Passive income ideas for 22 year olds were constantly on my mind when I’ve begun to build my career. I’ve earned my first income from passive income stream in my early 20s. Then I have made up my mind to explore more passive income streams to give wings to all my dreams by building wealth.

So now in my 20s, I’m realising the advantages of passive income streams. As surprising as it may sound but I’ve seen some young students are also earning passive income effortlessly. You can also make more passive income, all you need to do is make your pick wisely. You should choose some creative and exciting passive income stream according to your interest areas.

Well, I feel that at the 22 years one should not only make money from doing a job but also must explore other income sources. Just once I’ve tasted passive income streams and I’m addicted to passive income ideas! So explore so many new things at this age to create a bright future and to build wealth. Make sure that your 20s should be the most productive phase of life where you should not miss any exciting passive income opportunity.

Passive Income Ideas for 22 Year Olds

Passive income ideas for 22-year-olds that glitter your future

Remember, there are individuals around the planet who are much younger to you and have already started to explore passive income ideas. These are the people who will have the most wealth when the days become rainy. Making financial plans might appear boring. But in reality, it is the key to lead the kind of life you desire. A life based on your terms and conditions is possible if you start to create more passive income sources at 22.

To glitter your future you don’t need to compromise on fun and enjoyment by doing an overtime job at this age. You just need to live your life wisely. You don’t need to burden yourself to earn a lot of money to secure your future. So it is essential that you understand each and every way that answers how to make passive income in your 20s. Not only will you make your life much simpler this way but also ends up making a lot of passive income.

Can 22-year-olds make immense money passively?

Passive income streams are like the sky without boundaries. You can make money passively as much as you want. Surely, you need to make efforts as a beginner to make money passively. But once you understand how successful people make a lot of passive income you will also move in the right direction.

Well, I’m also in my 20s and I’m focusing to create the right type of money mindset. Do you know, to be successful in life the right attitude and the right mindset are very important. So I follow successful people by reading their books. I read money-related books which inspire me and help me to understand different type of sources of income like passive income streams.

Well, you may be thinking that reading books may not sound exciting like party and pubs at this age! But in reality, there are some interesting books like Rich Dad Poor Dad. I’ve read this book and this is the real story of the author which is penned in an interesting way. From this book, I’ve learnt how to save money and how can I make passive income from my assets.

8 Thrilling passive income ideas for 22-year-olds

Let me pitch some effective passive income ideas for 22-year-olds. These eight ideas will make more sense to you as you start to practically implement them. These ideas will not only help you to make passive income but will also go a long way in gradually making you more independent and to accomplish financial freedom.

1. Guide teenagers and make money
2. Earn passive income by publishing articles about youngsters
3. Create awareness about different career options among people
4. Make designs on T-shirts to make money
5. Make passive income from your bike or scooter
6. Explore photography to make money
7. Create vector images and start to earn
8. Teach Tally on YouTube

Now let me try to help you understand each of these above ideas more deeply. I’ll explain in detail one-by-one so that it brings clarity to you. Then you can easily implement these ideas. But if you get any doubts then drop your questions in the comment box regarding passive income ideas.

1. Guide teenagers and make money

Just a few years ago I was also a teenager. Teenagers have their own problems which will affect their life. Most of the time teenagers don’t get proper guidance and they go off track. So as you have also lived teenage you can guide other teenagers by addressing their issues and start to make money.

You can understand teenage life better as you might have faced a lot of problems in your teenage. So now it’s time to share your teenage experiences with other teens. This way teenagers will get proper guidance and you will also generate passive income.

How to make a passive income by guiding teenagers?

Teenagers face many problems like low self-esteem, peer pressure, competition, addictions, teenage break-up and much more. So by creating your own YouTube channel address all these issues and help teens. Help them to build their confidence at this age. Then you can make passive income by monetising your YouTube videos.

There are several options to monetise your YouTube videos which help to make passive income. But as a beginner, first, you can explore affiliate marketing and Google Adsense to monetise videos. There are many affiliate programs which you can join easily without paying any registration fees. Well, I personally use Cluelink affiliate program. Here you will get all popular branded and good products. Just by sharing the link of products you can make more passive income in the long run.

2. Earn passive income by publishing articles about youngsters

As you are 22 years old, you understand other youngsters well. So you can write blogs which are useful for youngsters. Thereby you will be earning passive income from your blog. There are people in this world who are earning more passive income as professional bloggers. Nowadays blogging has become a new career option for gen Z.

 How can you earn money by publishing article?

As I’m also a blogger, even my blogging journey started at 22. I was using a free version of WordPress to write and publish my articles. Now I’ve my own blog Frugal Beat. And I’ve monetised my blog with affiliate programs and Google Adsense.

I suggest observing your surroundings. Give attention to your friends and youngsters and figure out which type of common issues are there among youngsters. Like gender discrimination, women empowerment, study and career-related stress and much more. Well, these are just a few examples, you can figure out more such problems and start to write articles on that particular topic. As your articles start to rank on Google many people will read your article. By this, you will be making more passive income.

3. Create awareness about different career options among people

There are thousands of career options but still, youngsters know only a few career options like engineer and doctor. So you can share about different career options which exist on this planet. This way you will be helping a lot of youngsters to explore new career options. And no doubt, by doing this you will be also increasing your earning capacity.

Create awareness about new career options and make passive income

Practically there is a high earning potential in this passive income idea. First, take simple steps like creating your own YouTube channel or creating your own website. Then start to create content where you will guide people about various career options and monetise your YouTube channel or blog.

Then the next step is, tie-up with education centres or join their referral programs. Then when you recommend such educational courses to people then you will be making money. Also, you will start to get sponsorships. But always remember that only choose good reference programs which should be useful for students too. Don’t recommend any institute or course just to make money. This is how first start with simple actions and then explore more passive income ideas to build wealth.

4. Make designs on T-shirts to make money

We gen Z are very fortunate that we can access the internet and within a few clicks we can explore many passive income streams. Just a few months ago I was looking for more passive income ideas. And I came across some websites which can be a really good source of passive income.

How to make a passive income online?

Well, there is a website called Teeshopper which sells t-shirts. You can just register on that site and create some designs or logos and graphics on t-shirts. Then if anyone orders that t-shirt to buy then they will print that design and deliver the product to the customer. By this, you can make a lot of passive income if you work smartly.

You need to create an attractive design and also share the link of the product with your friends and family. You can even share it on social media. This is how you can promote t-shirts for free and start to make passive income.

5. Make passive income from your bike or scooter

Are you thinking about how can you make passive income from your bike or scooter? Well, ride-sharing is the best option to make passive income from your bike. I’m sure you have so many friends and some of your friends may not be having their own bike. So at this time, ride-sharing will be beneficial for both of you.

The practical idea to make passive income from your bike

Daily you can opt for ride-sharing to go to office or college. This is how you can make some fixed monthly passive income. And another option is renting out your bike. You will get some people who look for bikes on rent for a few hours or for a day. This idea is also good to make passive income.

6. Explore photography to make money

You can many opportunities to make passive income from photography. Are you thinking that you should be a professional photographer for this? Nope, you can just click good pictures from your smartphone or from the camera and make passive income from stock photo websites.

How to make a passive income from photography?

Look for stock photo websites online. Well, there are so many popular websites like iStock, Shutterstock and many more, where you can upload pictures like nature, birds or any other pictures. When companies or people buy and download those images then you will earn a commission. So don’t lose this opportunity to make passive income if you like capturing pictures.

7. Create vector images and start to earn

Passive Income Ideas for 22 Year Olds

The four pictures at the beginning are my own pictures in the form of vector images. You can also create such vector images by using some tools and you can make passive income from such vector art.

Many bloggers, YouTubers and even some magazine publishers use vector in their content. So they look for such images online. So you can also create such vector images and upload on stock photo websites. Along with photography, you can try vector images also. This is how you can make passive income from this idea. Creating vector art is a one-time effort but whenever people buy it you will earn passive income.

8. Teach Tally on YouTube

Tally is accounting software. Many companies use this software to record their transactions and to file GST. As I’m a commerce student I have knowledge about Tally and accountancy. But many people want to learn tally as a course. And even commerce students struggle to learn Tally because it includes so many factors.

So if you have knowledge about accountancy and Tally then you can create your own YouTube channel and teach Tally. Then make passive income from YouTube. You can also create a Tally course on Udemy and make a lot of passive income. There are so many people who want to learn Tally so mentor such students and earn passive income.

So these are all effective passive income ideas for 22 year olds who are thinking of passive income streams. Implement these ideas practically in your life and start to make passive income. Passive income steams not only help you to earn money but it provides financial security when the days become rainy.

Hi. I’m Ankita. I’m here to help you adapt to frugality happily 🙂 I love learning new things. Nowadays I’m learning more about saving money and frugality. So on Frugal Beat together we will learn to create financial magic.

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