“How can Indian female teens live frugally?”- Are you thinking to walk on the path of frugality? Well, I can say that the path of frugality is like a magic path. Yes, one can create financial magic by walking on the path of frugality.

I personally feel that money is also a part of success. One can’t say that he or she is successful unless one is having financial freedom. And I feel that frugality is the first step towards financial freedom. As an Indian female teen, if you adapt frugality in your life, you will grow financially in life.

I was also a teenager just a few years ago. And I have been learning frugality from my pre-teens. For me, frugal living is not boring or difficult. Well I say- frugal living is also an interesting skill. The early you start you explore this skill the early you start to create financial magic.

How can Indian female teens live frugally?- Kickass strategy

As per my observation, Indian female teens never think much about personal finance or saving money. And even in schools and colleges, nobody talks about this topic. Our academic subjects does not include any practical subject which is related to money.

So, as an Indian female teen, if you are thinking about how can Indian female teens live frugally then you are on the right path. Every Indian female teen does not get this type of thoughts. So I can say that you are sensible enough to think about frugality in this early stage.

How can Indian female teens live frugally?

Know how to be the best frugal female teen in India

As I’m also India girl. I have an idea of which type of money related issues do Indian female teens face in life. And I can say that Indian female teens are not much aware of money matters. And they don’t have any proper financial plans during teenage.

Right now you may be thinking it’s very early to think about money matters. And you have parents to fulfil all your financial needs, right? But here you must understand that teenage is the right phase to learn about money matters and frugality. As an Indian female teen, if you learn to handle your money well in teenage, you will excel at money handling.

Do you know if as a teenage Indian girl you start to live frugally, in future you will be more strong and independent as a young woman. Many Indian females ignore handling finance, but you will be leading your life well. So now take simple steps as a teen girl to achieve big financial goals and to be independent Indian woman.

9 Creative Ideas to be thrifty as an Indian female teen

Many people think that frugal living is not their cup of tea. But in reality, frugal living is an interesting and creative art. If you understand frugal living deeply, you will fall in love with frugal living. You will start to implement new frugal ideas and enjoy your life without spending big bucks.

Let me elaborate on some frugal living ideas which will help you to adapt frugality in your life easily.

1. Try to be financially independent as an Indian female teen
2. Take your financial decisions by your own
3. Compete with your siblings in your teenage
4. Have fun without spending more money
5. Be more creative and smart as a female teen
6. Learn from your friends
7. Prepare yummy food at your own home
8. Don’t browse online stores frequently
9. Sell your old books and make money

1. Try to be financially independent as an Indian female teen

You maybe wonder how can Indian female teen think about earning money. I can understand that in India during teenage we focus only on education. But in foreign countries even most of the teenagers are financially independent. So one must be practical in life.

I’m not saying that your education and studies are not important. But along with your studies if you figure out ideas to make money then you will stand out in your friend circle. Imagine that you are the only teen girl who is making money and also completing education in your whole class. Isn’t it sounds exciting? Well, there are many simple and easy ways to make money as an Indian female teen. Earning money and saving money both are part of frugality.

How can Indian female teen make money?

In my school days, I’ve seen my friend who was earning money by tuition classes. She used to teach primary kids to her neighbour kids. She used to charge INR 50 per month (per kid). So if you are interested in teaching then you can take tuition classes and make money as an Indian female teen. There are also other ideas like teaching dance or music to kids or even you can start your small business-like selling art and craft, baking cake and making money etc.

2. Take your financial decisions by your own

Whenever you get pocket money you have the right on your money. So at this time, you must use your money very well. You should make the right financial decisions as a female teen. I can understand that you may be getting very less pocket money as an Indian female teen. But remember that you can always adapt frugality and save some part of pocket money.

Females teens easily get distracted towards new clothes, accessories and much more. So at this time instead of spending money learn to handle your money well. This is the best time to learn frugal living. So in your teenage take it as a challenge and be frugal teen by avoiding spending money on unnecessary things.

3. Compete with your siblings in your teenage

Competition with siblings?!! Confused? Well, here I’m talking about healthy competition between siblings which will help you in your financial growth as a teen. Let me give you an idea here- you and your siblings can have separate piggy banks at home. Then save money whenever you get pocket money. This is like a saving competition. And at the end of the month add deposit your in your bank account.

This is a very simple and practical way to adapt frugality in your life as an Indian female teen. Here you and your siblings will learn to be resourceful by this healthy competition. So learn frugality in a fun way instead of thinking it as boring or difficult.

I’m the only child to my parents so I did not get this opportunity to enjoy this type of being frugal competitions. But I was having a healthy competition with my friends when it comes to frugal living. Even I adapted frugal living in my life as an interesting game and as a challenge. So I suggest you to explore frugal living in a fun way and grow financially.

4. Have fun without spending more money

Do you know how I enjoyed my teenage as an Indian girl? Well, I realised the importance of money and being resourceful at a very early stage of my life. In my teenage, I did not spend money on smartphones or any costly games. I was enjoying my life without spending more money.

Instead of spending money on entertainments, party and pubs I used to play indoor games. I used to play chess and the colour cube was my favourite thing. Even today I like playing chess and the colour cube. This type of games will sharpen your brain. So there are 2 benefits of these indoor games. This will sharpen your mind and also you will learn to live frugally by not spending money on entertainment.

5. Be more creative and smart as a female teen

To live frugally one must implement many new ideas in life. So always innovate and be more creative to explore frugality. Do you know frugal living boost your creative mind and help to sharpen your mind. For example, if you want to save money on your new dress as a female teen then you constantly try to figure out ways to buy a good dress at a low price. You will search for coupon codes, discounts, freebies etc. So all this makes you smart day-by-day. As an Indian teen girl, you will learn to make smart moves with your money.

6. Learn from your friends

I’ve learnt so many money-related matters from my friends. Some of my friends are not that much good at handling their money but I’ve learnt something from them also. Do you know what’s that? Well, one of my friends often go shopping. She gets distracted by new trends and even due to peer pressure she buys unnecessary things. And after that, she always regret about her spending habit. So here, I’ve learnt that I should not opt for impulse buying as she does.

So I advise you to observe the buying behaviour of your friends and even learn from your friends’ mistakes. And also try to stay in a good friend circle. Have at least one friend who encourages you to save money and grow financially. Talk to your friends about money matters and frugality. You all can learn frugal tips from each other. All these are very simple and practical ways which will help you to be thrifty in life as a female teen.

7. Invite your friends to your home

Teenage girls start to spend more money on eating outside food. If you hang out with your friends and have outside food rarely then that’s good. But if you frequently spend money on outside food then it’s time to think about frugal living.

During my teenage, I used to invite my friends to my home on weekends. And sometimes I used to go to their home. We were having yummy food at home only instead of spending money on outside food. You know when you invite your friends to your home and host them it creates more bonding. And also you are not wasting your money here. So I think you should invite your friends for lunch at your home and have yummy food at your own home. Like this, there are many ways to save money on food which I implemented in my teenage.

8. Don’t browse online stores frequently

Do you have any idea about digital marketing? Well, digital marketing nowadays mostly target teenagers. Have you ever observed your online buying behaviours? I’m sure whenever you browse online stores you see action buttons like “buy now” or some catchy line like “limited time offer”. All this is a part of marketing. You must be smart and sensible to avoid getting trapped into this. Otherwise, you will spend more money on unnecessary things.

Don’t take immediate actions and don’t order online immediately. First, understand your needs. Think twice before clicking the “buy” icon.  All these simple steps are part of frugal living.

9. Sell your old books and make money

Many times I sold my old books and made some money. There are some shops which accept old books. And also there are people who look for old and low priced books. So in your teenage, you can also sell your books. Find out shops in your city which accepts old books. Even you can sell your books to your juniors who need them. You may think that you will make very less money from this. But remember every single penny counts. Every year if you sell your old books then you can make some good money from this. All this will help you to learn frugality.

Frugal female teen in India will be an independent woman

In India, I’ve seen that most of the women do not take financial risks and financial decisions. As still, we can see some kind of male dominance in our country it’s the right time for you to take charge as a teenage girl. Frugal living helps you to be aware of your cash flow and you will learn to manage your money well as a young girl. This will help you in future to be an independent woman. In future also you will make the best financial decisions if you adapt frugal living today as an Indian female teen.

It’s time to take charge as an Indian female teen. Trust me, you have the potential to manage your money well. Stay with this question – how can Indian female teens live frugally? And take simple frugal steps from now to walk on the path of frugality.

Hi. I’m Ankita. I’m here to help you adapt to frugality happily 🙂 I love learning new things. Nowadays I’m learning more about saving money and frugality. So on Frugal Beat together we will learn to create financial magic.

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