With these Cheap Ingredients You Can Prepare Delicious Budget-Friendly Breakfasts!

Ankita Kamat

Wondering what are the cheapest ingredients to use in breakfast? Want to try varieties of breakfast ideas without making a big hole in your pocket?

In my current blog, I’ve come up with a long list of cheap ingredients to use in breakfast.

41 Cheapest Ingredients to Use in Breakfast for Cooking on a Budget

You will save a lot of money on your grocery shopping by considering these cheap breakfast groceries-


Cheap Strawberry Yogurt for Creamy Breakfast

Be it kids or adults, almost everyone loves strawberry yogurt. The retail price of strawberry yogurt is between 1 and 3 USD per kilogram depending on the brand that you choose.

From parfait to cakes, you can add an inexpensive strawberry yogurt to your breakfast dishes to give a mouth refreshing taste.


Budget-Friendly Whole Milk Powder is Perfectly Suitable for Breakfast

Dry whole milk powder is cheap and also you can store it for a longer time. The price of good quality milk powder can be anywhere around 0.30 USD per ounce.

You can make a budget-friendly milk beverage with it. You can also prepare healthy and inexpensive recipes like peanut and milk powder bars, chocolate chip cookies, and many items that the entire family can enjoy.


Egg is an Extremely Cheap Ingredient for a Tasty Breakfast

Egg is the cheapest ingredient to prepare lip smacking breakfast. This is an easily available ingredient which costs you between 1 and 4.5 USD per dozen.

Egg casserole, fried poached eggs, scrambled egg muffin and the list goes on when it comes to budget-friendly breakfast for egg lovers. You can try varieties of tasty egg breakfast recipes for an entire month on your budget. 


Low-Cost Canned Peas to Make Healthy Breakfasts

Be it green peas or sweet peas, both are very inexpensive. The price of canned peas is between 0.5 and 1.8 USD per can (15 oz).

Green eggs burrito, smashed peas sandwich, patties, peas scramble are some of the examples for delicious and cheap breakfast. 


Bananas are Insanely Cheap and Easily Available Ingredient

Per kilogram of banana costs you between 0.5 and 2 USD to make a cheap yet tasty breakfast.

By using banana as a main cheap ingredient you can prepare cakes, smoothie, energy bites and many more inexpensive breakfast recipes.


Whole Wheat Flour is a Very Affordable Main Ingredient for Breakfast

Price of whole wheat flour ranges anywhere between 1 and 3 USD per kilogram.

Whole wheat flour is not only budget-friendly but also offers you endless possibilities when it comes to cheapest breakfast ideas. For instance, you can have homemade pancakes, cookies, muffins, pizza, and home-made breads with inexpensive wheat flour.


Oats is the Best and Cheapest Ingredient for Morning Meal

Oats is an affordable ingredient when it comes to healthy yet cheapest breakfast items. The retail price of oats ranges between 1 and 4 USD per kilogram.

Oats bar, cookies, overnight oats with blueberries, and baked oatmeal are some of the examples for cheap breakfast food.


Bread is a Good Choice for Cost-Effective Breakfast Recipes

Bread is not only a quick breakfast idea but it is one of the cheapest ingredients to buy from your local stores. A loaf of bread(500g) costs you between 1.8 and 2.5 USD.

Along with sandwiches and bread toast you can also enjoy other cheap bread breakfast recipes. Such as, bread roll, casserole, bread salad, etc.


Sweet Potato is Low-Priced Versatile Ingredient 

Add sweet potato to your breakfast ingredient list as this is a budget-friendly option. The price of sweet potato per kilogram is between 1 and 2.5 USD.

Sweet potatoes are versatile to prepare different budget-friendly breakfast dishes like delicious pancakes, burritos, hash browns, etc.


Potato is the Cheapest and Handy Ingredient for Quick Breakfast

Depending on the country where you live, the prices of potatoes per kilogram ranges between 0.36 and 3.5 USD. However, irrespective of your location potatoes are considered as one of the cheapest ingredients worldwide.

You can boil or bake or air fry or roast the potatoes to use as a cheap ingredient for breakfast. There are endless inexpensive breakfasts that you can try using potatoes.


Canned Tomato is Cost-Effective Ingredient to Make Your Breakfast Tasty

Canned tomatoes are cheaper than tomatoes. It costs around 2 USD per kilogram. That means, around 0.90 per pound.

You can easily store canned tomato in your kitchen as a cheap ingredient and use it for breakfast. Be it a sandwich or casserole recipes, inexpensive canned tomatoes enhance the taste of your breakfast.


Cheap Peanut Butter Makes Your Breakfast Rich in Nutrients

Peanut butter is cheap and also very filling. You can get peanut butter at about 2 USD per jar.

No doubt you can just eat peanut butter with bread as an inexpensive breakfast. However, you can also enjoy preparing cookies, smoothie, peanut butter muffins and other budget-friendly breakfast dishes.


Bagel is a Low-Cost Ingredient for Making Varieties of Breakfast Dishes

A pack of plain bagels (6 count) costs around 2 USD. This is a cheap ingredient and just like bread you can make varieties of combinations with bagels to make cheap breakfast dishes.

Mouthwatering cheap sandwiches are something that you can quickly prepare with bagels.


Blackberry is an Inexpensive Fruit to Prepare a Finger-Licking Breakfast

Inexpensive fruits like blackberries are a great option to start your day with a healthy breakfast. Blackberries cost anywhere between 2 and 5 USD per 6 oz.

You can use blackberries for making budget-friendly coffee cake, fruit parfait, smoothie, cheese crescent rolls for your breakfast.


Budget-Friendly Pack of Waffles is Enough for Entire Family for Crispy Breakfast 

A pack of 6 waffles price ranges between 2 and 4 USD. You can have the best budget-friendly breakfast by using waffles to make sweet or savory dishes in the morning.

You can use any cheap fruits on the waffle and just pour syrup, your inexpensive yet tasty breakfast is ready. 


Cost-Effective Corn Flakes is Quick Ingredient for Making Fulfilling Breakfast

Crunchy corn flakes are cheap as well as healthy food. The price of cornflakes is between 10 and 18 USD per kilogram. You can get a small pack of cornflakes at about 3 USD.

You can just add milk to corn flakes to consume it. You can also try making budget-friendly corn flakes cookies, muffins, crunchy custard, etc.


Cottage Cheese is Perfect for Creamy and Inexpensive Breakfast Bowl

Cottage cheese is a cheap superfood for breakfast. The price of cottage cheese is between 2 and 4 USD per container (16 ounce).

You can make a healthy and cheap breakfast bowl by using cottage cheese. Just add some inexpensive fresh fruits in it and have a fulfilling budget-friendly breakfast. 


French Toast Sticks are Affordable Ingredient for Breakfast Bites

French toast sticks are the perfect cheap ingredient for a breakfast for children and adults. A pack of french toast sticks price is between 2 and 4 USD per pound.

You can experiment with cheap French toast sticks to make delicious dishes like honey dipped French toast, yogurt with toast, etc.


Use Low-Cost Green Gram for Making Wholesome Breakfast Recipes

Green gram is an inexpensive pulse with a rich source of protein to make fulfilling breakfasts. The cost of green gram is between 4 to 8 USD per pound.

You can either use green gram or prepare sprouts and use it in raw breakfast salads. Also, enjoy budget-friendly breakfasts like sprouts sandwich, green gram cutlet, pancake, etc.


Peanuts are Low-Priced Ingredient Which is High in Energy

Peanuts are the cheapest energy-boosting ingredient. The price of peanuts is between 1 to 3 USD per kilogram.

With peanuts you can prepare inexpensive and healthy breakfasts like peanutty zucchini muffins, spicy eggs with smoked peanuts, energy smoothie, homemade peanut butter, etc. 


Mushroom is Economical to Have it for Breakfast

The price of mushrooms starts from around 3 USD per pound. Make your morning breakfast extra delicious with the cheapest mushrooms.

For instance, mushroom toast with fried eggs, creamy mushroom sandwich, mushroom omelet are the budget-friendly breakfast to add to your menu. 


Use Dried Pinto Beans for Cooking Budget-Friendly Breakfast

Pinto beans are easily available and affordable. The price of dried pinto beans can be anywhere between 2 and 5 USD per kilogram.

Huevos rancheros with pinto beans, burrito, tacos, salads are the handy and inexpensive breakfast dishes to try at home.


Orange is a Cheap Citrus to Make Flavourful Morning Bites 

Orange is the budget-friendly and also refreshing ingredient to use in breakfast. Per pound of orange costs between 0.80 and 1.50 USD.

Inexpensive oranges are the perfect ingredient to prepare a juice, pancake, fruit salad, orange chia seeds smoothie, etc.


Carrots are Wallet-Friendly and Healthy Choice for Breakfast

The price of carrots is between 1.2 and 2.5 USD per kilogram. Cheap carrots are rich in health benefits which you can use for breakfasts.

You must not miss out on making budget-friendly carrot muffins, smoothie, cake, mini frittatas.


Green Cabbage is a Suitable Ingredient to Prepare Breakfast on Budget

Make cheap breakfasts interesting and tasty by using green cabbage. The price of cabbage is between 1 and 3 USD per kilogram.

Cabbage hash browns, cabbage pancakes, fried cabbage, roasted cabbage salad are cheap breakfast ideas to enjoy with kids and families.


Chickpeas are Cheap and Convenient for Morning Food

Inexpensive chickpeas are best suitable for savory and sweet dishes. The retail price of chickpeas is between 1 and 3 USD per kilogram. 

Honey roasted chickpeas, spicy chickpea stuffed potatoes, scramble, creamy chickpeas sandwich are the best low cost breakfast ideas.


Apple is Cheap and Staple Food Which Makes Your Breakfast Really Good 

Apple is a budget-friendly and convenient ingredient to use in breakfast recipes. Per kilogram of apple cost is between 2 and 5 USD depending on quality and season. 

By using apples you can enjoy inexpensive breakfast recipes like pancake, apple crumble, scones, casserole, baked apple with oatmeal filling, etc. 


By Using  Budget-Friendly Cucumber Prepare Tasty Breakfast that Everyone will Remember

Using cheap ingredients like cucumber is worth it as this keeps you hydrated. The price per kilogram of cucumbers is between 3 and 6 USD.

From smoothies to pancakes, cucumber fits in almost any inexpensive breakfast recipe. You can also make varieties of budget-friendly no-cook breakfast dishes with cucumber.


Cantaloupe is an Inexpensive Melon to Make Refreshing Breakfast 

Juicy cantaloupe is a budget-friendly fruit to use for a breakfast. cantaloupe fruit costs between 2 and 4 USD each.

You can prepare a mouthwatering cheap breakfast bowl by using cantaloupe melon with a combination of berries, yogurt and honey.


Prefer Watermelon for Making Cheap and Hydrated Breakfast Dishes

Watermelon is a very inexpensive and preferable juicy fruit for breakfast. The price of watermelon is 3 and 6 USD each. 

Melon porridge with oats, juice, chia syrup with watermelon, cupcake, watermelon jam and the list goes on when it comes to budget-friendly colourful breakfast.


Green Seedless Grapes are Cheap and Best Ingredient for Morning Breakfast

Cheap fruits are always good for morning breakfast. Green grapes price is between 3 and 5 USD per kilogram.

By using inexpensive seedless grapes you can make yogurt parfait with grapes, fresh smoothie, jam, fruit custard, etc.


Pasta is Cheap and Handy to Cook Tempting Breakfast

Including pasta in your breakfast is a good choice when it comes to the cheapest ingredient. The price of pasta is between 1 and 3 USD per kilogram.

Prepare budget-friendly breakfast dishes like creamy egg pasta, salad, spicy soups, stuffed pasta rolls, etc.


Papaya is Low-Priced Tasty Fruit Suitable for Making Cost-Effective Breakfast

Papaya is a cheap tropical fruit with good nutrients. The cost of papaya is around 2 USD per pound.

Cheap papaya breakfast boat can be prepared with yogurt and some fresh fruits. Everyone will enjoy such inexpensive and colourful breakfast.


Rice Flour is the Cheapest Ingredient for Appetizing Food Recipes in the Morning

Rice flour is an easily available, cheap ingredient. The price of rice flour can be anywhere between 0.50 and 2.8 USD per pound. However, in countries like India the price is around 0.20 per pound.

By using budget-friendly rice flour you can prepare breakfasts like cookies, pancakes, chocolate muffins with rice flour, custard, and the list is endless.


Inexpensive Pear are the Right Choice to Use in Breakfast

Pear is an inexpensive fruit which is highly nutritious. The retail price of pear is anywhere between 0.45 and 2 USD per pound.

Try easy and budget-friendly recipes like pear crumble, caramelized pear oatmeal, roasted breakfast pears, and healthy bars.


Fresh Lemon is Cost-Effective Ingredient to Add in Breakfast

Lemon is one of the cheapest ingredients that you must have in your kitchen. The price of lemon is between 0.45 and 2 USD per pound.

You can enhance the flavour of a breakfast by using low cost lemon. 


Coffee is Low-Cost Ingredient to Make Flavorful Morning Meals 

Coffee is the cheapest ingredient that almost everyone has in one’s kitchen. The price of coffee is between 2 and 5 USD per pound.

With inexpensive coffee, you can prepare chocolate-coffee cookies, cold brew protein smoothie, roasted mushrooms with coffee sausage, and cakes.


Onion is Cheap and the Best Match for Variety of Breakfast Ideas

The list of cheap ingredients for breakfast can’t be complete without onions. The price of onion is between 1.5 and 3 USD per kilogram.

Be it an omelet or soups, you can use onions as a cheap ingredient for breakfast dishes. You can also use raw onions for cheap vegetable breakfast salads.


Budget-Friendly Asparagus Helps You in Making Healthy Breakfast

The price of asparagus is between 1.5 and 3 USD per pound. This is inexpensive in price but rich in vitamins and minerals to use in breakfast.

You can grill or roast asparagus and make budget-friendly breakfast like eggs and asparagus skillet, frittatas, omelets, quiches, etc.


Artichoke is Low-Cost Ingredient to Give a New Taste to Your Breakfast Dishes

Artichoke is a very inexpensive fruit which is a good source of fiber. The price of artichoke is between 2 and 6 USD per kilogram.

Egg casserole, omelet, cheesy artichoke-spinach bake, avocado toast, are some of the best examples for low cost breakfast ideas by using artichoke.


Use Red Radish to Have Cost-Effective Breakfast Bites

Red radish is a cheap root vegetable to use in breakfast. The cost of red radish is between 0.50 and 3 USD per bunch. 

Finger licking breakfast recipes are possible to prepare at home with the cheapest red radishes. For instance, you can make buttered radishes with a poached egg, spring salad, garlic roasted radishes, etc.

I hope now you don’t worry anymore about what is the cheapest thing to have for breakfast. Just use these cheap ingredients and make delightful breakfast recipes. Let me know which is your favourite cheap ingredient that you prefer more?

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