthday.

31 Cheap Dessert Ideas for a Children’s Birthday Party with Pleasant Taste

Try these cheap party desserts for kids’ birthday celebrations-


Budget-Friendly Strawberry Jam Cake for Kids

Moist vanilla cake layered with strawberry jam. This is a simple and affordable sweet cake for kids to enjoy birthday parties.


Molten Chocolate Cake for Children’s Birthday Party on Budget

Gooey chocolate center in a budget-friendly cake. This is a delightful surprise for kids during a birthday party celebration.


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Cost-Effective Apple Crumble is the Best Dessert Option for Kids’ Birthday Party

Mix of baked apples with a budget-friendly crumb topping is a perfect dessert on your budget for a kid’s birthday celebration.


Budget-Friendly Banana Bread for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Moist and flavorful banana bread is a timeless and economical treat loved by kids that you can prepare on your budget.


Cheap and Tasty Banana Nutella Crepe for a Child’s Birthday Party Treat

Thin crepes filled with affordable Nutella and banana slices is a tasty dessert option for children.


Cost-Effective Fudgy Brownies for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Fudgy brownies are a chocolatey delight for kids’ birthday parties.


Cheap and Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies for Children’s Party Food

Classic, chewy cookies with budget-friendly chocolate chips is a kid-friendly sweet snack for birthday celebration.


Affordable Chocolate Pudding with Olive Oil and Sea Salt for Children

Creamy chocolate pudding elevated with a touch of olive oil and sea salt is a simple dessert option to celebrate a kid’s birthday.


Banana Pudding is a Cheap and Best Dessert Idea for Children’s Birthday Party

Layers of budget-friendly ingredients like bananas, vanilla wafers, and pudding for a tasty dessert is a kid-friendly birthday party food.


Cost-Effective Sweet and Crispy Apple Turnover for a Child’s Birthday Party

Flaky pastry filled with cinnamon-spiced apples is a budget-friendly treat for children at a birthday party.


Low-Cost Grilled Apricots is a Unique Dessert Idea for Kids

Affordable apricots lightly grilled for a sweet and slightly smoky flavor is a unique and budget-friendly dessert to serve kids during a birthday party.


Budget-Friendly Blueberry Peach Cobbler is a Flavourful Dessert Idea for Kids’ Birthday

Prepare a budget-friendly cobbler by combining blueberries and peaches for a delightful burst of flavor. This is a fresh fruity dessert  idea on your budget.


Cost-Effective Coca-Cola Cake for Kids

A simple chocolate cake made with the addition of Coca-Cola is a budget-friendly and tasty dessert for children.


Delicious Fudgy Pumpkin Brownie Bites for Kids’ Birthday Party

Moist pumpkin brownie bites is a mouthwatering dessert for children for celebrating a birthday party on budget.


Affordable and Tasty Cake Cookies for a Child’s Birthday Party

Make cookies by using cake mix. This is a budget-friendly option with endless flavour possibilities to serve kids during a birthday celebration party.


Budget-Friendly Dark Chocolate Dipped Bananas for Kids

Budget-friendly bananas coated in dark chocolate is a healthier treat for kids to celebrate a birthday.


Tasty Coffee Cake for Children’s Birthday Party on Budget

Cinnamon-spiced coffee cake is a budget-friendly choice for a birthday celebration of kids. 


Cheap Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars for Kids’ Birthday Treat 

Prepare chewy bars by combining budget-friendly peanut butter and chocolate chips. This is a budget-friendly dessert idea for children.


Cost-Effective Cinnamon Roll Microwave Mug Cake for Children

A quick and affordable cinnamon roll-flavored mug cake is a perfect dessert for individual servings.


Budget-Friendly Chocolate Popsicles for Kids

Homemade chocolate popsicles made with budget-friendly ingredients like milk and chocolate,  a cool and sweet treat for kids’ birthday parties.


Easy and Budget-Friendly Sweet Coconut Rough Bites for Children

Simple and budget-friendly coconut and chocolate bites, offering a satisfying crunch for kids to celebrate a birthday party.


Quick 2 Ingredient Ice Cream is a Cost-Effective Dessert for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Budget-friendly ice cream made with just two ingredients like condensed milk and whipping cream, an easy and customizable frozen delight for kids.


Affordable Apple Pie Bites for Children’s Birthday Parties

Miniature apple pies with a budget-friendly crust. This is a bite-sized treat for the kids’ celebration parties.


Budget-Friendly and Tasty White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse for Children’s Parties

White chocolate raspberry mousse is an elegant yet budget-friendly dessert for kids. This is a mouthwatering treat for kids on your budget.


Cost Effective Ice Cream Cake Cone for Kids

Individual ice cream cake cones are convenient and one of the  budget-friendly options for serving at children’s birthday parties.


Tasty Coconut Cookies for Kids’ Birthday on Your Budget

Chewy and flavorful coconut cookies are an affordable choice for kids’ birthday parties. By using budget-friendly all-purpose flour you can prepare these sweet coconut cookies.


Delicious Lemon Almond Biscotti for Children on Your Budget

Crunchy lemon and almond biscotti, a budget-friendly option for a light and citrusy treat. These are flavourful Italian cookies to prepare on your budget for kids.


Cost-Effective Passionfruit Jelly Slice for a Kid’s Birthday Party Treat

Layers of passionfruit-flavored jelly on a budget-friendly biscuit base. This is a quick, refreshing choice for kids. Children will like this flavourful party food.


Bounty Balls are a Perfect Budget-Friendly Dessert Option for Kids’ Birthday Parties.

Just use 3 ingredients – Coconut, chocolate and condensed milk to prepare no-bake bounty balls. Serve delicious sweet balls to kids as a birthday treat on your budget.


Cost-Effective Banana Custard Pie is a Good Choice for a Child’s Birthday Party

Creamy banana custard in a budget-friendly pie is a comforting and satisfying dessert for the celebration. Kids will love this sweet dish to have as a treat.


Quick Jelly and Custard Dessert on Your Budget for Children’s Parties

A simple and budget-friendly combination of jelly and custard is a tasty choice for kids for celebrating a birthday with a dessert treat.

I hope now you have got varieties of options for a child’s birthday party desserts on budget. Try these cheap birthday party sweet ideas for kids.

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