How to Make Passive Income with No Money? – 17 IDEAS

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“How to make passive income with no money?” – Do you want to explore profitable passive income ideas? Well, I’m also exploring, so let me share my ideas with you.

Initially, in my 20s, I was not having money to invest. Yet I had been looking for passive income ideas with no money. And yes, I found amazing opportunities that I did not know before.

Here in this current blog, I’m going to share all the best passive income streams that you should not miss. You can also earn money passively even though you have no money right now.

How to Make Passive Income with No Money

How to Make Passive Income with No Money?

By exploring online opportunities you can make passive income with no money. You don’t need to invest a single dollar yet you can expect passive income. You can just use your mobile or laptop and start to earn.

Well, everyone is a beginner at some point in time. So even if you don’t have any experience or have a little experience then also you can earn money.

17 Ideas to Make Passive Income with No Money

As you are thinking about how to make passive income with no money, now your wait is over. Let’s grab these 17 easy opportunities.

1. Make Passive Income by Publishing ebooks Online with NO MONEY

Even I published some ebooks and earned money. I did not pay any initial fees to publish my ebook online. So can also publish ebooks on the platforms like Amazon or Instamojo to earn passive income.

You can choose your own topic and write an ebook. You may be good at any subject, art, cooking or any other things. So share your knowledge with the people by selling ebooks.

2. Create a FREE BLOG and explore money-making opportunities

You can create a free website or a blog on WordPress. Blogging can be your passive income source if you do some initial effort. Even I’ve my own blogging journey that how I’ve started blogging.

Choose a particular niche and start publishing articles once you sign up on WordPress. Use the free version initially. There are many ideas to monetize your free blogs and make money online.

3. Make Money on Instagram as a Fashion Blogger

I’ve seen a lot of fashion bloggers who are making money on Instagram. If you are interested in this then you can create your own account on Instagram and start to earn.

The fashion industry is a huge industry. So many companies offer paid partnerships and sponsorships. You can know how fashion bloggers are making money on Instagram.

4. Join Udemy and Earn Passive Income without any Investment

Udemy is such an excellent platform for learners and also for people who want to share knowledge. You may have any type of talent or skill that you want to teach others. So you can do it on Udemy and earn money.

You can sign up on Udemy for free. Then create online courses in the form of audio, PDF or video. When people buy your online courses you earn money. And know how Piotr Nabielec earned more than $2000 on Udemy in 3 months.

5. Earn money on Quora by Asking Questions and Creating Spaces

There are two opportunities on Quora to make money. firstly by asking questions. If you post good questions and get more visibility then you can earn money. But this option is not open for all. You have to be super active on Quora, then you may get this opportunity in future days.

Well, there is another option to make money on Quora. You can create your own group (space) on Quora. Then you can monetize the space and earn. I’ve also my Quora space where you can join me to learn about personal finance.

6. Rent out a room with Air bnb and earn up to $10,000 and more

You can earn more dollars if you rent out a room. There are many people who are already doing this. So you can just keep one room at your house for the purpose of renting out.

Now also you can shift all the stuff to another room and rent out one room. And when we talk about renting out rooms Air bnb helps us to get the clients.

7. Cook food and EARN a passive income

Cooking will help you to earn passive income. If you love cooking then you can write a recipe ebook and sell it online to earn money passively.

You can even create a cooking related YouTube channel without investing money. Just record videos for yummy food and upload. As your channel grows you will earn money passively. Know how Nisha Madhulika earning money on YouTube from cooking.

8. Become a social media influencer with no money

Social media is such a powerful thing that you have a lot of opportunities. According to statistics 3.99 billion people are active on various social media platforms. Where there are people, earning opportunities increases.

Already so many people are earning $50 to $1 million online as a social media influencer. So you can also become a social media influencer with no money.

9. Click Pictures from Your Cell Phone and Make Money

To be honest, I’m not good at photography, yet when I was exploring different passive income ideas I tried photography too. If you love to click pictures then you can really earn big.

There are many websites where you can submit images. And many bloggers, YouTubers and magazine publications buy those images by paying money. In this way, you will earn a commission every time. So grab your phone and click images.

How to Create Passive Income with No Money

10. Start earning passive income as an event manager

If you like to handle events like birthday parties, marriage etc then you can earn a good amount of money. And if you want to make passive income from this then you have to implement some ideas here.

You can tie-up with the other companies. You can make a deal that when you bring clients then you get a commission from such event management companies. This way along with your current job or work, you can earn a side income without any investment.

11. Rent out your bicycle or bike

If you have a bicycle or bike then you can make passive income by renting them out. You can first try to find anyone who wants a rented bike. Also, there are many bike rental companies where you can easily rent out.

Even there are websites where you can register yourself and rent out your bike. Check if such services are available in your city or country. This will help you to boost your passive income.

12. Ridesharing will generate passive income

You may be a student or a working person. If you have your own vehicle then you can share the ride with your colleagues and friends. Tell them that you both can divide the charges every month.

You just need to figure out such people. Then ridesharing will be your passive income source.

13. Create Your Own YouTube Channel with No Money

Well, YouTube is the second most visited website all over the globe. So there is a huge opportunity to make passive income on YouTube. You will be surprised by the statistics of YouTube.

Video content consumption is increasing day-by-day. There are various ways to monetize YouTube videos and earn money. I’m also a content creator on YouTube, I’ve tried to create videos with different niches. So I can say that if you be consistent you will grow on YouTube.

14. Create Digital Designs on T-shirts and Earn

Digital art is trending nowadays. Everything is being digitalized. If you like creating logos or designs on t-shirts try them online and make money.

There are some websites where you can create digital art on t-shirts and sell. You don’t need to worry about the things like printing, packing and delivery. You just need to create art and whenever people order t-shirts you earn profits.

15. Prepare Courses and Sell Online with Free Promotion Strategy

You can prepare courses to teach something great. It may be about any hobby or any skill. You can decide your own price for the courses and earn money.

You can opt-out free promotion strategy to promote your courses. This is how you will make passive income by sharing courses. You just need to give your best so that people should find value in your course. Then only ore people will buy.

16. Maintain Social Media Accounts of Others

There are a lot of small business owners or individuals who hire people to maintain and manage their social media accounts. You can do it and earn a good amount of money online.

You can just reach out to small companies or even website/blog owners for this. Initially, you need to spend some minutes daily to maintain their accounts. And as your business grows you can make a small team and then actually earn passive income.

17. Start Your Own Podcasts

As video contents are popular on the internet similarly audio contents are also popular. You can create your own podcasts in your voice and share them. This will be your passive income generating source.

There are so many effective ways to make money from podcasts. Creating podcasts is a one-time effort but in the long run, you earn passive income.

How to Create Passive Income with No Money?

You can make passive income with no money just by investing some time initially. There are many passive income ideas like creating an online course, publishing ebooks, etc. Here you don’t need the money and in the long run, you can create passive income.

How I’ve Earned my FIRST DOLLAR from Passive Income Stream with No Money?

In my early 20s, I have written an ebook and published it online without any investment. I used the Instamojo platform to publish my ebook.

I’ve created my own groups on social media like Facebook. Also, I’ve created social media pages to reach out to more people. This helped me to sell ebooks and make money.

Then I’ve used that passive income to create my own new blog so that I can make money from blogging. You can check out my blogging journey that how I’ve started blogging to make passive income.

How to make passive income without investment

Earn Passive Income as a Beginner With No Money

There are so many real-life examples of teenagers, students and youngsters who have started to make passive income with no money. Many times even I get inspired by such success stories of youngsters.

So many youngsters are already exploring passive income ideas then you should also surely give it a try. You can start with it as a side hustle. And I feel that one should have many sides hustles to make more money.

As a beginner do no bother about investing money as there are so many ways to make passive income. First, just analyze your interest areas and implement ideas practically. Take steps to create a passive income generating source for yourself.

Make Money Online Without Investment

I’ve also explored many money-making opportunities online. And I’ve earned my first dollar from passive income ideas without investing money. So you can also explore these passive income ideas with no money.

No matter if you are a student or a housewife or a working person, you should try these opportunities to improve your income. Just by investing a few minutes per day or a few hours a week, you can generate passive income in the upcoming days.

Making More Passive Income with Zero Investment

Some passive income streams upfront time and some need upfront money. If you don’t have money then you should choose such ideas that need upfront time.

As a beginner, you don’t need to invest money to explore passive income streams. Without investing money also you can earn money passively by implementing a practical strategy.

There is nothing like the hard and fast rule that you will earn passive income only by investing. So try different options where you don’t need money.

If you are thinking about how to make passive income with no money, now try these profitable ideas. You can start to explore them from today. Once you get into the passive income streams you will unlock more opportunities in the fire days.

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