Hilarious and Amusing Money Captions that You Should Not Miss!

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Funny money captions for Instagram are here that have been personally written by me. I love finding humour in serious topics like money.

It’s time to have LOL moments with comical money quotes.

Funny Money Captions for Instagram

67 Top Funny Money Captions for Instagram that Make You Laugh

Let’s enjoy hilarious captions together-

1. My love is so pure, I don’t discriminate that’s the reason that I love other people’s money as much as I love my own money.

2. I love spending money only if it is not my money. I don’t spend the money that I earned.

3. I was 4 years old when I realized that the money plant is totally different from money.

4. If money is not connected to happiness then why do you smile when I offer you a big amount?

5. To make love also you need money. Don’t you believe me? Go and ask for condoms at a shop, the shopkeeper will not give them free.

6. I’m ready to have fun with you. Together we can do a party and all but my only condition is you have to pay all the bills.

7. You feel happy when you get your first salary only if it is more than your pocket money.

8. Money can’t buy love? Seriously? But I paid so many dollars to buy a small furry pet.

9. It does not matter how many branches are there at the money plant. Money grows only at the branches of banks. So, focus on bank branches rather than money plants’ branches.

10. My face gets red when I see my friend spending money but he has forgotten that he owes me money.

11. I feel like adding extra chilly powder in the noodles of my roommate when she says, “Come let’s eat noodles and you pay the bill, we will split it later”. I know she never pays me back.

12. “How do these junk food industries make a lot of money?”, I was sitting quietly and thinking while eating a packet of chips.

13. Money can not buy happiness but it can buy pizza. I always feel happy when I eat pizza.

14. Money is neither hot nor cool but I can drink hot coffee or cold coffee by paying money.

15. My yesterday’s money is in someone else’s pocket today.

16. I wonder how people who owe me money have money for shopping but do not have money to pay me.

17. I’ve invested all my money to buy a big house but now I’ve asked money from my friend to buy moisturizer for this winter.

18. I’m happy that I have a new house now but I’m sad because I don’t have a beautiful bank balance after paying for this house.

19. I told my partner to buy a new house and we could make love in our new house. But after buying a new house for a high price now we don’t have money to buy condoms.

20. Do you need proof that I’m broke? You can check my Netflix account. I’ve stopped watching Netflix because I’m not able to pay for it.

21. I’ve my own home now but I don’t have my own money now because I spent everything to buy this expensive house.

22. I always say to my money, “I love you “. But my money never replied to me, “I love you too”.

23. What is true love? When you love someone even if they don’t love you back. Ohh! that means I’m truly, madly and deeply in love with money.

24. My car laughs at me, “You emptied your pocket by paying too much money to buy me”.

25. My debit cards ask me, “Why are you keeping me in your wallet, from the last 4 months I’m running out of money”.

26. I have 12 money friends for 12 months. Now I’m looking for 12 more friends so that I can ask them money for every 15 days.

27. I don’t remember when I smiled last time by looking at my wallet.

28. If you think having too much money is a problem then you can give it to me.

29. I love money more than my wife this is the reason she married me.

30. I have found a new word in my dictionary ‘Nillionaire’. That means total nill without money.

31. If you think money can’t buy happiness then you are not a foodie.

32. Finding money in the old jeans pocket is like finding a hidden treasure.

33. An investment in knowledge surely pays the best interest but if the knowledge is about the share market then it pays the interest beyond your imagination.

34. Do you want to make money from Whats App? Just visit the Whats App and delete your account. Now focus on your work and earn money. It’s that simple.

35. Sometimes all you need is some dollars of money to enjoy a movie on the weekend.

36. I’m looking for a person to borrow money from him but it is so difficult for me because I’m looking for someone who never expects his money back.

37. There are only 2 things that I love to do. Sleeping and making money. That’s the reason I’m not rich because these 2 things can’t go hand in hand.

38. I love receiving gifts because I can sell them second-hand and make money.


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39. When I say, “I’m broke”.  That means my dad has stopped giving me pocket money.

40. I was almost there to become rich but then my all friends called me to give them their money back.

41. Thief entered my house and finally, he gave me $5 by saying, “You need it more than I need”.

42. I was searching for money at my house and then the thief entered. He thought I was also a thief but in the end, we did not find a single dollar at my house.

43. I’m looking for someone with whom I can open a joint account. And that ‘someone’  should have a lot of money.

44. If I would not be a human being then surely I would be an ATM machine with a lot of money.

45. I’m just a step away to become a millionaire. I just need someone who can give me a million and never ask for his money back.

46. Every now and then my friends call me. Am I a lucky and loved one? Uffff! I owe them and they call me to get their money back.

47. Money never made me happy but money problems always made me sad.

48. I have earned my first income. And if you are a thief then please stay away from me.

49. I sold my wallet because I did not have any money in it.

50. I’m sure money is ‘male’ or else it would grow its family in my wallet.

51. Solve your money problems first and then please give some money to me because I too have money problems.

52. I want to teach my kids about tax and the value of money. So, I eat 30% of their chocolate and icecreams.

53. My money never asked me to manage it. That’s why I’m not good at money management.

54. Every day I wake up and see the share market and then I realize I don’t have money to invest. So, I go to work to earn money.

55. It is so difficult to have money goals for a foodie. I forget my money goals when I look at the menu.

56. I set my money goal as I want to become a millionaire. Then I realize that it is a difficult goal so I change the goal.

57. I never used a piggy bank in my childhood because I did not have money to save after eating ice-creams and chocolates.

58. I’m jealous of my own childhood piggy bank because it has more money than my first salary.

59. I’m searching for money in my house for a week. If you help me to search for money in my house with me then we can share 50-50 if we can find some money.

60. I’m running out of money. If you need proof then you can check that I have not ordered pizza in the last 30 days.

61. I have 8 figure balance in my bank account. Unfortunately, all 8 figures are zero.

62. My furry friends are angry with me because I don’t have a bank balance to provide them chicken.

63. Now after spending all my first salary, I realized that I have to wait for my second salary.

64. Today is my first working day and I’m waiting for my first salary.

65. The first salary looks like the first salary only if it is more than the pocket money. Thank God, my first salary is one cent more than my pocket money.

66. I told my paycheck that I want to buy an expensive house. My paycheck laughed at me.

67. Money can not buy happiness but I can not be happy If I’m not able to pay my bills.


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Money or finance topics often seem difficult and boring to many people. But I hope you enjoyed these funny money captions for Instagram.

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