Raising More Funds for a Sick Person is Possible with the Right Fundraising Strategy

Ankita Kamat

Wondering how to fundraise for a sick person? Are you struggling to find the doable and effective ideas to raise funds for an ill person?

In my current blog, I’ve come up with many fundraising options for you by which you can start raising funds from today itself.

How to Fundraise for a Sick Person? – 25 EFFECTIVE Medical Fundraising Ideas

Implement these ideas to reduce the financial burden of a sick person by raising funds-


Reach Out to the Restaurant Owners for Crowdfunding

Talk to different restaurant owners in your city. Say to them that you are collecting a fund to help a sick person. And you will be allowed to enter the restaurant daily to collect some donations from people who visit the restaurants.

You can even arrange some kind of box at the counter by writing an important message on it. So that people can put money into it who visits the restaurant. This will help you in raising funds.


Get Sponsorships from Medical Stores

You can talk to medical store owners and also shops that are related to medical fields. They may help you to give some tools that are needed for a sick person.

They may contribute money or they may provide tools or medicines at discounted rates or in the form of charity. You can talk to them and know how they can help you.


Reach Out to Companies that Host Karaoke Nights for Raising Funds

You should not miss the opportunity to raise crowdfunding. Many people enjoy karaoke nights. So, you can get help from companies that host karaoke nights.

Remember, crowded places are always helpful to raise funds for a genuine reason. People who gather to enjoy karaoke nights will probably donate money if you have a genuine reason to raise funds for a sick person.


Host a FUNDRAISING WALK with a Group of Friends and People

Hosting a fundraising walk is an effective and practical way to raise funds for a sick person. You can involve your friends in this to help you.

Such a fundraising walk will help to reach out to people and collect funds. Remember, every cent counts. If you host this for some days or weeks then you can collect more donations to help a sick person.


Visit Schools and Colleges to Raise Funds from Students

Visit schools and colleges with the permission of the head. Ask students to donate some money to help a sick person.

Students may not be able to donate more money. But remember, every single cent counts. It does not matter how small the amount they donate. If you visit more colleges you can reach out to more students and raise more funds.


Join CROWDFUNDING Sites to Raise Money for Medical Expenses

You can just get many crowdfunding websites online. Join such crowdfunding sites to raise money for a sick person.

For example, there is a site called GoFundMe and JustGiving. You can create your page here to raise funds.


Raise Funds from Supermarkets and Malls

Visit supermarkets and malls to raise funds, as you find many people there. Ask owners there to spread the word to people who visit their shops or malls. You can keep a box there where people can put money.

And ask mall owners to arrange events there to raise funds. You will surely get financial help there because supermarkets and malls are always crowded places. And when people come shopping they can donate some bucks to help.


Implement Envelope Fundraiser Idea

Many people implement this idea to raise funds and it works well. Take some envelopes and write numbers on them. It can be from 1-100. Then tell people about the reason for raising funds and they can choose the envelope to donate.

When people pick up an envelope, they are expected to put the amount on it that is written on it. This will work well in offices. Just visit some companies or offices with permission and ask all the employees to pick any envelope and donate money.


Meet Tournament Organisers to Seek Help in Fundraising

Some organizations conduct tournaments to raise funds from crowdfunding. You can check if you can reach out to such organizations.

You can even conduct any local tournament so that people gather there and you can raise funds. This is a practical way to get financial help from the crowd.


Contact Event Management Companies to Raise Funds

You can get help from event management companies to raise funds for a sick person. Event management companies may organize events to raise money on behalf of you.

Also, they may allow you to attend the events that they organize to ask for donations from people. So, you will get the opportunity to get donations from more people.


Look for the NGOs in Your City to Make Fundraising Strategies

There are NGOs that support people financially to sick people or ill people. You can look for such NGOs in your city and let them know why you are raising funds. Ask them to support you to help a sick person.

Usually, NGOs have good networking with people related to different fields. They will try to help you by raising funds. And there are NGOs for particular things – for example, some NGOs for heart patients. And some NGOs work in general health.


Distribute Flowers and Ask People to DONATE MONEY

You and your friends can give flowers to people and let them know that you are raising funds for a sick person. People will contribute money.

You can visit parks, gardens, playgrounds to distribute flowers and collect donations. It may take some days to raise a good amount of funds by doing this. If you involve more of your friends you can reach your targets soon.


Give Handmade Cards to Raise Funds

There is always a personal touch in handmade cards. You can create handmade cards and distribute them to people. People will donate money by seeing your kindness.

Also, let people know exactly why you are distributing cards to collect money. You can make your small team and do this work.


Raise Funds for Medical Expenses by Conducting Quiz Nights

There are some pubs that conduct quiz nights. So, you can contact such pubs and get help. Tell them that you are raising funds for a good cause.

Ask them to arrange a quiz night to help you. And you can raise funds from people who attend the quiz night. Like this, if you contact different pub managers, you can raise funds quickly.


Join Facebook Groups to Share about Fundraising Campaigns

There are many Facebook groups where you can join. In such Facebook groups, you can share about the campaign in such groups.

People will donate money if you are really raising funds to help somebody with their medical expenses.


Write a letter to Ask Financial Support from People for a Sick Person

Writing letters is a traditional way to raise funds. You can write a persuasive letter to let people donate funds. You can write letters to your friends, relatives, business people whom you know.

Also, you can write letters to any such organizations or individuals who voluntarily engage in social help. You can expect financial help from such people to raise funds.


Raise Funds on Facebook to Get Financial Help from People

There is an option on Facebook as ‘Fundraiser’. And one can raise funds on Facebook by running a campaign there. You don’t need to pay any fees there.

Just mention it clearly that why are you raising funds. And share the link of your Facebook campaign with your friends and family. You should add all the details and a valid reason so that people should help you financially.


Publish Ads in the Newspapers and also on Social Media about Fundraising Campaign 

You can publish ads in the newspaper to raise funds for a sick person. You should provide the right information and reason for raising funds. Also, share about how they can send cash to help you.

As many people read newspapers, you can reach out to more people. And nowadays you can run ads on social media as well. You can choose a particular platform to run ads and raise funds.


Get help from the MEDIA HOUSE to run a campaign to raise funds

Contact news channels and ask for help. They will put that in their news channel and ask people to donate some money.

But you should prove to them that you are genuinely collecting money for medical expenses. Share all the details with them so that they should know that you are really working hard to raise funds. This way they will try to help you with this.


Ask Help from Known Doctors in Fundraising

If you know any doctor or anyone who is related to the medical field, you can take help. Usually, doctors have their own circles and even many times they guide and help poor people who are in need.

So, you can expect help from doctors to raise funds for a sick person.


Look for Celebrities who Help you in Raising Funds

There are many celebrities who have joined hands with NGOs and different organizations to support sick people financially. And some celebrities voluntarily create their own team to help such people.

So, collect more information regarding this. Try to reach out to such a team that is formed by celebrities who want to donate money.


Write EMAILS to People to get Financial Help

Emails will help you to raise funds if you do it in the right way. You can write a good email with a catchy subject line. And send emails to your friends, relatives and also to local business people to raise funds.

Exactly write the cause for raising funds in the mail. Also include a call to action button in your mail like ‘Donate Now’. You can also pitch emails to the press or media house to get help in raising funds.


Create Pages on SOCIAL MEDIA to Get Donations

Create your own page on social media like Instagram, Facebook etc. By doing this you can spread the word to more people. When more people know about it, more people will come forward to donate money.

Make sure you involve friends too. Ask them to share your page on social media.


Partner with Clubs to Raise Funds

Meet the managers at clubs and tell them your story. Ask them to support you in raising funds. If you contact educational clubs they may ask parents of students to donate some money.

If you contact sports clubs, they may arrange some sports to raise funds. Like this, reach out to different managers of clubs they will do their best.


Encourage Employees to Contribute 10% of their Income for Charity

You can visit the companies and organizations to ask employees to donate 10% of their monthly income. Let them realize that they can save the life of somebody and earn blessings in return.

If you visit all the local companies and small businesses to meet employees, you can raise funds fast. Give your message to all the employees who earn decent money.

I hope now you have understood about how to fundraise for a sick person and have got many ideas. Start to implement these fundraising ideas and help an ill person who is in need.

Ankita Kamat

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