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Ankita Kamat

Frugal living vs minimalism is an interesting topic to discuss. Both of these lifestyles have the power to create financial magic in life.

In my 20s, I’m learning more about frugality and adapting to thrifty living. Also, I’m figuring out ways to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle. Frugality and minimalism, both are the lifestyle that boosts your financial growth.

So if you are thinking about frugal living vs minimalism, I’m going to make it easy for you. In this current blog know the essence of thrifty living and minimalist lifestyle.

Frugal Living VS Minimalism


Let me explain frugal living vs minimalism in simple words. Frugal living means finding the lowest cost solutions and also being more resourceful without wasting anything. Minimalism means buying only those things that are actually needed, living a clutter-free life.

Frugal Living vs Minimalism – Know the DEEP MEANING

A frugal lifestyle is about living life to the fullest by spending less money. That means frugal people always buy stuff at a low price. But let me tell you, being frugal is not about cheap living.

Frugal people always follow smart shopping hacks to get the best products at a low price. Figuring out ways to travel around the world without spending big bucks.

So the frugal lifestyle is about saving more money as well as enjoying life. Experiencing so many things in life by implementing practical ways to save extra.

What is Minimalism? Know Everything about Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalism is all about living the best quality life by using only minimum, needed things. Minimalism is exploring limited things that are truly valued.

Minimalist people don’t buy any random stuff or waste money on unnecessary things. But this does not mean that they lead a boring life. In fact, I can say that they are leading the happiest and quality life.

So a minimalist lifestyle is about prioritizing what is necessary. A minimalist life is a way better clutter-free life.

Frugal Living VS Minimalism

Frugal Living VS Minimalism: 9 Differences Between Frugal Living and Minimalism

Some people have confused regarding the word ‘frugal’ and ‘minimalism’. Both lifestyles help to boost financial growth but yet there are quite differences in these lifestyles.

Frugal Living Minimalism
Figure out ways to minimize spending Figure out ways to minimize wants
Buying depends on discounts and coupon code Usually do not depend on discounts and coupon code
Finding alternatives for less price Focusing only on one thing that is actually need
Focusing more on price Focusing more on a need
Spend time to compare prices Spend time to know the actual need
Happy with less price Happy with minimum purchases
Don’t waste after buying the things Don’t buy if have a doubt of getting things wasted

Let’s see what are the main differences between these two lifestyles.

1. Buying Behaviour

Frugal people usually buy more products or services. Frugal people have the mindset of exploring more by spending less.

Minimalists buy things or spend only if they need them genuinely.

2. Spending Habit

Frugal people focus on buying good quality products at a fewer price without compromising the quality of the products.

Minimalists focus on buying the best quality products even by paying a quite high price. But they know that it is worth paying and they are going to use them well.

3. Way of Living

Well, it is my observation and opinion that being frugal is the first step and being minimalist is the second step. because being frugal is about saving money and living on little money without depriving yourself.

Whereas, being minimalist is means you can afford something that you want. But you are prioritizing your needs. And you want a clutter-free life.

4. Minimizing Spending 

Frugal people try to figure out ways to minimize spending on each product and service. They just want to get satisfied with the price they pay for.

Minimalists always try to figure out ways to minimize their wants. They don’t have a habit of collecting things. Even if anything is available for less price then also they don’t buy it if they don’t need it.

5. Spend time to compare prices

Frugal people mostly spend time comparing prices with various websites or even check the price of different brands. Frugal people question themselves -“How can I get this at a low price?”

The one who is minimalist spends time analyzing what is the actual need. Minimalists question themselves- “Do I really need it? How will this product create value in my life?”.

6. Happy with Less Price

A frugal person is a satisfied person with his or her purchases as he/she saves more money by usually cracking great deals at less price.

A minimalist is always leads a happy and satisfied life by having minimum things. If anything is there in the minimalists’ house that means that is the need. They make use of everything that they buy.

7. Being Resourceful without Wasting Anything

Frugality is not only about saving money but is also about being more resourceful. Frugal people do not waste much. For example, if they have leftover wine then they will make vinegar out of it.

The minimalists also do not waste anything. But they think before buying anything. For example, they do not think about what to do with leftover wine instead they plan in advance how many wine bottles they need. They buy within a limit.

8. Fulfilling Desires

Being frugal means fulfilling all most of the desires by spending less. For example, having a won small house without much investment. And having a small car and they may also look for secondhand cars.

In the case of minimalism, they prioritize their desires. If they get the desire to have their one house and car they will prioritize which one is the actual need right now.

9. Minimalists have minimum confusion in life

When your wardrobe is filled with so many clothes and accessories you get confused. You can’t decide quickly what to pick up. But minimalists keep only necessary things in their room. They know what is important. Also, they don’t have much confusion during buying things.

Frugal people sometimes get confused about what to buy, where to buy, when to buy. They wait to crack good deals at discounts. Also, frugal people collect some extra things also other than needs. They figure out ideas to buy more good things at a low price. So more stuff means quite more confusion.

Frugal Living vs Minimalism – Which one is better for you?

Frugality and minimalism, both of these lifestyles will help you to reach a better financial place. So if you ask me which lifestyle is better then without any doubt I say both are good.

It may be a thrifty lifestyle of minimalism lifestyle both work better at different situations in life. You can apply frugal contests at some points and apply minimalism at some points in your life.

Should I be Frugal or Minimalist?

I say if you are a youngster and yet not financially secured then start with the frugal lifestyle. Implement easy frugal living ideas and enjoy life along with saving money. This can be a better option for you.

If you are quite financially secured then you can adapt to frugal living as well as minimalism at the same time. For example, if you are buying groceries then you can look for wholesale stores and buy them in bulk. You can save more.

When it comes to minimalism, you can buy only those good quality products and invest money on something only if you need them. And you should know that you are going to use them. For example, if you want to buy a costly bed for good night sleep and if you can afford it then you can go ahead.

Frugal Living VS Minimalism

How Can You Be More Frugal and Also Minimalist?

Frugal living or minimalism is not a destination rather, it is a lifelong journey. This journey makes you empowered, especially financial empowerment will be the result of this journey.

So you should pick up some effective and easy frugal tips and minimalist ways to adapt to these lifestyles. Let me pitch some awesome frugal ideas and minimalist tips here.

Effective and Easy ways to be frugal

Take simple steps to make your financial future bright. Implement these effective frugal ways in your day-to-day life to save money.

  1. Get the best secondhand products at a lower price. There are a lot of websites that offer secondhand products.
  2. Download apps that will help you to get more cashback while online shopping as well as offline shopping.
  3. Wait for clearance sales to get branded products at a low price.
  4. Look for wholesale stores and buy in bulk quantity. This will help you to save money.
  5. Use coupon codes and save some dollars.
  6. Look for seasonal fruits and veggies to save more bucks on veggies.
  7. Grow your own plants at home like beans, tomatoes etc to save on greengrocers.
  8. Learn like skills like plumbing, repair work, fixing wiring etc. This will help you to be more independent and also you will save a ton of money.
  9. Seek for free entertainment. Watch YouTube videos for free or paly any free games.
  10. Visit the library to read books for free.
  11. Do simple exercises at home to maintain your health instead of spending huge money on equipment.
  12. Get free online courses to learn new skills.
  13. Repurpose your old stuff. For example, make a sling purse or a hat.

Simple Ways to Be Adapt to Minimalism

Minimalism will help you to experience a quality life along with saving money. So let’s learn the art of minimal lifestyle. Follow these simple tips in your life to adapt to minimalism.

  1. Sell out all the stuff that you don’t use anymore.
  2. Don’t clutter your wardrobe with too many clothes and accessories.
  3. Focus more on inner happiness and peace of mind rather than collecting unnecessary things.
  4. Say ‘no’ to unnecessary spendings.
  5. Make a difference between a ‘need and a want’.
  6. Simplify your life and be mindful of your finances.
  7. Discards the duplicates. For example, if you have two smartphones then sell out of your phones.
  8. Eliminate unwanted kitchen tools. Also, don’t keep a lot of things in the kitchen. For example too many plates and cups that you don’t use. So eliminate them.

Should I be More Frugal or More Minimal?

Both of these lifestyles are very effective and give the best results. But you should analyze where and when you should apply minimalism and frugality.

We all face different situations at different points in life. So when you practically implement frugal tips and minimalism tips, you will understand how to be more frugal as well as more minimal in life.

I personally feel that one should adapt to both these lifestyles. Frugality and minimalism will make your life better and happy.

Minimalism vs Frugality: Which Lifestyle is a Happy Lifestyle?

I’m walking on the path of frugality for a long time. Also in my 20s, I’m chasing my dream career without spending big bucks. So Frugal living is helping me to lead a happy and satisfying life.

Whereas, I’m also adapting to minimalism. This is making my life better. So I feel frugality with minimalism is a great combination. One can lead a happy life with the combination of these two lifestyles.

These lifestyles may have some differences but the main motive is to lead a happy and better life and to reach a better financial place in the future days.

Get the Great Benefits From Frugal Living and Minimalism

You may have any financial goals or dreams in life, so saving money is important to fulfil your dreams. If you start to live frugally you will be amazed at the results.

Also, minimalism also has great benefits. You will lead a clutter-free life. When you do not collect unwanted stuff externally your inner peace also gets boosted. Your life will be more balanced and simplified.

Now you might have understood all about frugal living vs minimalism. So from now onwards start to take simple steps to secure your financial future. Live your life to the fullest with these lifestyles.

Ankita Kamat

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